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Giftopix is a gift platform created to help you give better gifts in less time, and with less stress.

Googling for hours upon hours, scrolling though miles of Pinterest feeds for inspiration, surfing through dozens of websites… And still NOT being happy with the result. This sucks (and it shouldn’t).

Gifting is a huge part of everyone’s life, and we wanted to make this process as much laid-back, fast, and effective as possible, so that anyone around the world can find amazing gifts for all of their loved ones without wasting days to do this.

So we created Giftopix. :)

Gitopix is based on tags, each of them resembling a property of the gift (pretty, useful, creative), an occasion (birthday, Valentine’s day), a favorite thing (Game of Thrones, Overwatch, Vegetables), a personality trait (Workaholic, Relaxed & fun), and many other cool things.

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Basically, you just pick the tags that matter to you—and voila, we’ll show you the most relevant gifts from our huge library!

For example, you can look for a Geeky gift for your Teen younger Brother who wants to become a Doctor and loves playing Zelda - that’s five tags that will give you a cool list of gifts to choose from!

Here’s a quick overview of our core features:


But hey, you know what? This is just the start of the magic. We still have a lot of tags to create and gifts to add. In fact, we just barely scratched the surface, so get ready for an exciting adventure. :)

Here’s how you can take part!



Because yeah, awesome gifting should be easy for everyone.

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