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Frequently Asked Questions

 Hey there, and welcome to Giftopix!

Below you'll find a list of all the questions that people ask regularly.

Do you own and / or directly sell the gifts featured on Giftopix?

Nope. At the moment, we don't manufacture, own, or directly sell any of the items you'll find on Giftopix. We just find them all over the internet and add them to our database if we feel that they'll make great gifts for certain people!

Can you offer special discounts on the gifts featured on Giftopix?

Well, as we don't own and sell them directly, we can't put any discounts on any of the gifts whatsoever.

I think my product would make a great gift. Can you add it to the Giftopix database?

Sure thing, if we like what you have! You can get in touch with us via this page or by sending your idea to team@giftopix.com 

I don't agree with the tags of a certain product and I would like you to change them. Is this possible?

As a rule, this isn't an option. However, if this is a serious matter for you, please contact us using this page (or through the email team@giftopix.comand let's discuss everything in a friendly manner. We're sure we'll find a compromise that would suit everyone!

I have a fabulous idea for Giftopix. Can you make it real?

We love to hear from you, and we love all the ideas you have. Share them with us using this page, and we'll absolutely make use of the best ones! You can also share your idea via email, we use this one: team@giftopix.com 

I want to be part of the Giftopix team. Are you guys hiring? Do you accept unpaid contributions?

It all depends on what you do, what you like, and what you have to offer. :)   Get in touch with us and let's discuss the matter!

Still have something you'd like to ask? For all other questions, issues, propositions, offers, kudos, and mehs - drop us a word using the contacts page or our fabulous email team@giftopix.com!