Donut Bath Bomb$9

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With sprinkles and frosting sans calories and fat, we DONUT know how anyone could pass up these delightful bath treats. Chose from Sandalwood Rose, Coconut, Lavender or Strawberry to soak in the sweetness of each deliciously scented, baked-to-perfection bath pastry. Complete with meringue frosting and actual sprinkles, we don't blame you for subbing this decadent dessert for your nighttime indulgence. Soak on!

Listing is for ONE awesome bath bomb!

Please choose your scent from the drop down menu:
Sandalwood Rose: pink donut with blue frosting (a beautiful floral scent)
Coconut: blue donut with pink frosting (a tropical beachy scent)
Lavender: Purple donut with pink frosting (with pure lavender essential oil)
Strawberry: Pink donut with blue frosting. Sweetness!



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