The Beginner's Guide to Gift Pairing & Gift Bundles

Getting a gift is always a wonderful thing, no doubt. But getting several gifts that make a wonderful gift combo together? That's gift-giving taken to a whole new level of amazing!

Gift bundles are great because:

  • They instantly skyrocket the value of each gift in them.
  • They feel like you've put so much more effort into the whole present than if you'd settle for just one item or even several gifts that don't fit together.
  • Getting more presents is always better than getting fewer of them. Duh.

Now, to make everything as simple as possible, let's start with some cool examples and then move on to some handy present pairing tips that will help you make your own gift bundle!


A gift bundle for the cheese lover

What would be the most pleasant gift for a passionate cheese lover? A cheese set, of course. That's a great option, but also a pretty straightforward and quite expected one. So how can you level up this gift to make it more thoughtful and impactful?

  • A fancy set of cheese knives
  • A cutting or serving board
  • A set of ceramic cheese markers to serve in style
  • An illustrated guide on different kinds of cheese
  • A bottle of good wine to pair with the cheese. Some types of cheese also go great with bread, herbs, and fruit so you might want to do a bit of research on this matter

Now, there you have it. By adding a few related items you've instantly level up a mildly-good gift (a cheese set) into an amazing gift bundle that approaches the passion of your recipient from all possible angles!

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A gift bundle for the fitness enthusiast

The beauty of giving gifts for people who are into sports is that you have dozens, if not hundreds of options to go with. Some of them are based on specific kinds of physical activity (like swimming goggles for swimmers, dumbbells for bodybuilders, etc.), but there are plenty of universal options as well.

  • A fitness tracker to keep an eye on the heart rate
  • A training mat for the stretching or yoga routine
  • A sports water bottle to stay hydrated during their workouts
  • A pair of sports shoes (make sure you know your recipient's size - or go for a gift card!)
  • A workout journal to keep track of their progress at the gym
  • A gym bag or backpack to carry their sports stuff in style

All of the gifts in the list above are minor to average in terms of value (except maybe the fitness tracker and the sports shoes), but together they can make an unforgettable impact. Bonus points if you give this bundle to someone who's not into sports yet but has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to start. ;)

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A gift bundle for the adventurer

Whenever possible, the best gift for that travel enthusiast in your life is a trip to a new city, country, or location. This would already make a fabulous gift bundle (the tickets, the hotel, the daily expenses, etc.), but what if your budget isn't that big?

Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are some ideas on what could make a great gift bundle for travelers:

  • A scratch-off map to keep track of their adventures
  • A packing checklist to make sure they don't forget a single thing
  • A travel pillow to get some quality sleep during the flight

Additionally, if your recipient is into some specific form of travel, you'll have a whole lot of options to choose from! For example, they may be into  Camping Hiking , or Extreme Travel so make sure to check these tags!

Anyway, we bet you can see now why gift bundles are a fabulous thing, so let's move on to some theory now. :)

How do you pair gifts to make a good gift bundle?


Gift Bundling 101
Principles of pairing gifts

There are just a few fundamental principles you should take into account to make a fabulous gift bundle. But don't consider them to be some sort of strict rules that will define the success of your gift, by no means! Rather than that, they're just nuggets of inspiration to spark your creativity for the pairing, so keep an open mind. :)



A gift bundle is a puzzle: what picture does it make? In the examples above, the bundles were based on the recipient's hobby or passion, so each of the gifts was like a piece in a puzzle called Cheese Lover, Fitness Enthusiast, or Traveler. But that's not the only way you can go with!

  • Combos by colors. How about an all-pink gift bundle or a bundle with a gift for every color of the rainbow?
  • Combos by names. You can pick a gift for each of the letters in the recipient's name, for example. MARY would get then a mascara set, an arometherapy essential oil gift set, a ruby ring, and... Um... A ball of yarn, maybe?
  • Combos by memories. If you've known the recipient for years and years on end, you could make a bundle of little presents for different memories shared together. For example, a notebook to remember school, a bottle of wine for the college years, and so on. This would make the bundle extremely personal and thoughtful!




The packaging can be part of the bundle too: don't underestimate its importance! Although this part is exactly required, a well-packaged gift is always better than a "naked" one. And since you're making a special bundle, you can pack everything in a special way too!

  • For the Cheese Lover bundle, you could find some wrapping paper with a cheese-themed pattern. For example, a yellow one with dots resembling cheese holes.
  • For the Fitness Enthusiast bundle, you could wrap everything in a huge towel that your recipient could use at the gym shower later! Or you could try fitting everything in a huge (and preferably empty) protein powder container, depending on the size of your gifts.
  • For the Traveler bundle, the perfect wrapping paper could be a real map.




Think through the greeting beforehand: you can bundle your wishes too! After all, your recipient will be checking out every gift one by one (especially if you package them separately, by the way), so you can think of a cool wish or greeting phrase for each present. Let's take the Traveler Bundle, for example:

  • The scratch-off map: "John, I've always been amazed by how you achieve everything you put your heart into, so here's a little something to help you track your progress of traveling all around the world."
  • The packing checklist: "...and while you're conquering the globe, focus only on the pleasant and exciting stuff. Let go of the boring details! Like the packing, for example. Here's something to free your mind from that bother."
  • The travel pillow: "...or from the bother of bad travel sleep, for instance. Fly your way in comfort with this little beauty, because you really deserve it bro."

The bottom line
The bottom line

In any case, the most beautiful thing in a gift bundle is the sheer amount of love that shines through it. It shows how deeply you care for your recipient and how much thought you've put into making them happy on this special occasion.

So... What are you waiting for? Bundle that gift up and don't forget to tell us about the impression it'll make! :)