Christmas Gifts for Mom

The holiday season is all about spending time with your loved ones — and your dear mom will certainly be at the top of your list of people to visit.
Moms are often not easy to shop for. You know how they are - "Oh, honey, I don't need anything!" and "You shouldn't have!". But you know your mother better than anyone, and it's totally possible to get her a Christmas gift that would be sweet and useful, and make her feel special at the same time! it's actually way easier than you might think because we prepared you a list of all possible Christmas gift ideas for your mom.
When you're thinking about what to gift your mom this holiday season, you can start with what she enjoys doing most (or what she needs most). Kitchen gadgets, home decor, self-care items, quirky gifts, candy gifts, we've got everything you might need! Your mom is totally worthy of being spoiled and having the most unique Christmas gifts that she'll proudly display and use.
No matter how old you are, your mother is still your mother, so make her feel extra special and choose the gift that would make her happy all year long!

Cheap Christmas Gifts for Mom

Confetti Lip Balm

With pH-activated ingredients, the color-enhancing Confetti Balm goes on clear and leaves lips looking perfectly pink. It's a party in a (lip) pill. Great for keeping the lips soft and beautiful in wintertime when it's cold, so definitely make it a Christmas gift idea for your mom.

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

This poster compiles 100 of the best films ever made from around the world. This beautiful poster allows its owner to scratch the title off as one watches the film, unveiling a powerful image related to the plot. This makes a good Christmas gift for a movie-loving mom, and maybe you can curl up on the sofa and watch some together, like in the good old times.

Christmas Bulb Necklace

This necklace will light up the party in your mother's house for sure! With this coolest Christmas gift of 2020 she'll definitely enjoy wearing it and feeling like the queen of the night.

60 Hour Candle

The ingenious design is paired with a charming style to cast a cozy glow anywhere at home. The 100% beeswax candle coil is fed in small increments through the candle clip-simply advance more candle as it burns. It will make the candle last way longer and bring a warm touch to your mother's home.

3D Contoured Cup Sleeping Mask & Blindfold with Ear Plug

The top-notch design of this mask allows for a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep in every single position its owner prefers. It's super soft, adjustable, and will bring your mom calm and wonderful sleep. The best Christmas gift idea for mom, if you ask me!

Christmas Cookie Cutters

If your mom enjoys baking, these cookie cutters will help her create the mood and make the best desserts for everyone she loves. One of the Christmas gift ideas that seem trivial at first but turn out to be really cute and useful.


Adhesive Pocket Storage for Laptop

Carry small personal items with your laptop or tablet, handsfree! (It's applicable to any flat and sealed surface, including but not limited to laptops.) For a busy mom that wants her hands free and all her items in one place.

Christmas Ribbons Tablecloth

Does your mom want to have the poshest and most beautiful feast every year? Bring her this tablecloth and make her happy like never before! This would be one of the most amazing Christmas gifts for her.

Car Essential Oil Diffuser

This little car diffuser is an easy and convenient way to maintain a fresh and odor-free environment in the car. It's better than artificial car air fresheners, and your mom will definitely enjoy this Christmas gift for her if she owns a car and uses it often.

5-Minute Hourglass for Self-Care and Stress Relief

This beautiful timer, with sparkling sand set in a wooden base with metallic accents, is both an artful desktop display and a gentle reminder to make time for yourself each day. It also includes a 20-page illustrated booklet with ideas for using the timer--rituals, meditations, and self-care activities such as: Breathe, Meditate, Check in with your feelings, Listen to the universe, Write a gratitude list, etc. It can be a Christmas gift for mom that has everything since the gift of self-care will be the one she'll give to herself every day with the help of this little thing.

Christmas Themed Socks Pack

Help your mother look cool and be warm at the same time - gift her one of these amazing Christmas-themed sock sets. One of the most trivial and yet unusual Christmas gifts!

A Family's Love is Forever Keychain

This is a lovely and sentimental Christmas gift for mom and dad. Show them how much your family connections mean to you and that they'll always be your beloved parents no matter what!

Bottom-Dispensing Teapot

This innovative teapot releases infused tea directly into a drinking cup. When the tea is ready, simply place over a cup, and tea will drain from the bottom. Very creative and useful Christmas gift for your mom if she loves drinking tea!

Custom Face Oven Mitt

Сustom printed photo oven mitts are the perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking and spends a lot of time in the kitchen. make your mom's time in the kitchen more fun with this mitten by putting your or someone else's face on it.

4-Tier Folding Skirt Hanger

This 4-tier skirt hanger will help your mom elegantly organize and store all her beautiful skirts. They often get crumpled on regular hangers, but they won't anymore! This Christmas gift idea will also save storage space a lot, so if you know your mom would like one, don't hesitate to buy it.

Good Christmas Gifts for Mom

Customizable Modular Jewelry Box

Don't let your mom's jewelry get tangled, tarnished, and forgotten. She'll be able to organize her entire collection with a Stackers jewelry box.

Snowman Cookie Jar

This themed cookie jar will light up every party and bring the holiday mood in, especially for those who love to have guests over. It will be a great Christmas gift for your mom or stepmom, its size allows you to fit the cookies into it conveniently, and it's made to be sturdy.

Luxurious Sherpa Throw Blanket

A Sherpa Throw Blanket is irreplaceable in the colder season, and these blankets are dearly loved due to their softness and warmth. Your mom will be absolutely delighted by a Christmas gift like that, and it'll keep her warm all year long. The blanket is high-quality, extremely soft, and looks great in any interior.


Portable Power Bank

A portable power bank is a thing that no modern person can live without. It helps you charge on the go and always stay in touch. If your mom sometimes forgets to charge her phone, get her this power bank as a Christmas gift, and she'll be able to carry it around easily!

Essential Oil Diffuser

To enjoy the therapeutic fragrances of essential oils that relieve a lot of stress and lift the mood up, all you need is that easy-to-use oil diffuser and some essential oils of your choice. Get this as a Christmas gift for your mother with a few essential oil bottles that have the smells that she likes, and she'll enjoy how good her house smells! Spruce or cinnamon scents will be especially good for winter time.


Makeup Cosmetic Organizer

Makeup organizer is a great gift for everyone who has a lot of makeup at home and wants to keep it well-organized and not look for a certain mascara for five minutes in the morning. It helps keep the drawers clean and makes putting makeup more efficient - less time spent on digging through the tubes, more time spent on creativity!

Aromatherapy Heatable Slippers

Tell your mom to simply heat them up any time she wants to enjoy the relaxing sensation and refreshing lavender scent. She'll love this Christmas gift very much because slippers like that will get anyone through the winter with flying colors (and lovely scents!)

Christmas Bedding

This bedding in a gorgeous color scheme is perfect for winter nights during the holiday season. It can bring the holiday mood to anyone. It's one of the best Christmas gifts for a mom and a very useful thing in every household.

Electric Heated Travel Blanket

Stay warm and toasty while traveling through bitterly cold weather by wrapping yourself up in the electric heated travel blanket. If your mother is a traveler, she'll love this one, and she can also use it while driving or just at home - she just has to plug it into a socket and enjoy.


Merry Organic Hand Towel

Luxurious and soft hand towel that will make anyone feel the Christmas vibe and be merry. It looks amazing in any bathroom interior, and we all know how much moms love high-quality and good-looking towels and accessories. And your mom will love this Christmas gift idea too!

Soft Fleece Pullover

This fleece pullover is perfect for daily wear. It can be paired up with many different clothes and it fits into many styles. But most importantly 0 it's soft and warm, and it will keep your mom warm not only physically, but while thinking of how thoughtful your gifts are as well.

The Warmest Socks Ever

These Heat Holders are the warmest socks ever, and it's not an exaggeration. They are over 7x warmer than regular cotton socks and nearly 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks. And - they're not heated! So if you want your mom to be extremely warm and cozy no matter where she is, these socks will be a nice Christmas gift idea.

Women's Sheepskin Insole

Plush sheepskin and dual-density foam come together to deliver cushioning and support in any shoe. Perfect for cold winters around Christmas time and suitable for all kinds of shoes (winter shoes, of course, even though you can try to use them with stilettos or flip flops as well).

Digital Picture Frame

Mothers often love looking at their family pictures (and, of course, admiring what great kids they have made). So getting your mother this digital photo frame is a good Christmas gift for her. No more need to print the picturesand stick them inside, to buy separate frames, and to clutter the space. She can have all the family pictures she wants within the same frame.

Unique Christmas Gifts for Mom

Custom Family Portrait

Pictures and selfies are great and everything but a special occasion deserves a special gift, and a custom portrait of your family could be the perfect option. This unique Christmas gift will make your mom happy for years to come, and she'll definitely hang it in the best spot.

Inflatable Christmas Wreath

A photorealistic printed wreath is decorated with images of colorful ornaments and a bright red bow. it's fun, creative, and evergreen, so it won't wilt on your mom's porch and will entertain the guests.

Essential Oil Diffuser Leather Strip Earrings

These stylish and comfortable earrings are functional jewelry at its best. They're handmade with nickel-free bronze earring backs so that anyone can wear them without having an allergic reaction. That's a really unique Christmas gift for your mom that we're pretty sure she never even knew existed, but she'll love it!

Ponytail Beanie Hat

If your mom has long or medium-length hair, she probably encountered a problem of a bun or ponytail getting in the way of wearing a warm hat. Worry not, because there's a creative solution to it - a Ponytail Beanie Hat to keep your mom warm during Christmas and her hairstyle perfect!

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Powdered hot chocolate? Whatever you say, mom. There’s a new hot chocolate format on the scene and once you try it, you’ll never go back to the old option.

Show your mom how tasty and convenient it can be to make hot chocolate like that, and she'll get into it in just a few tries. Hot chocolate is especially good in winter, so it'll make a unique Christmas gift for her.

The Pajamas Warming Pouch

This is the heated pouch that warms pajamas for cozy comfort. Almost like sliding into the freshly ironed warm clothes, but way better, because the situation is not that specific, it can be done anytime, and the heat will stay for longer. A wonderful Christmas gift for mom and dad. You can also get everyone some kind of Christmas family pajamas, and you'll all be stylish, cozy, and toasty!

Smartphone Clear Touch Pocket Scarf

The Peepsnake is a stylish scarf that holds a smartphone in a zip-up, see-through, touchscreen-friendly pocket. Your mom will have a worry-free connection wherever she goes and it'll make her smartphone using experience easier. And the scarf is actually great for wintertime right when Christmas is around the corner!

Blooming Tea Set

Flower tea combines the flavor of flower and tea, meanwhile brings people a good experience of its beautiful shape. The full-handmade with the well-selected materials makes our blooming flower tea excellent quality. Consider this as a Christmas gift idea for your mom if she really loves tea and enjoys inviting guests over.

Quickflip Hoodie Backpack

This hoodie converts into a fully functional backpack if needed. perfect for traveling, hiking, workouts, or just for changing weather. If your mother is an active lady, this unique Christmas gift won't leave her disappointed!

Cocoonsie Wearable Blanket

This thing looks a little odd, but if your mom has a sense of humor, she'll enjoy it right away! This is a wearable blanket that is warm, convenient, and it also looks extremely fun to wear around the house. Perfect for Christmas holidays when the family is reunited together and spending time at home.

Interactive Photo Album

The Joy Family Album is a gorgeous, Wi-Fi connected, 10'' color touchscreen that gives your photos and videos a single, special place to shine. it's easy to use and it adds a digital touch to the beloved procedure of showing old family photos to the guests. Help your mother download all the necessary pictures on it, and it'll be an amazing Christmas gift for her that she'll surely test on you first :)

Stocking Stuffer Ugly Christmas Sweater

Maybe it's not the look but the concept that matters! A quirky themed Christmas gift for a mom with a sense of humor. Or for a wine lover. Or both. This sweater has a wine bottle pocket on its chest, which may or may not be used for its original purpose ;)

Funny Christmas Gifts for Mom

Banki Face

This little face is a little creepy but looks friendly overall. Saving money is fun when you feed this little fella your spare change, and your mom will enjoy it too. It can also be used for foreign coins from the travels, so if your mom is a traveler, you can consider this as a Christmas gift for her!

Festive Plant Baubles

No need to unpack giant fake dusty Christmas trees every year when you can have the festive mood with you anywhere you go! if your mom has a small apartment or just doesn't want to decorate too much, you can lighten up her mood by getting her this kit as a Christmas gift in 2020! These ornaments will fit any houseplants perfectly.

Giant Margarita Glass

Massively large margarita glass holds a quarter of a gallon (34oz). It's perfect for parties or just as a gag gift, but make sure your mom will appreciate a Christmas gift like that :)

25inch Me: An Inflatable Mini-Me You Can Love And Cherish

Take a picture of yourself or upload a photo of someone else you have in mind and think your mom will enjoy having around. And then, out of the blue, bring her this inflatable doll as a unique Christmas gift! It can be great for traveling moms, for moms who have Instagram, or just for moms with a great sense of humor who will like having this doll at their place.

Santa's Pants Wine Bag

A wine bag that is shaped like Santa's pants and can fit two bottles into it. It will bring the Christmas spirit and serve as a funny gift or house decoration. If your parents like having a glass of wine from time to time, this will be a funny and unique Christmas gift for your mom and dad.

Face Licker

This is a delicious giant lollipop personalized to look like you (or anybody else!). Bring this as a Christmas gift to your mom and watch her eyes light up! The more she loves candy, the better :)

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Mom

Customized Paint By Numbers Set

Paint-by-numbers kits are cool and everything but how about giving a super personal version of them?

With this customized paint-by-numbers kit, you can turn any picture into a future work of art! if your mom enjoys art or just peaceful evening activities like knitting or puzzles, she'll love coloring it!

Personalized Hoodie Blanket

Anyone's face on a big hoodie blanket to keep your mother warm during the Christmas season and make her feel like the person printed on the hoodie is with her in spirit.

Jolly Santa Apron, Oven Mitt & Pot Holder Set

This set of kitchen accessories that will be amazing for cooking and serving the best Christmas dinners in town! If your mother enjoys cooking, this will be a really good Christmas gift for her.

Collage Poster

This poster can fit up to 200 photos on it, so make it a memory lane of your most precious family photos, and your mom will love it dearly.

Custom Address Stamp

Home is where your dog is! These Frenchie return address stamps make a great gift and are a treat when stamping your snail mail. There also are other dog breed options, so choose the shape of your mom's beloved doggie easily.

Pajama Family Ornament

A resin ornament that depicts your entire family in a cozy environment and brings the Christmas mood. No matter if your family is big or it's just you and your mom - a family is a family, and this ornament will remind her of how much you love each other. An amazing Christmas gift for your mom that will be cherished forever.

Customizable Cookie Stamper

Each Cookie Stamper comes with Interchangeable letters, numbers, and symbols for endless possibilities. If your mom loves baking, she can now bake personalized cookies for any possible occasion. She'll definitely love this idea, so this unique Christmas gift might be exactly what she needs.

Personalised Floral Family Portrait Plate

A gorgeous Christmas gift for your mom and dad, capturing the entire family on this personalized decorative plate. The lovely cartoonish style will be adored by the guests and the owners equally.

Personalized Calendar from Instagram Pictures

Instagram Calendar is a great Christmas gift for your mom for two reasons: it can be personalized with the best family photos and make her happy, and it'll be used a lot. This gift is right on tme since the beginning of the new year is approaching.

Phone Case from Kid's Doodles

Whether the artwork is done by watercolor, sharpies, or crayons with glitter explosion, Children's art is the most important building block of creativity. Casetify Kids help celebrate all levels of drawing from doodles to watercolor masterpieces. Turn your kid's doodles into phone cases. Any mother will love this idea, as well as the drawing authors themselves :)

Christmas Gifts for Mom from Daughter

Create Your Own Photo Snow Globe

Make your own snow globe by customizing the base with a photo, drawing, embroidery, monogram, or anything else you can think of! Since it's a snow globe, this is probably the best Christmas gift idea. It's a beautiful themed house decoration and a darling sentimental gift at the same time.

Personalized Family Mugs

Characterize your family's unique collection of individuals with these personalized mugs featuring the sophisticated simplicity of Mary and Shelly Klein's artwork. One side features the artists' depiction of individual family members, personalized through your choices of skin tone, hair, clothing color, and the mug owner's first name, while the other displays your family name and year established (optional). Create a set to celebrate the individuals connected through your family ties, whether you're all around the same table, or enjoying coffee in different time zones. 

Everything I am You Helped Me to Be Inspirational Bracelet

Giving gifts to your mother is a sentimental and loving move, especially if it’s a personalized one. It’s good to be grateful for the way your mother raised you and supported you, and it’s good to show your gratitude. You can do this by giving her this bracelet with the engraving that says “Everything I am you helped me to be” and the word “Mom” in a cute handwritten font. It’s made of stainless steel, which means it’s sturdy, it’s hard to damage it, and it has a nice silvery color. It’s minimalistic and can be worn every day with any outfit. It’s also adjustable and can fit almost any possible had size, so no need to know the necessary or preferred size. The bracelet is made with all of its edges rounded, for a nice look and also for safety – to avoid scratching the wrist or tearing the clothes.


+ It comes in a stylish and minimalistic gift box;

+ The main message on it is hidden, which makes it intimate and sentimental.


- The shiny finish will collect all the fingerprints on itself;

- It still may be a little tight and hard to put on at first.

Mother and Daughter Otter Necklace

Showing love and how grateful you are as a Daughter to your Mom should be everyday! However, make it extra special by giving her something that she truly deserve! Like our Mother and Son Otter necklace, it's a very special gift because just like pup (otter babies), they depend on their moms as soon as they were born. Their moms are the only beings who will let them learn certain things to survive. Let's never forget that without our Moms, we are nothing in this world! They are the ones who brought us out and they make sure that as we grow up, we can live and survive on our own. Our Moms also make sure that we live with their hearts inside us to keep us feel loved and treasured.

Child's Drawing Key Chain

Most kids enjoy drawing from time to time. The minds of little children are fascinating, and their hands can create incredible characters. Their family members’ portraits also come out very creative. A lovely idea is to turn their drawings into memorable sentimental gifts, which would warm their owner’s heart every time they see them. It would certainly have a unique design that’s also close to heart and would be cherished, no matter if it’s a random doodle or a message of love from the kid. The keychain itself is made of titanium, which is really sturdy and perfect for keychains, it looks very stylish in its matte silver color, and it’s also lightweight and easy to attach to anything and carry around. It can be a keychain, a bag pendant, or even a necklace – whatever the gift owner would choose it to become. The widest part if it would be 2 inches long.


+ It’s a gift that would warm every older relative’s heart;

+ By wearing it, the owner would encourage the child’s creativity a lot.


- The material and making technology only allows the outline of the drawing, no color;

- You’ll have to be picky with the design since not all of them can be made into a keychain.

Letters to My Mom

Tender letters are always heartwarming to read and re-read, and writing them is a wonderful experience as well. But what if you can’t write beautiful letters or are unsure of your skills? This set of nine envelopes and nine cards with prompts would help you express your feelings. You’ll only have to fill in several blanks in those letters, seal them in the corresponding envelopes, put them is a lovely-looking keepsake box that closes with a magnet, and the heartwarming gift for your mother is ready. She’ll open these letters when she’ll miss you, or when she’ll need to remember how much you love her – there’ll be a letter for almost any special occasion. When you can’t be there – your letters will be, and your mom would always remember that you love her no matter what. There’s also blank “p.s.” space at the bottom of every letter so that you can add some sentimental details and make it more personal.


+ The entire set is very well-designed and will be true eye candy for your mom;

+ It’s perfect for long-distance relationships.


- The letter templates may seem too impersonal to some people;

- The occasion range for those letters is quite limited.

Family Pearl Pendant Necklace

A beautiful and symbolic gift, with one pearl to represent each family member. It'll be a beautiful minimalistic necklace and a sentimental keepsake, and it fits perfectly as a Christmas gift for your mom.

My Family Cookbook

Pass heirloom recipes on to future generations with this customizable cookbook. A perfect Christmas gift idea for a cooking-loving mom who remembers a lot of recipes from her own mom or grandma. There was no internet back then, so all recipes needed to be memorized or written down, and cookbooks still have great aesthetic value and can keep absolutely unique and delicious recipes.

Love, Mom and Me: A Mother and Daughter Keepsake Journal

Show Mom your appreciation with this classic from New York Times bestselling author Greg Lang. Why a Daughter Needs a Mom is a perfect gift to honor those who mean the most to us: our mothers.

As a girl's most trusted friend, her mom is the one who understands best. She's been there through it all: the triumph and heartache, the skinned knees, and the broken hearts. Give it to your mom this Christmas to share many bonding moments together and appreciate ecah other even more.

Christmas Gifts for New Mom

Personalised Grey Elephant Activity Playmat

Gift an elephant activity playmat to a little one in their first years (or to their mothers as a thoughtful and unique Christmas gift).

This playmat will provide an assortment of entertainment with a crinkling ear, a colorful rattle, and a soft star squeaker. A young mind is guaranteed to be amused for hours, exploring and discovering new senses and textures. Make this an extra special gift and personalize it.

Crib Sheet Set

Mix and match 4 different gender neutral prints and patterns for the modern nursery. The sheets feature deep pockets for a nice, snug fit, made from gentle 300 thread count cotton and smooth sateen weave - perfect for delicate skin. The Crib Sheet Set grows together with the little one - from cribs to toddler mattresses. A wonderful and practical Christmas gift for any new mother that she'll be very grateful for!

Sock Ons Keep Baby Socks On

Sock Ons Clever Little Things That Keep Baby Socks On! White, 0-6 Months. Sock ons are award-winning garments that keep baby socks on! they are worn over the sock & "lock" them into place with a patent pending design. Sock ons are an ingenious and trendy solution to a very annoying problem and are an item that no baby (or sane parent) can do without!Made of soft, stretchy material. 82% Nylon 18% Elastane. Machine Washable or cold water hand rinse and hang dry.

My First Christmas Tree

Place the ornaments throughout the Christmas tree to encourage put-and-take play. Kids can actually put the star on top of their Christmas tree all by themselves, and that'll make them so so happy!

Baby Keepsake Library

Store cherished keepsakes like hospital name bracelets, lost teeth, and favorite binkies safely and all in one place with this library-style organizer using its illustrated labels, acid-free drawers, vertical files, and tiny envelopes. A cloth-covered casing resembling a museum-quality book makes this design an attractive addition to any interior. A sentimental and loving Christmas gift idea for a new mom.

Baby Drying Rack

A fresh take on drying racks. From bottles to pacifiers, Grass holds all your baby accessories as they air dry on the flexible blades that resemble real grass. Water drains into the lower tray, where it's completely contained. And it's got a sweet, natural presence, like a meadow full of baby deer. Only smaller. And without the deer. If you get this as a Christmas gift for a new mom. it's guaranteed that this gift will be used a lot!

Infant Pacifier with Plush Toy

This pacifier is guaranteed to be the baby's best friend! The unique style of the original WubbaNub Pacifier allows it to remain near the baby’s mouth, easy to grasp, nearly impossible to lose, and will assist the baby to self soothe. A great Christmas gift idea for a new mom, especially if the toy will be the baby's favorite color.

Portable Changing Station for Newborn Baby

A baby's hygiene is very important. Parents need a clean and comfortable environment for changing baby diapers. This is a portable diaper supplies kit, to ensure that the baby always keeps clean, dry, and comfortable. Any new mom or dad will appreciate this extremely useful Christmas gift a lot!

Silicone Teething Necklace for Mom

This necklace looks like trendy fashion jewelry and complements any outfit. But it's also a teething remedy for baby, with soft silicone beads that ease the pain when baby chews on them. This colorful necklace also promotes tactile awareness and curiosity, so it's a great sensory tool to help babies focus while nursing. A nice Christmas gift idea for any stylish new mom :)

Crumb-Catching Placemat

Do your toddler's mealtimes leave your table looking like a cyclone hit it… with crumbs on the floor and sticky splatters galore? For you, mom, this means extra work mopping or vacuuming after every. Single. Meal. Who has time for that? Enter The Cibo. Made of soft silicone, this placemat has an extra-wide "mouth" for catching rogue crumbs and splatters — before they decorate your kitchen tile. It also provides a safe eating surface for veggies, nuggets, crackers, and other finger food favorites.

Video Baby Monitor

Rest assured knowing you’ll see your baby day and night.
The Infrared Night Vision will automatically detect dim light, providing clear video even in dark rooms, so you will always know what your baby is doing.

Interactive Bonding Toy

ALL-IN-ONE TOY FOR NEWBORNS - Sensory development, rattle, teether, crinkles, stuffed animal, high-contrast colors. This isn't just a Christmas gift for the baby, it's for the baby's mother too, because the calmer and happier the baby is, the calmer and happier the mom will be!

Moleskine Baby Journal

The Baby Journal is a fixed point of reference in the whirlwind that is life with a newborn. From the moment you discover you’re expecting, to baby’s second birthday, this journal helps you capture all the ups, downs and incredible milestones of parenthood.

6 separate sections help you on your way: 9 Months to Go, B-Day, Special Moments, Health & Care, Notes and Addresses. Each section has a handy structured layout to guide your notes, as well as enough blank space for you to freely record events however you choose.

Whatever your parenting style, the Baby Journal grows with you into a permanent record of your journey as a family – from your very first impressions of the tiny new life in your arms, to feeding, first steps and beyond. Add keepsakes, sketches and photos to transform its pages into a scrapbook to cherish forever. The Baby Journal comes in a smart, protective box, making it a wonderful gift for anyone starting their own family.

New Parents Date Box

There are 26 envelopes inside the luxury brown Kraft gift box, each printed with a date idea. The activities are easy and fun, and most dates can be done when the parents out and about with the baby, or at home and a few ideas need a babysitter. Life shouldn't revolve only around the baby and the parents need to have fun too, and that's what this Christmas gift for new mom and dad is meant to tell them.

Angel Wings Cashmere Booties

Lovely soft cashmere baby booties with angel wings. Made from our super soft 85% cashmere blend yarns. Every baby is an angel that has blessed our earth, and their moms sure know that. These booties will be a wonderful Christmas gift for a new mom and her baby, and they'll be adored by anyone who sees the baby wearing them :)

Homemade DIY Christmas Gifts for Mom

Christmas Greeting Cards for Mom

Digitally Created Handwritten Card

Going to the store is a hassle, and buying a card from a giant wall isn’t very personal—that’s why we built Felt! We let you pick your favorite card, add your handwritten note using your finger (or a stylus) and we’ll print, seal, stamp and mail it for you – All within 24hrs.

The possibilities to share your gratitude are endless. We built a whole new kind of card that can be entirely customized—to help you express those possibilities. Send just one card panel, or up to four. Include a cool greeting design, draw a picture, add stickers or confetti. The sky's the limit!

The possibilities to share your gratitude are endless. We built a whole new kind of card that can be entirely customized—to help you express those possibilities. Send just one card panel, or up to four. Include a cool greeting design, draw a picture, add stickers or confetti. The sky's the limit!

Christmas Wrapping Paper for Mom


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