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About Clothing

Now, let's get this straight.

In other words, it's a risky matter but one that's still worth thinking through. Here are a few recommendations to keep in mind.


When not sure, go for the universal

Let's say that you're not sure of your recipient's size, color preference, or usual style. In such a case, looking for something other than clothing could be a great idea but let's imagine you're adamant about your choice: clothing it is.

If so, the only failproof option would be a gift card, I'm afraid. This way your recipient will be able to do the shopping on his or her own and pick something that will truly fit. A classy alternative would be to book a visit to a professional tailor who could craft a top-quality shirt, dress, jacket, or any other piece of clothing that would perfectly fit your recipient.

Alternatively, you can go for something from the Accessories section - these things are closely related to clothing and style in general but are usually much easier to pick and gift.

Fandom is a gold mine

You can spot a true fan of anything from a mile away - and this is the perfect opportunity for clothing gifts.

Is your recipient a HP fan, a Rick & Morty connoisseur, a passionate Whovian, or a Star Wars freak? Well, there you go. The only trick here is to pick the right style and mood of the piece but that shouldn't be too hard, all in all.

Funny tees are... Not that funny

There's this kind of folks that, for some reason, believe that a shirt with a witty saying printed in Comic Sans all over it would be a great gift for anyone. Truth be told, that's rarely so. Or, to be more precise, it's NEVER so.

Exceptions are rare, and that's why most gag shirts are just what they are: gag gifts, white elephants, and stocking stuffers. If you're looking for a present to celebrate an important occasion, don't ever go for a funny shirt. Unless that's your or recipient's true style, of course (we don't judge).

Asking doesn't hurt

Hey bro, I found an amazing T-shirt that I totally want you to have, so what's your size?

See? It's not a big deal. Yeah, you're ruining some of the surprise by revealing the kind of gift you're planning to give - but that's still nothing specific, right? By asking beforehand you'll be making sure that at least one of the crucial aspects (size, color, style) of the gift will be on point.

Now it's time to get creative! Browse our essentials section for more guidance or jump straight to the gifts section and take your pick!