1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts (Paper)

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The first anniversary of a marriage is almost as magical as the couple's wedding itself. Naturally, you'd want to celebrate it with something fabulous - but how creative can you get when the traditional symbol for the first wedding anniversary is paper?

Don't worry, we've got quite a few ideas for you, and most of them aren't even books!

(Although we still included a few special titles that you may want to check out.)

If you're worried that a traditional paper-related wedding anniversary gift won't be too useful for your partner, you can consider a perfect combination of traditional and modern anniversary gifts. That would even better, because at that life stage both of you are probably still settling in and furnishing your home, and a modern useful gift will be greatly appreciated by your partner. The traditional one can be small and non-expensive, not really influencing the final price of your entire gift.

But no matter what 1st anniversary gift idea you eventually decide to choose, you need to remember that it's the thought behind it that matters the most. From customized paper prints and traditional clocks to unique and fun modern gifts - and everything between that - we've surely got you covered.

Let's roll!

1st Paper Anniversary Traditional Gifts

What's the traditional gift for the first year wedding anniversary? As you may know, the first anniversary is also called a paper anniversary. Numerous sources say that for over a hundred years a traditional symbolic wedding anniversary gift has been related to or made of paper.

Why paper?

Back in the good old days, paper was fully handmade and really expensive, and only the noble could afford it. You wouldn't waste precious paper, a prized commodity, just on anything, and you had to think before you decide to write or draw something on it.

The early years of your marriage are fragile, yet very withstanding - just like paper. If you treat your prized sheet of paper with care, it won't discolor, and what you wrote on it will stay there for a lifetime. But if you treat the paper with negligence - it will tear, crumple, and the ink might wash off.

The metaphor of paper as a symbol of a bond and unity of a marriage also refers to the technology of making paper. It's made of individual soft threads, interlaced together to make really strong connection that is hard to break apart.

1. Paper Anniversary Gifts for Him (for husband)

Custom House Portrait

There's no place like home, and that's why a custom portrait of the family nest can be an amazing gift for your spouse on your first wedding anniversary. That’s the place you have a lot of memories in, and you’ll remember it fondly even if you move out of it someday.

FlipBook Maker Kit

This is the newest FlipBook that’s the easiest to assemble so far. It’s able to create a 24-frame custom animation for you, which is a wonderful and non-trivial way to store and relive your precious memories of your first year together.

Handmade Paper Jewelry for Him

You can personalize these jewelry items with your wedding song, wedding vows, your actual wedding invitations, or any other special words. This would be a very sentimental one-year wedding anniversary gift.

Letters to My Love

This is a set for writing love letters for your better half that they’ll keep forever. Anyone can write these letters, since each of them is printed with a unique writing prompt. The letters will remind your partner of the way you feel about them, and they can open and read (or reread) them anytime they need to feel the warmth in their heart.

Little Box of Romantic Gestures

Nicely designed, well-made, and meant to assist you with setting up your romantic dates and spending time together with your spouse. These are the reasons why that would be a lovely paper anniversary gift. These are glass tubes with papers inside of them which contain romantic suggestions and activity ideas.

Love Coupons

This is exactly what it sounds like: well-designed sexy and romantic vouchers that will give your loved one the greatest gift – your time. It’s a wonderful way to say “I care for you and I want to spend time with you the way we both enjoy”.

Personal Solar System

This minimalistic poster will capture the exact way the planets were located at a certain moment in time. Which makes it an interesting and creative way to commemorate your wedding date, the day you two first met, or the day of your first wedding anniversary.

You Mean The World Reveal Wheel

It’s a cardboard card, but with a twist (pun intended). This reveal wheel will open your messages to your spouse as the wheel is spun, making each of them a surprise. Let them know that they mean the world to you!

Origami 'Reasons Why I Love You'

This gift is a cute little box with ten customizable origami hearts. It will contain your own list of reasons, and will make a wonderful first wedding anniversary gift. It will make your partner happy when they receive it, and every time they come across it afterwards.

2. Paper Anniversary Gifts for Her (for wife)

Chinese Paper Lantern

A perfect decoration for a date, which adds a flair of intimacy, because of the romantic dim light it creates. Both of you can also make a wish before releasing the lantern. What was the wish? Probably for all of the remaining years to be as great as the first year of your marriage was. Wink wink.

Handmade Paper Jewelry for Her

Why isn’t paper used for jewelry making more often? It’s environmentally friendly, minimalistic, and also can be really beautifully executed. And it also checks the paper wedding anniversary gift idea box!

Personalized Love Book

Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, you can still give your loved one unique customized items dedicated to them specifically. This book perfectly allows that! Tell your spouse how special they are to you and how much you enjoy being married to them.

Paper Flower Bouquet

These flowers are perfect photo shoots props, home decorations, and they can also come in handy as first wedding anniversary gifts. You can bring your loved one this delicate and environmentally friendly bouquet that will not wither.

Personalised You Mean The World Token Gift

A beautiful foil-embossed globe is another way of saying “you mean the world to me” and “I’ll put the world at your feet”. When the globe is opened, your partner will reveal the secret messages inside. It’s a non-trivial alternative for regular first wedding anniversary cards while still being made of cardstock.

What I Love about You Fill in the Love Boo

Coming up with compliments and expressing yourself may be hard, but not with this book! It’s full of prompts and fill-in-the-blank lines dedicated to certain aspects of your love towards your spouse, and it’s a great way to let them know how happy you’ve been for this entire year with them.

My Family Cookbook

A customizable book for those who love cooking, that will look great in every kitchen and on every kind of shelf at your place. It’s meant to pass heirloom recipes on to future generations, and it’s a nice and practical way to say “I want us to stay a family forever”.

Message in a Bottle

You don't have to throw that bottle in the ocean, because it's meant to be kept where it can be seen every day and make your partner smile. You can pick the bottle design, what will be inside the bottle, and put your custom message inside of it. A wonderfully romantic gift for your spouse.

Paper Wedding Bouquet Replica

The day of your wedding was probably the most important and wonderful day of life for both of you, so why not recreate some parts of it again for the first anniversary? Gift your loved one a paper replica of the wedding bouquet! No dead flowers, no withering, it can bring back your precious memories as long as you both want.

3. Paper Anniversary Gifts for Couple

100 Dates Bucket List Scratch Poster

If someone's having troubles with date ideas (and even if they don't) and they want to always make their loved one be swept off their feet, here's a creative first wedding anniversary gift idea! It's a scratch poster with a bucket list of various ideas for their dates, that will always suggest to explore something new and try something interesting.

Personalised Love Tiles Poster

This is a clever idea for a wedding anniversary gift, and board game lovers will especially enjoy it. The design will remind anyone of Scrabble, and both of the couple's names interlaced will show that they were meant for each other and they're a perfect match.

First 'Paper' Wedding Anniversary Newspaper

What comes to your mind when you hear "paper"? A newspaper! This keepsake newspaper, customized for the married couple personally, is created specifically for paper wedding anniversary and dedicated to their marriage only. From the wedding day to the first anniversary - it will have the photos of your choice and the layout that you'll decide to choose.

The Big Activity Book For Couples

If the couple loves spending time together and entertaining each other, this book will be a great idea for a first wedding anniversary gift. The book is full of fun and simple activities and will guarantee them a lot of great and happy memories together, adding to the ones they already have.

Paper Anniversary Couples Photo Album and Journal

This wonderful album is meant to be lovingly filled in! It's full of romantic details, free space to share the way the couple feels about each other, and photo frames to keep the dearest photographs of their first year of marriage. The book has Instagram-friendly measurements and will be a lovely keepsake gift for journal lovers, and, well... for basically everyone.

Date Night In a Box Subscription

Speaking of creating interesting memories together: this subscription box will hold surprises for both married partners to spice up their dates or make them unexpectedly fun. It'll be sent to them every month and contain fun, unique, and spontaneous date ideas and items.

Comic Strip of your Love Story

A poster with a custom comic strip about how the couple met each other is an amazing and creative wedding anniversary gift and a bow to pop culture. It will be a romantic comic, not a superhero one, but that's the point  - this gift will remind the "newlyweds" about the beginning of their love story.

Paper Origami Style Lampshade

Not only this is stylish interior decoration, but it's also a functional and well-made lampshade in the origami style. While it's not real paper (fire safety!), it sure does look like it, therefore checking the box for traditional wedding anniversary gifts.

4. Paper Anniversary Gifts for Parents

100 Things to Do Bucket List Scratch Poster

This scratch-off bucket list doesn't specifically need to be used as a list of date ideas, but following it will surely create new and unique memories for the gift recipients to look back on (and be inspired to repeat). And the poster will also look very nice on their living room wall - or wherever they decide to place it, really.

Custom Family Portrait

Pictures are very common in modern times, but a custom family portrait can be a really special first wedding anniversary gift idea. It's classy, unique, makes the painted couple feel special, and can even be done in the style of a famous animated TV show if you request it.

Custom Photobook

There are pictures that are more important than the others and hold more precious memories - so why not give someone a custom photobook? As a wedding anniversary gift, it can contain pictures from the wedding itself, or from the first year of marriage, or both at the same time. The memories will be kept alive for years and shared with others easily.

This journal is specifically meant for anniversaries and will be a recording of the married days and special moments. It has an incredible design, includes the couple's names and the wedding date on the cover, and will definitely be a prized possession for years to come.

A Little Hug… In The Post

It's now possible to send someone a hug, even if you live far away. So, if you can't be present at someone's first wedding anniversary, but still want to let them know that you care, you can mail this to the couple. It's a cute idea that will surely make them smile, and they can keep the postcard that comes with it.

Personalized Photo Gift Box With Keepsake Inside

A combination of a keepsake box with a small special gift inside and a poster that can be proudly and lovingly displayed anywhere. How? The box itself unfolds into a poster, so it's kind of a zero-waste gift. However, this is definitely not waste in the first place, because the poster will hold a personal message from you, and you can pick some pictures with the couple's special moments on them. A small, but lovely wedding anniversary gift idea.

Typewriter Wedding Vows Print

Another way to commemorate the wedding day on its paper anniversary is to have the wedding vows, the most special words and promises, beautifully typed, printed, and framed. They can be displayed on the anniversary celebration, and then become a sentimental piece of house decor.

Recycled Paper Coasters

These coasters made from recycled paper are a stylish and practical traditional wedding anniversary gift idea. It'll be great for tea- and coffee-loving couples to use on their romantic dates and quiet evenings at home.

5. Paper Anniversary Gifts for Friends

World Traveler Scratch Off Map

If the couple you want to give a gift to is a couple of huge traveling lovers, they'll definitely enjoy this scratch-off world map a lot and maybe even take it as a personal challenge. They'll create new memories together, support each other on their journeys, and probably spend their next anniversary at some different place in the world.

Folded Book Art Anniversary gift

This paper anniversary gift is a book, but not a regular one and definitely not a trivial gift with no thought behind it. It's a book with the pages folded in the shape of the two partners' initials and a heart between them. It has a cute design and will make book-loving couples happy.

Personalised Anniversary Telegram

This handwritten keepsake is designed to celebrate classic British telegrams using vintage, pre-decimal postage stamps. Send the couple a congratulating message for their first anniversary, and they'll treasure this telegram for a long time.

The postage stamps selected for this particular telegram are over 70 years old. They date back to 1948 and were issued on April 26th to celebrate the silver wedding anniversary of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Personalized Coloring Book

A custom coloring book with the couple's photos is a great gift for creative couples who love spending quiet evenings at home together. Here's to many many more of such evenings for them!

The Massage Bible: The Definitive Guide to Soothing Aches and Pains

This isn't necessarily a gift with erotic subtext, because knowing how to help your partner relax and unwind is one of the key things in marriage. It will make a good traditional first wedding anniversary gift idea.

Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print

With this gift, the couple will celebrate their unique romance in cinematic style. The art will feature their names, their wedding date, and the movie title (custom or picked from the offered options). Make them feel like their love story is a timeless classical romantic movie with a happy end!

'Paper' Porcelain Dinnerware

Paper Porcelain tableware resembles the folded paper objects. It's a wonderful tableware collection that is related to the topic of paper wedding anniversary but isn't paper at all. The couple will love having it in their home and using it for their everyday life and special occasions.

Personalised Couple's Treasure Hunt

Give this to the couple if you want them to have a good time! Actually, make sure to give it to only one person from the couple, because it needs to be a surprise for the other one. It's a romantic treasure-hunting quest, and a love message will wait for the recipient at the end of this quest. A great way to celebrate their paper wedding anniversary interestingly.

6. DIY Gifts for First Anniversary

Paper Anniversary Universal Gift Ideas

There are always some universal 1st-anniversary gift ideas that are lovely, symbolic, and meaningful at the same time.

If your partner has a sweet tooth, you may get them one of the Paper Anniversary Sweet Gifts that they'll enjoy by themselves or share with you on a lovely date night.

Paper Anniversary Flower Gifts can be related to carnation, which is the symbolic flower for young and passionate love. Which makes it a perfect symbol for the first year of marriage of a loving couple. Unlike many other flowers, carnations can last in a vase for a long time without wilting and can be admired for up to several weeks, which is also quite symbolic.

When choosing a bouquet, keep in mind that the red carnation is a symbol of admiration and love, and white brings its receiver good luck. You can combine different carnation flowers with other accents in a bouquet.

A symbolic gem for the paper wedding anniversary is the Mother of Pearl, which is also a symbol of protection. It's believed to have soothing and calming properties, deepening your feelings for each other. Pearls need years to grow and form, and they need proper gentle care, just like relationships do.

And, aside from it all - it's an exquisite and gentle stone with a unique iridescent shine, and it that can be used for Paper Anniversary Jewelry Gifts.

In case you still want to stick with something related to paper, we have a whole section of Paper Anniversary Notebooks&Journals, that can be deeply appreciated by artists, planning and journaling addicts, and stationery lovers.

1st Paper Anniversary Modern Gifts

While the paper is considered to be a traditional gift, more modern anniversary gifts are, or can be related to, a clock. It symbolizes the passage of time, the time spent together during this first year of marriage, and many other happy years that wait ahead.

The clock can be a reminder to spend time nurturing the precious relationship and to appreciate the time spent together. After all, time is valuable, and so is this loving relationship and marriage.

So, we decided to not just stick with traditional gift ideas, but to also get into the modern anniversary gifts for him and her, which are not only limited to clocks.

And, as we mentioned before, you can always pair up traditional symbolic anniversary gifts with more modern ones and with something romantic, useful, unique, or all in one.

1. 1st Paper Anniversary Modern Clock Gifts

Origami Clock

This origami clock is perfect for a paper wedding anniversary, and it combines both paper and clock topics. Tell your partner how you're feeling about them by giving them this wonderfully designed "love" clock. It isn't just made in the shape of origami, it's actually made of paper, but it's sturdy enough to be a part of your household for a long time.

LaMetric The Smartest Clock

This is a perfect addition for your smart home and it will look great in your bedroom or study, or kitchen... in any room of your home. You and your spouse will be gently awakened every morning, have the music of your choice playing during your breakfasts or romantic dinners, and during all that you won't miss any important news or updates.

Retro Flip Dоwn Clock

A clock is a practical thing, but it can also be very beautifully designed. This retro flip clock will be a stylish addition to your and your partner's home, and it will symbolize the time you spent together and remind you of your first wedding anniversary when you bought this clock.

The City Clock

For all tech-loving or architecture-loving couples or spouses, for design geeks, for poets and writers, for all other creative people, and for those who don't find themselves creative - this clock will be a great first wedding anniversary gift for everyone. It's a binary clock made of wood, and you'll build it yourself (or with your spouse - what a romantic idea!). The windows of this model light up, and it will create a lovely atmosphere in your house.

ThePresent Clock

"The Present" is a clock that counts days instead of minutes and hours. It moves slowly and uses subtle color gradients to mark the Equinoxes and Solstices throughout the year. it symbolizes the first year of your marriage and all of those years that are ahead of you.

Vinyl Record Wall Clock

This Jeff Davis's handmade timepiece is inspired by vinyl's glossy texture and the iconic appeal of record logos. It's an amazing wedding anniversary gift idea for music lovers and retro lovers, and it'll be a centerpiece of your wall in any room you place it in for you and your spouse to admire.

Word Clock

Who needs numbers with this LED Word Clock? It displays the time as words. It's easy to set and you won't have any problems reading the time. You and your partner will enjoy having this nicely designed clock in your bedroom or study!

2. Unique Paper Anniversary Gifts to Go with the Traditional One

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Turn your kitchen into a food laboratory with this how-to kit that teaches you how to transform liquids, like honey, into jelly-like cubes, gelify chopped produce into flavor-packed beads, or even morph melted chocolate into a delicate powder or spaghetti-like strands. This will be a great activity idea for a romantic dinner night or a small wedding anniversary celebration party to surprise each other and your guests.

Personalized Family Mugs

Mugs are probably the most commonly used kitchen tableware, especially for tea or coffee lovers who can't start or end their day without a steaming hot mug of their favorite beverage. Now you can get yourself and your loved one a custom mug with sophisticatedly simplistic family portraits. Celebrate your first wedding anniversary by giving each other these romantic mugs that will remind you of each other every day.

Personalized Viewmaster Custom Reel

Reels and Viewers are a unique and retro way to tell someone "I appreciate you". It's a sure way to raise a smile and connect like nothing else, especially if you use your wedding pictures or the most cherished memories of your first year of marriage. Make this a gift for your loved one on your first anniversary, and you'll relive these memories together anytime you want.

Personalized M&M's

Did you know that personalized M&M's exist? Well, now you do! And you can give that special gift to your special someone to surprise them. If your partner has a sweet tooth and loves little personalized things, they'll enjoy this anniversary gift for sure. You can personalize the candies with some words of love or even a picture of both of you.

Levitating Plant Pot

This trendy little gravity-defying thing would be a wonderful addition to your interior. If your partner, or both of you, enjoy both contemporary minimalistic or futuristic designs and plants, give it to them as a wedding anniversary gift, and it'll make both of you happier.

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Light up your loved one's life, even if you have a long-distance relationship at the moment, with two of these in-sync lamps. When you turn one on with just a touch of your hand, its matching lamp emits the same ambient glow, no matter where it is and who is on the other end - so make sure that the person on the other end is your partner and they know you're sending them love and light.

Optical Illusion Wine Rack

This handmade wine rack is really fun because it's constructed to make whatever is inside of it disappear. Do you want to hide your wine bottles from your roommates, neighbors, friends, or kids? Gift this wine rack to your spouse as an anniversary gift, and have some relaxed evenings together.

Love Gin Liqueur

Raspberry, Vanilla & Meringue delivers a sweet and creamy taste over a soft backdrop of vanilla. On the nose, customers will be familiar with the sweet scent of raspberry syrup. Finishing, the liqueur leaves a lingering sweetness, with the vanilla fading to reveal berry fruit and aromatic floral notes. Besides, it's packed in an exquisite romantic bottle. What can be a better gift option if both you and your partner enjoy quiet evenings together and dinner dates at home?

DrawBag Paper-Leather Backpack

The Flip-Top DrawBag is uniquely made from sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly kraft paper-leather that is both rugged and washable. And it will be a wonderful first wedding anniversary gift for your creative spouse because they'll enjoy drawing or painting on this bag. This material is made specifically for being decorated, and you can work put some lovely design together!

3. Romantic Paper Anniversary Gifts to Go with the Traditional One

First Wedding Anniversary Couples T-Shirts Set

This gift speaks for itself - it's a t-shirt for the first wedding anniversary. Grab a couple - for yourself and your partner - and show them that you're really hoping to spend an eternity being married to them.

Fondue Set

A fondue set is a perfect centerpiece for your anniversary celebration, and after that, you'll be able to use it for romantic dinners together. Although fondue is traditionally a communal pot of melted cheese which bread is dipped into, the concept has been adjusted over time, and now you can even dip fruit into a pot of melted chocolate.

2D Crystal Personalized Wine Bottle Stopper

A custom engraved bottle stopper with the photo that you choose and upload to be engraved will be deeply appreciated by wine lovers. So if you and your partner love having romantic dinners with a glass or two of wine, this wedding anniversary gift will be a lovely addition to your kitchen shelf.

Bathtub Tray

This Bathtub Caddy Tray will give you the most relaxing bathtub experience and enjoy a luxurious home spa treatment. You can invite your loved one into the bathtub with you and share this romantic and relaxing experience with them, and the bathtub caddy will hold everything you need for it - wine glasses, candles, probably even a snack bowl.

Giant Blanket With Sleeves for Couples

Step up your cuddling game and Netflix & chill sessions with this double-sized double-sleeved giant blanket. A fabulous anniversary gift for your spouse (and yourself!) that will make you enjoy your time together even more. Especially if you live somewhere cold.

Personalized 'Where We First Met' Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Celebrate your first wedding anniversary with this puzzle map of your most special place. The place where you first met will be the heart of the puzzle, and as the pieces fall together, your spouse will recall this wonderful moment with you.

Personalised Rustic Birch Wood Vase

Some couples in movies and in real life carve their initials into trees, with a cute heart and everything. If you and your spouse want to do such a (retro) thing but can't get to it for ethical reasons, here's your solution - a stylish vase that is personalized with your initials and a memorable date. Trees are as strong and valuable as your love and marriage, so this ethical expression of love is a wonderful wedding anniversary gift idea.

4. Useful Paper Anniversary Gifts

True Paper Tablet

Write, read, and sketch with paper feel. It's not the same as a drawing tablet, but it's amazing bor taking notes and doodling ideas, AND it's still a traditional paper anniversary gift! A wonderful choice for busy and creative people, this gift will be greatly appreciated by your partner.

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

The Rocketbook Wave provides the freedom of a traditional pen and paper notebook, while instantly blasting your notes into the cloud using your smartphone. It's a balanced mixture of analog and electronic methods. If your spouse is a creative person or just needs to write down a lot of ideas, you can make them happy by getting them this notebook as a useful paper wedding anniversary gift.

Copper Bed Sheets and Pillowcases

If you or your spouse (or both of you) are having trouble sleeping or allergic to some types of fiber, this bed linen will make sleeping or lounging in bed the highlight of your days. It's super soft, has a very luxurious look, and has a unique benefit of copper-infused fibers. Make this your wedding anniversary gift for your spouse - and you'll make both of you happy.

Bamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery Set

Another amazing addition to your date dinner nights. If both of you enjoy having snacks served near your bed or sofa, a cheese board is a great wedding anniversary idea. It's also great for celebrations and gatherings in general, so it'll soon become the highlight of your household.

The Pillow for Cuddling

Snuggling with someone can be challenging because your limbs may go numb very soon and it's hard to find the perfect position. Now you can snuggle comfortably in the spoon position while you watch that new series, or while you sleep. The cuddler can easily slip out, make another batch of popcorn, then resume that spoon position. All this without bothering your partner at all.

Automatic Pet Feeder

Are you and your spouse tired of those early mornings when your pet decides it's breakfast time? Get this as a wedding anniversary gift for your household, and you won't have to worry anymore! You can rely on the Automatic Pet Feeder to keep up your pet’s healthy feeding routine no matter what time it is or where you are. So you can calmly sleep in, cuddling your partner, while your pet is full and happy.

Capsule Coffee Machine

If you and your partner are huge coffee lovers, you won't agree to live another day without having this as your anniversary gift! Thus capsule coffee machine will ease the process as much as possible. You simply pop in the pod and select your desired drink, without having to worry about fiddly grinding or pressure settings.

Digital Picture Frame

A simple, yet often overlooked wedding anniversary gift, that is usually considered horribly trivial. But wait! That's a digital photo frame! Which means - no need to print pictures, you can just download whatever you want at that current moment and place it however you like. People can grunt about trivial photo frames as much as they want, but almost everyone enjoys having a picture or two of their loved ones on display.

Heating and Cooling Mattress Pad

Your best night’s sleep is a few degrees away. ChiliPad is a mattress pad with a cooling and heating temperature control system. It regulates the surface temperature of your mattress so that you sleep comfortably all night long. Some couples really have problems with finding the most comfortable temperature for sleeping together, but with this mattress as a wedding anniversary gift, this won't be a problem for you anymore. Snuggle all you want and share a bed together without anyone's need to feel inconvenient!

Paper Anniversary Cards

Paper Anniversary Quotes&Wishes to Write in A Card

Wrapping Ideas

1st Anniversary Celebration Ideas

1st Anniversary Date and Activity Ideas

Can’t come up with any ideas on how to spend your first wedding anniversary day? Or maybe you’re worried that none of your ideas are good and interesting enough? In this section, we’ve got some ideas for you to consider and try out with your most loved one to celebrate this special day.

Order a wedding cake in advance and eat its top tier with your partner in some romantic spot. It can be a picnic in the park, a spot on the roof (but only where it’s legal), or indoor space.

A perfect addition to the previous one, or a separate idea on its own, can be revisiting the place of your first date, or the place where you two first met.

Set up a cozy date evening at your place and spend it viewing your wedding videos or looking through the pictures from your wedding ceremony or party.

Another plan for an indoor date at your place is playing board games. Even if you’re not into regular ones, you can always try some games with romantic or erotic span.

If you’re going out for dinner, you can visit the same venue that you held your wedding reception at, but you’ll probably have to plan that and book a table in advance.

Hire a photographer whose works you like and create an anniversary photo shoot. Don’t make this a surprise, because your spouse will definitely want to look the part!

If your partner loves surprises, you can write or print creative love notes and hide them around your place to arrange some sort of a quest for them, leading from one note to another. And then place some special gift at the very end of this quest!

Go on a road trip. It doesn’t have to be a long one but pick some really pretty or special spots to visit and a really good playlist. A paper map is optional but adds a flavor of adventure.

If your partner is a creative person or loves trying out new things, you can enroll in a drawing class together. Or literally any other art or craft class, from pottery to flower-arranging. Various active leisure works too! Horse riding, archery, tandem bike riding, you name it. It all depends on your common interests and preferences.

Tickets to some event or place work both ways: they’re paper AND they’re amazing gifts.

Another option for a paper gift plus a date idea can be a gift card to a SPA salon, massage salon, or another place for self-pampering.

You can attempt to make a paper kite from scratch together and try to fly it. Paint it with hearts or your names, find a lovely hill or a rooftop, and you’ll have a great time.

At the end of your night out, why not try your luck and buy a lottery ticket together? You can choose the numbers that are significant for both of you, and if the stars are in your favor, maybe you’ll win something. Or just save it as a keepsake ticket with the numbers you both chose.

1st Anniversary Party and Decor Ideas

Do you want to throw a themed party or a classy reception for your 1st wedding anniversary? We have a few ideas that are both creative and paper-related at the same time.

In "Sex and the City," Mr. Big couldn’t find the right words to express his love for Carrie, so he used his famous love letters instead. You can do something like that as well. If writing doesn’t come easy to you, you can try finding song lyrics, a poem, or a letter that relates to the way you feel about your relationship and have it framed all around the house.

Another similar decoration idea may consist of photographs of you and your spouse framed all around your place. It can be just for the party, but if you like it, you surely can keep it that way :)

You can throw a Hawaiian-themed party and make the beautiful flower decorations and necklaces out of paper. That checks the first wedding anniversary theme box and is way more environmentally friendly than using actual flowers or plastic ones.

If you and your guests enjoy arts and crafts, you can offer them activities like drawing, coloring, or folding origami figures. This is for a more quiet evening in a big company, but hey, who said that the definition of a party is something loud and robust? You can still have a lot of fun even if you and your partner prefer quieter pastime.

Speaking of quieter fun, you can throw a poetry party, and even set up a Shakespearean era dress code. Quills, dyed paper, lots of books everywhere – your guests will enjoy this atmosphere, associated with classical romance novels or a magical universe. Bringing at least one love poem written on paper and reading it out loud is obligatory!

What else is made of paper and can be a really pretty decoration? Paper lanterns. They can be a great setup for a Chinese-themed party. Just please be careful with fire. You can replace actual candles inside of the lanterns with warm white LED lights or regular lightbulbs.

How about an outdoor picnic on a warm day? You can use paper plates and cups, and serve small portions of the main course and desserts in creative paper wrappings. This idea is fun, hearty, suits the paper theme, and is environmentally friendly as well.

1st Anniversary Cakes Ideas

The cake is always a cool thing and a gem of the party. Especially if it’s a handmade cake that you cooked yourself for your loved one and the guests. But if you think you’re not skilled enough to do that, you can have it baked and decorated by a professional, and it absolutely won’t be a worse option.

With the abundance of YouTube tutorials on baking, glazing, working with icing, and whatnot, you can attempt cake decorating at home, and it will be very hard to fail. And the cake decoration can totally be paper-themed – according to the traditional symbol of your first wedding anniversary.

You can decorate it with edible origami hearts, cranes, or even kittens if that’s what you both love.

You can make the cake plain white, covering it in buttercream and icing, and write words of love all over it, making it look like a handwritten letter.

You can shape your cake like a big edible book that says something like “The Book of Our Love” on the cover.

You can decorate the cake with edible ribbons or flags, or just place a beautifully designed paper ribbon with you and your partner’s names on top of the cake.

And last, but not least – cakes can be actually shaped like literally anything in the world and look very realistic, so you can commission a cake in the shape of any object you want. After all, it doesn’t have to strictly be related to the theme of paper, as long as you and your spouse are okay with that.

Other 1st wedding anniversary symbols:

  • Modern American: clock
  • United Kingdom (Traditional): cotton
  • Netherlands: linen
  • France: cotton
  • Eastern Europe: linen

We hope this article has inspired you to find the perfect 1st-year wedding anniversary gift for your partner.

You don’t really need to spend a fortune on your gift to make it memorable. Many of the anniversary gift ideas listed above are both very budget-friendly and have enough possibilities for customization. When in doubt, get creative: you can just grab some paper and write a beautiful and sincere love letter that comes from your soul. Trust me, it will be as sweet and meaningful as any kind of gift you can purchase!

If the gift ideas above weren't enough for you, here's the kicker: remember that you aren't really required to buy only a paper present. Basically, you can go with anything you like, and just include a tiny paper detail to honor the traditions. A greeting card, maybe? How about a beautiful photobook?

In any case, the best present you can get your spouse is your undivided attention and love, so celebrate your first wedding anniversary with everything you got!

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