2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts (Cotton)


Congratulations on your second wedding anniversary! Two years down, forever to go!

The first anniversary usually grabs the most attention, it's true. But you know what’s definitely better than being married for one year? That's right - staying together for two years! So there's no need to tone down on your celebrations if you don't feel like doing so. Despite this year getting less attention (from others, not from you!), it’s definitely not an anniversary you want to forget. None of them are :)
If the anniversary isn't yours but you're invited and looking for that perfect 2nd wedding anniversary gift idea and a nice looking 2nd wedding anniversary card, our article will be very useful for you anyway! Instead of throwing together a last-minute gift, you can make sure you choose the best one ahead of time because we did all the research for you. This way, you’ll be sure to bring something unique and thoughtful.
So, no matter if you're looking for cotton-themed ideas for your own anniversary celebration or gifts for a wonderful cotton wedding anniversary of someone important, you'll be able to find a perfect symbolic gift to mark the occasion, as well as many other options.

Traditional 2nd Anniversary Gifts

First thing's first - what is the 2nd wedding anniversary and what is the 2nd wedding anniversary traditional gift? It's all about cotton this year! The 2nd wedding anniversary gifts' meaning is romantic and inspiring. Some believe that it symbolizes the comfort and strength the couple had developed by their second wedding anniversary. Others say that the fibers of cotton represent how two lives are intertwined and come together as time goes on.
The good news is that cotton is a versatile material. Its meaning is also versatile and very much open to interpretation. It's an incredibly practical anniversary gift that can be creatively incorporated into a variety of gift ideas.
So, as you already know, the traditional symbol for a couple's 2nd anniversary in the US (as well as many other countries) is, as well, cotton. So how creative can you get with cotton gifts?
Here are our favorite ones so far!

1. 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him (Husband)

Bright Cotton Socks

Because life is too short to wear boring socks, amirite? It's a great gift for any occasion, despite it being quite a classic, but it goes really well with the theme of gifts for cotton wedding anniversary. Cool socks can liven up any look, from sportwear to the most formal ones.

Monogrammed Men's Cotton Tie

Fit to be…our casual-chic 100% cotton ties are designed for effortless style. Choose a pattern or solid and add a hidden embroidered monogram on the back.

Perfectly Tucked In Shirt Holder

W-Holder is the first shirt holder ever made. Custom fashioned only from natural materials of the highest quality, it guarantees a skin-friendly experience. Make your handsome husband worry less about his shirt and feel way more confident wherever he goes with this 2nd wedding anniversary gift idea!

Canvas Tent

Perfect for travelers, adventurer couples, wanderlust families, and pretty much everyone, really. It's like an extra house of your own! You can use it as an idea for a cotton wedding anniversary date - going on a picnic or a camping trip with this tent would be an incredible idea.

Caution Extremely HOT Apron

100% pre-shrunk cotton, Black Men's BBQ Apron. Fits Sizes XS-XL. (This apron is not oversized). "Caution, Extremely HOT" silkscreened in large white letters.

Tested for washability and wear. Features an adjustable neck strap and ties in the back. Single front pocket. A great and extremely practical thing to use as a cotton wedding anniversary gift, especially for someone who loves to cook!

Organic Cotton Organizing Bags for Men

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that one person who seems to have everything? Well, you can never go wrong with our reusable, sustainable Organizing Bags! The best thing about giving someone Organizing Bags is that they can also be used when traveling to organize one's suitcase. When back at home, they go back to organizing one's closet, kitchen, bathroom or handbag.

Cotton Adjustable Nail Apron

Help your husband keep his tools close with an adjustable waist belt with a quick-release buckle and four large pockets. An amazing thing to own overall, especially for a handy man who spends a lot of time in his garage or workshop area, and it fits the theme of cotton ideas for the anniversary really well.

Cotton Cap

Made from 100 percent cotton washed canvas and offers the Carhartt force sweatband that fights odours and its fast dry technology wicks away sweat for comfort. This light-structured, medium-profile cap with pre curved visor features an adjustable fit with hook and loop closure, has the leatherette Carhartt label sewn on front and the Carhartt embroidered on back.

Cotton Jewelry for Him

Handcuffs are neat, but handcuffs with tiny cotton canvases with something sentimental printed on them? That's a top-notch cotton wedding anniversary gift, for sure!

Beer Belt

Give it as a gift to your husband on your 2nd wedding anniversary so he can wear it while he is doing yard work. Or make him the life of a party with this beer belt, no matter the party is outdoors or inside. It wraps around the waist, secures with adjustable size straps, and conveniently holds 6 cans of beer or any other standard beverage can.

Cotton Champagne Bottle Bag

A wonderfully, thoughtful 2nd anniversary gift for your husband or wife. Add in a bottle of wine or bubbly to show them how much they mean to you and celebrate this special occasion!

Cotton Ball Tie Tack/Lapel Pin

This Unique Handmade Cotton Boll Tie Tack has a hand-carved snow white Quartz stone in the boll area. A wonderful and stylish 2nd wedding anniversary gift for your dear husband.

2. 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her (Wife)

Secret Message I Love You T-Shirt

Wonder what is this? You just need to overlap the hearts and the secret message "I LOVE YOU" will appear! This tee makes a unique and cool gift for your loved one! 

Canvas Belt

Fashion canvas belt will never be out of style! It's stylish, it's versatile, it's extremely practical, and it's a small traditional gift for 2nd wedding anniversary. Your wife is definitely going to love it.

Cotton Jewelry For Her

Although cotton jewelry sounds somewhat simplish at first, in reality it's something cozy, sentimental, and exotic at the same time. I mean, do you know a lot of girls who wear cotton jewelry? Not likely!

Customized Paint By Numbers Set

Paint-by-numbers are cool and everything but how about giving a super personal version of them? With this customized paint-by-numbers kit, you can turn any picture into a future work of art! Canvas is made of cotton, so it perfectly counts as a gift for a cotton wedding anniversary, and you can make it a picture of the two of you, from your wedding day or not :)

Quickflip Hoodie Backpack

Every person should be free to pursue excellence, regardless of the weather. Quikflip apparel converts into a fully-functional backpack, and it will always be an asset and never a liability. No matter where life takes both of you, your wife will always be protected and ready for any conditions if she's with you... and with this cotton wedding anniversary gift.

Organic Cotton Organizing Bags for Women

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that one person who seems to have everything? Well, you can never go wrong with our reusable, sustainable Organizing Bags! The best thing about giving someone Organizing Bags is that they can also be used when traveling to organize one's suitcase. When back at home, they go back to organizing one's closet, kitchen, bathroom or handbag.

Fish Store Backpacks and Cases

These Bonitos are hand made with the highest quality materials and are fresh and ready to use. Also, their inside is fleshy and full of fishbones, completely irresistible. Each Bonito is different but all of them have the same purpose: keeping the most valuable treasures inside them. They can be used as purses, pencil-cases, key-holders, and even pouches. What's not to love about it? A charmingly odd, yet practical gift for your 2nd wedding anniversary that your wife would surely adore.

Roses Anniversary Cotton Flowers Glass Jar

A handmade bouquet of cotton anniversary flowers in a grey palette or pink tones, gift-wrapped with options of a glass vintage jar and personalized tag. This is surely the most romantic 2nd wedding anniversary gift to celebrate this 'cotton' occasion. These flowers will last forever and don't even need water! Your gift can be personalized by adding a gift tag engraved with your personal message, and voila - a sweet, gentle 2nd wedding anniversary gift for your wife is ready.

Apron with Cooking Guide

Unisex 100% natural cotton fabric apron that includes printed cooking guidelines, conversion table and measuring tables. Useful kitchenware accessories for wannabe chefs. Transform any clueless cook into a culinary pro!

Loaded with enough tips & tricks to make your meals the talk of the town, it's an apron that protects both your clothes & your reputation. Decorated with cooking times, preparation guides & recipes, it's a gift guaranteed to transform even the most amateur of cooks into a pro. Fed up of flipping through your cook book with greasy hands? An innovative design by Suck UK, makers of the greatest gifts on earth!

Personalised Birth Flower Scarf

This is a great mid-weight scarf, which can be personalized with an embroidered name or initials. It would make a great 2nd wedding anniversary gift for your beloved wife. It comes with a gift card with a print of the birth flower on it and a description of the characteristics of the flower and that month of birth.

Little Things I Love About You Messages

It's the little things that someone does for you that make you feel special and loved. Let them know just what these mean to you.

Our Little Things I Love About You is the perfect keepsake filled with special messages for your loved one. Whether it's a special gift for your other half, or to let Mum know how much you appreciate everything she's done for you, a birthday gift for a friend, this is something that will be cherished forever.

Inside the drawstring natural linen pouch, you will find a collection of luxury grosgrain ribbons printed with your personalized messages to brighten someone's day. There are eight ribbons in total, finished with a gold metal clasp. Reach in the pouch and find a ribbon, pull to reveal the words of love written on each.

3. 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Friends

Cotton Throw Blanket

The warm, welcoming premium quality breathable thermal blanket is the perfect choice when it gets chilly. The perfect blanket is light in weight and ideal to use all year around. The blanket is thick as any other cotton blanket and is made tightly woven to hold all fibers together - Feel-good fibers in every sense. The comfortable blanket is low in shedding while maintaining its softness throughout. Great for all seasons, just like the couple's relationship! Show them that you think their marriage is beautiful by getting this blanket for them as a gift for their 2nd wedding anniversary.

Custom Cotton Tray

Phones, watches, jewelry, keys: we all have a few trinkets that we throw around mindlessly when we get home. For such cases, a fancy tray could really help in keeping everything tidy and stylish!

Mini Nap Pillow

Love sleep? Our mini pillow lets you take Casper comfort with you, and snooze wherever you choose. It comes with a pillowcase and drawstring bag for easy travel. We won’t tell anyone you’re carrying around a miniature pillow.

Awkward small talk? Flight delays? What a nightmare. Just whip out your Nap Pillow and snooze through it. Phew.

Personalised Wedding Anniversary Cotton Print

A beautiful, personalized cotton wedding anniversary gift print to show off favorite wedding shots for years to come. The simple design allows the couple's favorite photo to come alive and be enjoyed as a piece of art on their wall. Printed onto off-white cotton and professionally framed in an oak frame.

Picnic Backpack

A picnic is a kind of relaxing thing, especially with someone important to you. Picnic Backpack will be a great choice for dinner dates, park walks, and cotton wedding anniversary celebration!

Wine Stopper - Words on Cotton

A sentimental cotton anniversary gift for the wine lover! You'll be reminded of your vows or wedding song every time this elegant wine stopper is displayed.

This gift is fully personalized with your special words, inscribed on cotton fibers. The cotton is sealed with a solid glass coating.

NOTE: The images here display the paper version. The cotton version will have a white cotton texture below the glass.

Bag with 10 Features for Beaches & Beyond

The world's first functional beach bag is the best beach bag that offers 10 special features and completely changes the way anyone packs for the beach. Crafted with cotton canvas fabric with a water repellent coating to keep the belongings safe and dry. A great cotton wedding anniversary gift idea since it's practical, fashionable, and made of cotton.

Matching Underwear

It’s easy to match your bottom half to your better half. Shop matching pairs for that special couple to make them feel even more bonded than they are now! A great option for a 2nd wedding anniversary gift since the underwear is made of cotton.

Rope Dog Leash

ASPEN collection of dog leads are all made from exceptionally soft three-strand, pre-dyed cotton that resists fading and bleeding of color. Silky smooth to the touch, our Aspen Collection is also lightweight, despite the ergonomic thickness of the rope.

The MONOCHROME line within our Aspen Collection features a single-color rope of your choice, accented with either brass or nickel trigger hardware, as well as your preferred hemp cord color.

4. 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples

2nd Wedding Anniversary Matching T-Shirts

Perfect cotton anniversary gift for him, her, couples, men and women. This 2nd year wedding anniversary t-shirt says, Married 2 Years and Looking Forward to Forever. Every couple, husband, or wife will love to wear this cotton anniversary t-shirt together. We designed this cotton anniversary shirt with care, thoughtfulness, and creative elements because we believe every husband, wife, or couple deserves a uniquely designed t-shirt to celebrate their second wedding anniversary or cotton anniversary.

Cotton Map with Personalized Milestone Pins

The journey of every couple is an exciting thing to track, and this cotton map is the perfect tool to do this in style. Features a set of personalized pins for a couple's major milestones like the first date, first kiss, first home, and so on. But since this is the wedding anniversary gift, adding the date of the proposal and the original wedding would be a cool idea for the cotton anniversary.

Personalized Cotton Poster

A personalized gift to adorn anyone's home! Their state/country, family name & date are intricately cut from rich Walnut Wood. The wood is overlaid on 100% Organic Cotton. This elegantly designed keepsake will be gifted for the second wedding anniversary and then cherished forever.

Romantic Cotton Pillowcases

When you really want to show your darling how much the love means to you, this body pillowcase can allow you to do that with room to spare! Whether you are together or a distance apart, it is perfect for reminding you both to say I love you each and every night and each and every day.

Organic Cotton Cold Brew Coffee Bags

A simple but really handy gift for any coffee lover, these cotton bags will allow them to prepare their favorite cold brew coffee in the most natural and eco-friendly way ever - without any one-time filters!


These Brazilian Style Hammocks are well known around the world for their unmatched comfort. Their long-standing secret is the tight weave & "cocoon effect" that make this one of the most relaxing hammocks in the world.

Personalized Couple Hobby Blanket

Full of personality, this charming blanket lets love birds know they're truly two-of-a-kind, with a playful illustration featuring the passions or pastimes that make them, well, them. Create your "characters" by choosing their hobbies, skin tones, hair color, and clothing, then give the charming keepsake to the couple that makes the world a more interesting place. This gift is a lovely way to show your appreciation to the couple on their 2nd wedding anniversary.

Cotton Coasters Set

Designed to enhance their owners' table color and effectively protect the tabletop surface and reduces noise from cups and flatware as well. This set of coasters is elegant, adorable, very useful, fits into any interior style, and overall makes a good gift for a 2nd wedding anniversary for any couple.

Handmade Small Sari Photo Album

These stunning handmade, fair trade and eco friendly sari photo albums are covered with vibrant sari fabric and bound with recycled cotton paper.

A lovely gift for someone who loves storing their treasured photos in a special album.

5. 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Slumber – Breathable Bed Sheets

The perfect best balance of comfort, breathability, sturdiness, and softness. Get the classic luxury hotel feel, without the obscene price tag. And they get better after every wash. No more kicking sheets off in the middle of the night. No more sweating. Just a good night’s sleep. Do you think the couple would be really happy to receive that? Then it's a match! A match with an awesome and thoughtful gift for a 2nd wedding anniversary.

Cotton Shell Comforter

The ultimate in luxury! Our amazing 750 + fill power 86 Ounce fill weight goose-down-alternative comforter floats within a 300 Thread count 100% cotton . The result is a comforter so luxurious and soft (similar to Hungarian and Siberian down softness), you will believe you are truly covering with a cloud, night after night. This comforter also features baffle wall Box Design to avoid any shifting in your comforter and side gusset for the maximum warmth through out the comforter.

Cotton Tablecloth

Add a chic touch to your cooking ensemble with our chambray kitchen linens.

DII has created sophisticated farmhouse style solid chambray accessories for your kitchen. These solid chambray kitchen linens will add a subtle elegance to your home with this simple design. DII offers our chef aprons, bistro apron, dishtowels, oven mitts and potholders in 8 different options: Blue, Gray, Natural, Rose Pink, Aqua, Barn Red, Stone Brown, Artichoke Green to coordinate in your kitchen.

His & Her Bathrobe Set

Matching outfits are always cute & cool, but how about bringing this coziness even further with a fancy set of matching bathrobes? This 2nd wedding anniversary gift would also look really good on the couple's photos together ;)


Don't sweat it - each mattress comes with a natural cotton cover, hygroscopic wool in order to increase airflow and keep you cool. A mattress is always a great gift since sleep is essential, so don't hesitate to make it a cotton anniversary gift idea!

Handwritten Recipe Tea Towel

This recipe tea towel will contain any recipe that you'll upload but in a lovely handwritten font. it would be easy to read and very symbolic, especially if you customize it with a special family recipe. Works really well as a 2nd wedding anniversary gift for an older couple!

Wall Mirror with Macrame Hanger

This macrame mirror gives any room a retro feeling. The owner can hang it in their bedroom, living room, or any other room. As a beautiful boho piece, this wall hanger will surely add a touch of modern artistry to the room decor. Macrame mirror is perfect to give a home a unique look. This original and trendy hanger fits perfectly into both traditional and modern home decors, and it fits really well with the cotton wedding anniversary theme (as either a decoration item or a great gift).

Large Macrame Wall Hanging

Large macrame wall hanging/macrame headboard. Works well as a living room decoration, as well as a gift for a cotton wedding anniversary. So if you think that the house of the couple really needs this piece and they'll love it, go ahead!

Cotton Anniversary Lyrics/Vows Print

An unusual and thoughtful personalised anniversary gift, printed directly onto a piece of cotton, available framed or unframed.

The cotton anniversary print is a wonderfully original and unique personalised gift to commemorate the cotton (2 year) anniversary and will make a lasting keepsake to treasure.

The personalised Cotton Anniversary Frame is a beautiful lasting memory of the lyrics to your first dance or perhaps a poem or the vows from your wedding ceremony. The custom lyrics/poem sit centrally on this design in block capitals, above this sits your title lines e.g. the name of the song, your first names or Mr & Mrs Surname, and wedding or anniversary date.

6. 2nd Wedding Anniversary DIY Gifts

2nd Cotton Wedding Anniversary Universal Gift Ideas

Last but not least, if you don't want to go for a serious cotton gift like the ones above, here go a few easy ways to still honor the tradition without going too deep in cotton-themed madness:

-Give your spouse a cotton candy bouquet!

-We know DIY isn't everyone's thing, but did you know you can use cotton to make a neat nebula in a jar?

-Getting a dog is a serious decision, but just so you know: white Pomeranians look a LOT like cotton balls ;)


The symbolic flowers for the 2nd wedding anniversary are Cosmos & Lily Of The Valley. Unless your significant other is allergic to pollen, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet that contains these flowers - and it doesn't actually matter what gender your spouse is, flowers are for everybody. Cosmos represents a playful love because of their liveliness and is full of life without being showy. Lily of the valley symbolizes purity and also smells delightful. You can also find flower gift ideas here.
The gemstone traditionally associated with second anniversaries is garnet, and it's not surprising that the ideal (and traditional) second wedding anniversary color theme is red. Garnet is undeniably romantic, and its deep red sparkle is the perfect symbol of a marriage celebrating its second year. Therefore you can't go wrong with giving garnet jewelry as a gift! But, basically, any other jewelry that your partner would love will work just fine.
Another universal gift choice for an anniversary is sweet gifts. It's romantic, useful, and extremely thoughtful at the same time, especially if your spouse loves chocolate. Lovely shirts and bedding also go really well with the cotton anniversary theme while being an extremely practical gift that will surely be loved and used a lot.
In case you want to get something cotton-themed and really practical but don't know what to choose, you can check out this cotton anniversary bundle that checks all of the necessary boxes while still being thoughtful and unique.

Modern 2nd Anniversary Gifts

The modern take on the 2nd wedding anniversary gift is china or porcelain gifts. It's both delicate and resilient and symbolizes the fact that the marriage and the couple's relationship is both strong and fragile at the same time.
Also - it's a perfect opportunity to update or add to the tableware collection, which is important for young families. But if they already have everything, a porcelain figurine or decor item will be a great addition to their family home. China provides lots of interesting options in a very large price range! And, if chosen wisely, this gift can even become the family heirloom :)
But of course, if the couple doesn't need any of these items, modern and practical gifts are always welcome! Don't limit yourself on the options - tech items, good expensive alcohol, subscription boxes, etc. But whatever you end up choosing, make sure to make it extra special with a thoughtful 2nd wedding anniversary card.

1. China&Porcelain 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Cotton Ball Dispenser

Make sure to always have a cotton ball handy at all times with this all-new Wonderland Cotton Tail Dispenser. Featuring a cute and adorable white rabbit, this Cotton Tail Cotton Ball Dispenser is made out of High-Quality Ceramic for stylish and durable use. A perfect household item that will add fun and cuteness to any bathroom, this Cotton Tail dispenser can be set on any counter for adorable practical cotton supply use. Cotton balls can be used for anything whether it be for arts and crafts, cleaning use, or DIY projects that you got off of Pinterest. This cute holder will make for easy access no matter the task. Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years old.

Bone China Paperweight

Extremely. Expensive. But. Utterly. Beautiful. China. Paperweights. ❤️ Just what you need for a 2nd wedding anniversary gift idea! Oh, did we mention they are collectible, too?

Ceramic Couple Toothbrush Holder

A stylish way to hold a couple's toothbrushes - or pens / pencils, for that matter. Why not?

Many cool colors available, from the classy black & white to joyful pink and vibrant yellow.

Ceramic Phone Amplifier

Hand crafted ceramic phone amplifier with hole for charger cord. Listen to music anywhere with this minimalist piece. Glazed in matte speckledwhite.

Ceramic Photo Frame

Add a timeless touch of elegance to any decor with this picturesque set of frames. They will liven up any room, especially if they'll have pictures of the loving couple in them. So make it a nice 2nd wedding anniversary gift idea for someone close.

Personalized Family Mugs

Characterize the family's unique collection of individuals with these personalized mugs. One side features the artists' depiction of individual family members, personalized through your choices of skin tone, hair, clothing color, and the mug owner's first name, while the other displays the family name and year established. A perfect concept for a cotton anniversary gift idea - or, should we say, china anniversary? ;)

Personalised Floral Family Portrait Plate

A gorgeous gift for a family, capturing them on this personalized decorative plate. This illustrated family portrait will bring joy to the walls of any home, perfectly capturing each member of the family, and can even include a beloved pet! A wonderful 2nd wedding anniversary gift that is both symbolic and adorable.

Porcelain Teaset

Porcelain teasets aren't as popular as they once used to be, but they're still a great gift option for certain people. Especially on such occasions like the 20th wedding anniversary, since china is the traditional symbol for this milestone!

2. 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples with Baby

Baby Keepsake Library

The years go by so fast, and humble yet precious objects scatter as your children grow. Some day—maybe not the first time they ask for the car keys, but certainly when they have their first child—they’ll remember them, and you will, too. Store cherished keepsakes like hospital name bracelets, lost teeth, and favorite binkies safely and all in one place with this library-style organizer using its illustrated labels, acid-free drawers, vertical files, and tiny envelopes. A cloth-covered casing resembling a museum-quality book makes this design an attractive addition to wherever you display your favorite collectibles. 

Back Massage Road Map Shirt

Give the young dad a gift with an experience! And then watch the kids play cars on his back to give him a mini massage. it's either really good or really annoying, but the children would love this anyway. This cotton shirt is a great gift for a couple with children on their cotton wedding anniversary.

Bath Time Cushioned Kneeler

Aquatopia deluxe safety easy bath kneeler makes you stay safe and comfortable during bath time with the extra large, deluxe, anti slip cushioned pad for your knees and extra padding for your elbows. It is easy to use. The kneeler unfolds in seconds. It is made from water friendly neoprene and it has pockets that are perfect for soaps and shampoos, keeping everything you need close at hand. The simple fold away design makes for easy storage virtually anywhere and it fits any standard tub.

Blank Canvas Bib

Every meal is a masterpiece with this clever cotton bib, designed as a canvas for artful spills, stains, and dribbles. Printed with a gallery scene, silhouetted figures stare up at the day's art du jour. A fun and functional way to embrace the stain! A heartwarming and thoughtful gift for young parents (and their kids) on their 2nd wedding anniversary.

Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

What if that soothing pillow at the end of the day could do more than just rest your head? Instead of cotton stuffing, this luxurious pillow has locally sourced barley and lavender filling its 100% cotton exterior. That might not sound like the stuff that dreams are made of, but simply pop it into the microwave for one to two minutes, and the barley puts out a long-lasting, muscle-relaxing warmth, while the lavender greets your senses with a calming scent. Makes for some well-earned pampering at the end of a hard-working day.

Matching Personalised Pyjamas

Father and child are able to make these pyjamas a truly unique and thoughtful keepsake by adding their initials or name on the top of the pocket for dad and opposite the pocket for son or daughter.

4 in 1 Baby Blanket

The lower pouch comes with a ribbon tie, allowing the parent to swaddle the child while in a stroller and car seat. Legs and toes stay covered while they're on the go. A wonderful cotton anniversary gift idea for busy parents who want to give their child (and themselves!) as much comfort and safety as needed.

3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

Philips Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer kills 99.9 percent of germs through intense steam sterilization. Simply plug the unit into any standard electrical outlet to safely and effectively eliminate most household germs in as little as six minutes. The adjustable size allows you to customize to your needs.

Baby Hammock Swing

restNest’s baby hammocks were designed especially for those babies who find falling asleep a bit challenging. Parents who use our baby hammocks say that putting their babies to sleep has become a lot easier and faster and that the babies sleep longer, from the very first use. Do you want to make the couple (and their baby) happier? Bring this as their 2nd wedding anniversary gift!

Long Braided Crib Bumper

Every mother knows how important it is to protect her baby in the crib! It's pretty common for the kids, during day or night, to get their hands or feet stuck between crib spindles or bump their heads against the crib walls. Such occurrences are sure to irritate the baby and alarm the parents! So get this product, a custom braided bumper that protects the baby against bumps and bruises, and their parents' nerves from wrecking. A wonderful cotton anniversary gift idea, but you don't actually have to look for a special occasion to give it to any couple.

3. Useful and Practical 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Chair Wear Big Baggy

Slip this cover onto the backrest of any dining chair to immediately reinforce it with a generous selection of storage pockets. The couple will never lose the remote again, store the morning newspaper right next to them, and have the place to store their phone chargers. Or use this miraculously appeared storage space for anything they like :) A thoughtful and practical 2nd wedding anniversary gift idea to make their family home more comfortable.

Double Sleeping Bag

A double sleeping bag is an ideal sleeping bag for two people to snuggle up on their next camping trip. So if the couple you're shopping for are avid travelers and campers, they will surely be happy to receive this for their second wedding anniversary!

Heating and Cooling Mattress Pad

Designed to fit all standard and extra-thick mattresses, this unique 150 thread count, poly-cotton mattress pad uses soft medical grade silicone tubing to circulate regular water through the pad. A built-in connection tube (48″ in length) connects the pad to the control unit. Dual-zone ChiliPads have separate tubing and independent control units for each side. It'll help the couple rest together without arguing for the blanket, even if they prefer different sleeping temperatures. This 2nd wedding anniversary gift will help them have better sleep and, surely, cuddle more.

Strip Off Bath Mat

The perfect addition to any modern bathroom!

This bathroom mat features a bath-time blue colourway and a graphic white quote which reads 'strip off'.

This bathmat is the perfect novelty accessory for your bathroom and will help add a touch of modern to a newly decorated room.

This "Strip Off" bath mat is the perfect housewarming gift for someone who has just moved into a new home or for someone who has just has a bathroom revamp and now has their dream bathroom.

Complete with a no-slip back so everything stays nice and steady.

Antibacterial Chopping Boards

You will never again have to worry about foodborne illness or cross-contamination because these kitchen Chopping Board feature 99.99% anti-microbial, germ-resistant surfaces that inhibit bacterial growth and prevent germs, mold and other harmful organisms from getting into the food you eat.

USB Charging Hub

Charge up to 10 USB devices simultaneously from one wall outlet. Simply connect any USB mobile device, such as an iPad, iPhone, Tablet PC, Smartphone, a Wireless Hotspot etc. and quickly charge all your devices from one place. 

Crock Pot

The Crock-Pot is convenient for travel, potlucks, family gatherings, tailgating, parties, and just about any time one needs to transport food prepared at home. The removable stoneware also doubles as a serving dish. It features high and low settings for flexible cooking times, and a warm setting to keep food at a good serving temperature. In other words - a perfect kitchen device for literally anyone! Make it a cotton wedding anniversary gift to make the couple happy and save them a lot of time and effort in cooking so that they can spend more time on each other ;)

Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is a smart speaker powered by the Google Assistant, so you can ask it questions and tell it to do things. Just start with "Ok Google" to enjoy your entertainment, get answers from Google, tackle your day, and control your smart home. Google Home Mini works on its own or you can have a few around the house, giving you the power of Google anywhere.

Interactive Photo Album

The Joy Family Album is a gorgeous, Wi-Fi connected, 10'' color touchscreen that gives anyone's photos and videos a single, special place to shine. A wonderful gift for a 2nd wedding anniversary for the couple to look back at their time together and think about how much they love each other. It includes Joy Wireless Charging Stand, as well as StoryTime™ and VoiceNote features.

4. Romantic 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Cotton Anniversary Memory Journal

The secret to being a happy couple is simple: just make a lot of happy memories together, then cherish them for years to come!

A great way of doing that is by keeping a dedicated journal, maybe even a separate one for every year of your journey. This one is perfect to celebrate the 2nd year of marriage, for instance!

The Pillow for Cuddling

The cuddler can easily slip out, make another batch of popcorn, then resume that spoon position. All this without bothering the cuddlee. A perfect pillow for snuggling, lounging, movie binging, and all of these lazy evening activities. This gift for the 2nd wedding anniversary will definitely bring the couple closer until the desire to go get more snacks does them 'part.

Custom Love is Art Kit

Is there a better way to celebrate your relationship with your partner than to create beautiful art together? Not likely.

This bundle contains everything you need to get started in no time and make the celebration absolutely unforgettable––because hey, love really is art.


100 Ways to Love Your Wife/Husband Book

We all have it . . . the desire, the longing for love. God meant for marriage to be beautiful, resilient . . . lovely, but this broken world can make it hard sometimes. 100 Ways to Love is a practical guide to find and live in the rich, fulfilling marriage God intended for husbands and wives. You can get beyond just living in the minimum of your relationship. Ladies, we have one shot at loving our man. We all have the capacity and capability to love him and to do it well. It’s time for our marriages to start thriving in love. This practical book gives specific, real-life instruction on how to enjoy the best marriage has to offer. 

Custom Vinyl Record

A custom made 10-inch Vinyl Record for the couple with the romantic memories brought by "their songs". It will contain 20 minutes of music (10 min per side) and will be dearly loved by both of them. A thoughtful and romantic gift for a cotton wedding anniversary.

Heart Shaped Umbrella

This Heart Shaped Brolly lets any couple stand out from the crowd​ when taking an afternoon stroll along the beachside promenade or in the heart of town. A wonderful and romantic gift idea for a 2nd wedding anniversary to be used in photoshoots, as a decor item, or just during the dates out in the city.

Personal Fondue Mugs

Easy fondue at home! With this personal fondue set, melt cheese or chocolate for dipping fruit, veggies, breads, and more.  A great gift idea for couples on any occasion, including their 2nd wedding anniversary. They'll definitely have amazing date dinners from now on.

5. Unique 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Mini Cotton Candy Maker

Of course, this would be on the cotton wedding anniversary gift idea list! Cotton candy without even leaving the house - wow. The clear rim acts as a protective guard and allows for easy viewing of the cotton candy. The unit includes 2-reusable cones, 1-Sugar scoop, and 1-extractor head.

Bucketlist Map - XXL Canvas

The world is full of adventures, and it's worth discovering everything from road trips, breathtaking landscapes and adrenaline rushes to manmade marvels and eats & treats. This canvas allows its owner to cross off things they have done, discover and plan awesome trips, or just marvel at the beautiful world that's out there. It also fits the cotton anniversary wedding theme!

Zero Gravity Zen Bean Bag

The zero gravity position was created by NASA to put astronauts in a safer and more comfortable position during liftoff with legs elevated above the heart and the back reclined at a 130-degree angle. Now anyone can discover what space travelers have known for years - relaxation, meditation, and stress relief in zero gravity is out of this world. A wonderful and unique cotton anniversary gift idea that will help the gift recipients relax like never before.

Personalized Zen Stacked Stone Art

A unique housewarming gift idea that rocks! Personalize this family art print with 3-8 names on zen style stacked stones. A great home decor item that shows the bond between the family members and how they all need each other to stand together. That makes it a really cute and symbolic wedding anniversary gift.

Blooming Tea Set

Flower tea combines the flavor of flower and tea, meanwhile brings people a good experience of its beautiful shape. The full-handmade with the well-selected materials makes our blooming flower tea excellent quality.

Flytographer: Book a Photographer on Your Adventure

Around the globe, Flytographer captures a memory every minute by connecting travellers with hand-picked local photographers in over 300+ destinations for fun vacation photo shoots. Our photographers not only capture incredible memories but are amazing resources for what to eat, see and do in each city. Discover the magic for yourself.

LaMetric The Smartest Clock

The internet-connected clock makes your space unique with charming clock faces, controls smart home with a glance, tracks digital metrics in real-time, creates a musical atmosphere with the dance of pixels.


Today Petcube connects hundreds of thousands of pet parents to their furry companions. We enhance pet care through technology and help understand animals better. Pets are family and they deserve our best effort.

Two Faced Mushion

The bestselling Mushions are back - and this time they’re double-sided! That’s right, you can now get a cushion of anyone’s face with a different image on each side, or even the same image if you wanted. It's a cool and unique gift idea for the cotton anniversary, and you'll definitely make the couple laugh by getting them a Mushion with their faces on it!

2nd Anniversary Greeting Cards

2nd Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Looking for some ideas for a 2nd wedding anniversary celebration? You've come to the right place.

Your first anniversary likely included all possible classic celebration options, including champagne and biting that top cake layer. So you can be rightfully confused when you reach the second anniversary. What should you do now? How exactly do you celebrate such an important event in a way that would feel fresh and new? Well, no matter if you're leaning more into traditional themes or you're a step-outside-the-box person, we've got advice for you!

2nd Wedding Anniversary Date and Activities Ideas

-Create cotton-looking clouds in a molecular cocktail masterclass;

-Embark on an adventure in some theme park with cotton candy, or hire a photographer do a photoshoot in some kind of cotton or cotton candy-themed photo zone;

-Fly above the fluffy cotton clouds in a romantic hot air balloon;

-Relax together in luxurious cotton robes on a special pamper day at a spa center;

-Relax and slumber all day in high-quality fresh cotton bedsheets;

-Have a picnic on a cotton picnic blanket and bring some themed desserts with you;

-Attend a cooking class wearing a cotton apron;

-Have a relaxing shopping day and buy some cotton clothes along the way;

-Arrange a gift basket with a variety of cotton seeds (or cosmos seeds if you like flowers), along with two pairs of cotton garden gloves and a handmade card that states a promise to plant these seeds together when springtime comes. You can also plant them right on your anniversary day if it's the appropriate season for it!

-Make some handmade paper together. It's a hobby that requires a little bit of preparation and equipment, but if you're both into crafts and arts - you'll end up with incredible thick handmade cotton paper for drawing pr making postcards for one another;

-Go camping - if you both are into it, of course. It's a relatively affordable option and, if the weather is right, it'll beautiful and romantic. Stargazing under the warm cotton blankets is a perfect way to end your second anniversary celebration day;

-Don’t feel like going out for your second wedding anniversary? That’s totally okay and you don't have to, and spending lazy days in the comfort of your own home is an essential part of life. You can just make your night a little extra special and themed. Snuggle up on the couch under a soft cotton blanket, have some hot chocolate with soft-as-cotton-clouds marshmallows, and of course, some cotton candy if you like it sweet. Just so you know, movies with a "cotton" in their title exist as well :)

There are all sorts of ideas that are at least vaguely related to cotton, so there's no need to only limit yourself to the options we've been able to come up with. You know your spouse better than anyone else, so if something comes to mind and you know you both will love it, it doesn't even have to be about cotton. The biggest treasure is the time spent together having fun!

2nd Wedding Anniversary Party and Decor Ideas

The second wedding anniversary celebration can traditionally be a dinner date. Going out to dinner may include some cosmos or lily of the valley bouquets and possibly a piece of garnet jewelry as gifts for the main couple. If it's a simple romantic dinner at home, fancy china and a bowl of cosmos flowers on the table would look fun and perfectly align with the theme.
The cotton wedding anniversary celebration is really special to you and your spouse because you keep going your way to an exciting lifetime together. So if you're serious about the celebration, it's a good idea to carefully plan the dinner party to reflect that theme. You can turn your home into a dressed-up french cottage, a sophisticated restaurant, or simply adorn it with flowers and red decoration elements. The different aesthetic will totally change the feel of your home and make it feel like you're on a staycation, so you won't even need to rent a restaurant.
Flowers always are a beautiful touch for any occasion and date, and they can be used to add color, texture, and vibrance. When it comes to wedding anniversaries, don't forget about the specific corresponding flowers to match the number of years being celebrated. As we mentioned before, for the cotton wedding anniversary it can be cosmos, lily of the valley, or - surprisingly - some cotton flowers, real or fake.
Cotton tablecloth, cotton napkins, and porcelain will totally turn your small tea party into the fanciest royal dinner! Tables often play a huge role in designing any party since they’re perfect for décor and can be functional and fun at the same time. A table runner can be placed over a tablecloth to enhance the color scheme and put everything together, or just to add an extra touch. The table runner for your party can also be made custom using the couple's wedding photos as prints!

2nd Wedding Anniversary Cake Ideas

Adorable toppers! They can be a go-to for every cake and every occasion and making them themed is an amazing addition to any celebration feast! Choose something that has a special meaning for the couple and that matches the party theme. A versatile and traditionally themed option can be a cake shaped like a spool with a cotton thread. Some can even make edible cotton flowers out of fondant or chocolate, but if you can't find any bakery that can do this, toppers saying something like "Happy 2nd anniversary" would be just fine too!
The party cake or cupcakes should incorporate the party’s theme in some way, whether it’s with the toppers, icing color, or embellishments, so keep an eye on that. A muted, pastel color scheme of the toppers, icing, or sprinkles might also go well with the topic of cotton.

Other 2nd wedding anniversary symbols can be:

Modern American: china

United Kingdom (Traditional): paper

Netherlands: cardboard

France: leather

Eastern Europe: paper


Thank you for checking out our list of cotton anniversary gift ideas and until next year! (hint: it’s gonna be leather) Congratulations on your second anniversary!


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