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Most kids usually have a wishlist put together before any major gifting occasion, or they talk about the items they want and pieces of media they like all the time (and it's really hard to not know what they want). But sometimes you just want to shop off-list or get them something else, or you want to surprise them with something they didn't expect.
Need some kids' gift ideas that will be unique, thoughtful, engaging, and age-appropriate? We've got you covered! This list has all of the coolest gifts for kids, even those who have everything will be left speechless after unwrapping them. They will make the kid happy no matter the occasion - is it birthday? Christmas? End of the school year? You don't really need a special occasion to get one of these things for that special child in your life.
From fun games to new toys, from sweet keepsakes to useful stuff that will teach them and prepare them for life, our collection of kid-oriented and kid-friendly gifts is full of great ideas that they'll love to play with. And they'll totally want to show them to their friends! You can rest knowing that your present will totally have a special place in the kid's memory for years to come.

Gifts for Kids that Aren't Toys

Hugibo Huggable Bean Bag for Kids

Hugs are a universal sign of love, friendship, and support, and you'll never run out of hugs with Hugibo. He is the perfect pillow companion for reading, relaxing, or just when one feels like snuggling. He will wrap his arms right around its owner and they'll instantly feel better. And if all the hugs get him a little dirty, no worries. Just zip of his outer cover and throw it right in the washing machine. So - a great gift for the kid and an easy to maintain furniture piece for you.

3D Kids Car Rug

Anyone who grew up with a tiny garage full of matchbox cars must remember those plush playmats featuring roads, parking lots, and parks. The 3-dimensional quality of this carpet provides a beautiful, tactile range of textures and a feast of fun for cars, dolls, maybe even horses, initiating boundless creativity and keeping children enthralled for hours. A wonderful gift for kids up from 3 years old.

Augmented Reality Interactive Globe For Kids

An award-winning educational toy, Orboot is a no-borders globe that connects with the fun & interactive Orboot app. (NO BORDERS OR NAMES ON GLOBE)

Explore the world with 400+ highlights and 1000+ cool facts across 6 categories - cultures, cuisines, monuments, inventions, animals and maps (national and state boundaries of countries).

Original Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag

They love their stuffed animals, but we get it, those stuffed animals multiply fast. Now you can keep your sanity and your kids can keep all their fluffy toys into one comfy, sturdy bean bag to instantly clean up the room!The Extra Large Stuff 'n Sit holds 90+ stuffed animals, which is enough to cover your kids' bed or fill three heaping laundry baskets. If there's still room in the bag, you can store extra pillows, blankets, dress-up clothes, snow gear – if it's soft, you can use it for stuffing.

Knee High Character Socks

The colorful characters on the socks have movement, with the ears or wings flapping as one walks. Designed by Russian YouTube star Olga Kay, each pair ensures the owner will stand out. Their soft, stretchy material reaches knee-high and has a non-skid bottom to add even more conviction and personality to the stride. Kids love colorful and cool things that make them stand out, and they'll wear this gift proudly every day!

Doll House Kids Bunk Bed

This incredible kids' bed will be a dreamy hangout spot for your child. Handcrafted and tailored to your needs, it becomes the fairy house we all dreamed of when we were kids. Cozy and beautiful, it's a perfect gift for a kid who has everything, and it will absolutely be adored.

Suctioned Hanging Kids Cups for Fridge

Tired Of dirty cup pile-ups? PhillUp is a simple, beautiful, and highly functional kid cup that hangs up on your fridge. Now kids and friends can help themselves. It sticks to glass, metal, tile, and fiberglass, and leaves no messy residue to clean up, typical of most adhesives. A great gift for both your kid and yourself to make your lives easier - and the kid will also love the new cool-looking cups!

My Pint Electric Ice Cream Maker Machine

Customize your homemade ice cream by adding any flavors or toppings you want. The Dash My Pint Ice Cream Maker makes up to 1.6 cups of fresh ice cream. No complicated assembly is required with this convenient personal ice cream maker. Just freeze the cooling bowl overnight and pop in your prepared ice cream mixture in the morning. In less than 30 minutes you can enjoy homemade ice cream. Take the included mixing spoon and eat your ice cream right from the cooling bowl. A 1-touch button starts the appliance with no effort necessary so you don’t ever have to monitor your ice cream.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Designed for Kids

This JBL speaker with high-quality sound was designed specifically for kids. It's waterproof and allows wireless Bluetooth streaming while also featuring an audio cable input. Its built-in multicolor light themes are fascinating for both kids and adults - don't we all love looking at shiny things? A great gift for the tech- or music-loving kids who want to be cool at all times!

Kid's Play Den Tablecloth

A beautiful heritage style tablecloth come playhouse.

Evoke nostalgic memories with this beautiful hideaway, sneak a plate from the party into your den or settle down with a favourite book.

Personalize with a hand embroidered name or wording of your choice, positioned just beside the door to entice little ones to discover where their imagination will take them inside.

Plush Toy That Transforms Into the Hoodie

The perfect gift (with a built-in surprise!) for kids aged 2-10 years old. You will love seeing the reaction of the little one in your life when they discover what their new and fun best friend can do! It's a toy that warms the heart and the hoodie that warms the body - a wonderful gift from someone who cares about the child a lot and wants to make them feel loved.

Speedy Hamster Bike Accessory

Hilarious Hamster Glittery Bike Accessory, made by the Design Awarded OTOTO Studio, the makers of the legendary Nessie family products. Covered in glittery flare, Speedy adds shine to your bike to make people stop and stare. Easy Installation.

Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

Stuffed Animal Night Light

Star Belly Dream Lites Magical Unicorn is the new huggable plush night light. Your little ones will love sleeping and cuddling with their new glowing, plush friend. Helps calm the kid down and makes them feel safe and protected at night - the mobile motion mechanism rotates the star lights and will help lull your child to sleep. Any kid will be very happy to receive a gift like that!

Squeakee The Balloon Dog

Meet Squeakee! The first-ever balloon pet that’s inflated with personality! He’ll WOW you as he comes to life just like a real pup! Squeakee is interactive and loves to play. This very playful toy responds to your voice, is full of sound and movement, and looks just like an actual Balloon Dog! It comes with a range of fun accessories to interact and play with, and it'll be a wonderful gift idea for kids who love animals and kids who have everything, because they never knew they needed this until now.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

The Harry Potter invisibility cloak has finally arrived! Movie-accurate detailing of the cloak has been reproduced in reference to the original movie prop. Now you really can appear to disappear! Using the wow! Stuff app (included) you can recreate iconic scenes from the Harry Potter films. An absolutely amazing gift for kids who are obsessed over the Harry Potter universe, making movies, or want to know how digital technologies work.

Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition

Touch the top of The Child Animatronic Edition’s head to activate sound effects inspired by The Mandalorian, including happy and excited, giggles and babbles, tired and sleeping, and Force effects sounds. The toy can also move, so - endless possibility for playing! Perfect gift for kids who love the Star Wars universe, or for parents who want to introduce their kids to their favorite franchise ;)

Giant Inflatable Rolling Wheel

Let the good times roll with our Roll With It! Giant Inflatable Colorful Wheel! Kids spin and roll in a soft, colorful wonderland.

Climb inside and move it along by walking foot over foot, on all fours, or have a friend push you along. Stand outside and roll it all over the place. Lie down and roll in it, like a log rolling down a hill. The possibilities for play are endless!

Magnetic Children’s Toys

Clixo is more than a toy — it’s an instrument of creativity. A flexible play system, built on the magic of magnets, that harnesses a child’s limitless imagination. Clixo is an innovative, creative tool for kids to click and construct 3D creations from flexible 2D shapes and powerful magnets. Shape the pieces, snap the magnets together in different ways, and build whatever comes naturally! Whether it’s a small object, an imaginary creature, or a custom wearable – there’s no wrong way to Clixo! Every kid will love creating models and ideas they can actually touch, and it will develop their creativity and probably turn them into future architects, engineers, or robot creators!

Childhood Development Robot

We want to help kids become more socially confident and curious individuals by using advanced technology like robots to help propel their potential. Engagement with a companion like Moxie provides an advantage in learning social, emotional, and cognitive skills by creating a unique and personalized learning experience for each child. 

Numerous academic studies (over 10,000 peer-reviewed articles) have shown child-robot interactions can promote increases in learning gains. Our preliminary study of interactions with Moxie has shown improvements in skills such as emotion regulation, conversation skills, friendship skills and self-esteem.

Crazy Forts Kit

Crazy Forts are a unique, award-winning, building and creative toy. Crazy Forts come with 69 child-safe toggles and rods that join together to build any play space from your child's imagination. Create a cave one day, an Igloo, Pirate Ship, or Castle the next. Put the pieces together in different configurations, cover with bed sheets and voila! Kids have a unique new play space every time! Crazy Fort is powered by a child's imagination. Each Crazy Fort Kit contains 25 geometrically precise balls and 44 sticks that connect to create a multitude of possible play structures. This kit comes with rods and balls, perfect for your little one.

Custom Stuffed Animals from Drawings

Whether you want to make a custom stuffed animal from your kid's drawing or your own custom design, Budsies has the perfect huggable creation for you. Kids love seeing their creations come to life, so this will be a great kids' gift idea, especially for kids who love to draw and create characters.

AR Virtual Pet Toy

The Melbits POD is a virtual pet game connected to a real toy. A magical device with physical sensors to nurture, evolve and hatch your new family of kawaii virtual pets by solving challenges in the real world. It’s a Virtual Pet (R)evolution!

You will need to bring your vpets out using the real world. Equipped with Temperature, Light, and Motion sensors, you will have to use your imagination to complete the different incubations your Melbits require to grow.

All kids adore interactive toys, and this one is not the exception. An amazing gift idea for a kid that has everything, this toy will entertain them not just for hours, but probably for months to come. It's also a great gift for kids who love animals.

Gifts for Kid Boys

Handcrafted Wooden Kids' Slingshot

The Slingshot: a truly classic toy. The kind of toy that lets kids play like kids. Made from real wood and soft foam, the Mischief Maker promotes old-fashioned fun with a healthy sense of adventure. With a unique design that only shoots soft foam balls, it’s safe both indoors and out. So, no troubles for the parents and endless fun for the kids. A perfect combination for a kids' gift idea, if you ask me! ;)

Roller Coaster Building Block System

Compatible with worlds leading building block system.
Easily expandable using optional expansion packs.
Kit comes with hand crank but can easily be motorized.
CDX-CYC1 operates via gravity just like full size roller coasters.
Designed by an actual roller coaster engineer.

Lego Cap

Brick Brick is a one of a kind patented cap that offers a fun and unique brick building function for those who love to create. Construct brick marvels on your hat as you walk around town! Choose from our assortment of colors or customize your own color combos. Compatible with many brick building systems. You can create just about anything you imagine. Its fun, fashionable and great for all ages.

Hamper Hoops: Turn Your Kids’ Dirty Laundry Into Play Toys

Jump, hook, or dunk your dirty clothes into the Hamper Hoop. When the hamper's full, just remove it from the net. That's it! Make collecting dirty laundry a fun game with this gift for sports-loving kids, and you'll never have to look for their socks and shirts ever again. It fits on any door and has high-quality sturdy construction.

Inflatable Battlezone Battle Royale Set

Introducing BUNKR battle zones, the first toy system that lets blaster fans create and customize their own battlefield. No longer do you have to take cover from darts behind kitchen tables or basement couches. Transform any environment (indoor or outdoor) into a life-like inflatable battle zone in a matter of minutes. A perfect gift for kids with high energy levels, especially for boys. Help your kid feel like a superhero in action!

Elite Titan CS-50 Foam Blaster

A great gift idea for active kids to play with their friends, siblings, or parents. Take on targets with the power and size of a giant with Nerf Elite Titan cs-50 toy blaster! This colossal blaster is fully motorized for rapid-fire dart-blasting and boasts a huge 50-dart drum to unleash a massive, 50-dart Storm. The barrel spins as the blaster unleashes its darts to send opponents running for cover.

Gifts for Kid Girls

Glam Nail Stamper

This Amazon exclusive kit has 8 patterns and 4 nail polishes - lots of possibilities to explore creativity and style. Great for kids who love to draw and play with colors. This DIY nail kit also features a built-in nail dryer, because we all know that kids don't want to sit straight waiting for their nails to dry! :)

Little Girl Jewel Rings in Box

Designs of 24 rings that will make your child mesmerized. Sunflower, butterfly, fake gem ring. Usage of vibrant colors and lovely designs without duplication. These rings are adjustable according to any finger, so no anxiety before buying. They are packed in a pink gift box, making them a desirable gift for kid girls! They will be kept as darling keepsakes and used in doll games, play pretends, goodie bag stuffers, etc.

Build-a-Bouquet Floral Arrangement Playset

Improve the fine motor skills and gross motor skills of your child when they are playing with Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet Floral Arrangement Playset. This 44 colored playset includes 4 bases, 16 stem and leaf pieces, along with 24 brightly colored flower pieces to help improve the creative skill development of your child. This playset is made using milk plastic jugs. With no BPA, phthalates, PVC or external coating, this toy set is safe for your child and the environment.

Disney Princesses The Ultimate Collection Personalized Book

All the favorite Disney princesses are together in one place! Your child’s name appears on the cover, and you can write a special Message on the title page. No more deciding which Disney princess is your child's favorite - there are all of them, and each one is beautiful. Make this beautiful gift extra special by personalizing it, and your child will be stunned by it. A perfect gift for little girls, or for kids who love Disney in general.

Instagram Famous Qai Qai Doll

Qai Qai is no ordinary doll. Since appearing on social media alongside Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian, and their daughter Olympia, Qai Qai has amassed over one million followers of her own. A perfect gift for a little girl on any occasion, this doll will be a great companion. A real star - right inside your house.

Disney Princess Dress Wearable Blanket

Blankie Tails are not just boring blankets and throws or Disney blankets that will be forgotten. Our sleeping beauty costumes toddler throw blanket for kids will be used and enjoyed all year round. If you are looking for a minky blanket, disney gifts, toddler blankets for girls or Disney princess dresses for girls look no further. Our disney princess fleece themed kids blanket will be a standout gift and sure to inspire royal dreams.

Kids' Hair Brush With Detachable Plush Toy

A hairbrush that can detangle everything - AND a plush toy? A perfect combo! Bow your kid will brush their hair on their own and do it really well, and the little toy will be their companion. An amazing gift for any kid with long hair, and for a parent who wants to save some time in the morning for themselves :)

Minnie Mouse Plush - Pink

From the tips of her pink shoes to her darling pink polka dot bow, our plush Minnie is simply the sweetest. At more than two feet tall, this classic cuddly character is just a big softie. An amazing gift option for a kid who loves everything Disney, but also just for kids who love plush toys they can hug.

Programmable Dancing Disney Princess Belle Doll

Disney's Belle has long been an avid reader and curious learner, and now kids can imagine that Belle is showing them the art of dance. Imagine dancing across the grand ball room with grace while being introduced to fun coding techniques with Dance Code featuring Disney Princess Belle. This multifaceted doll has a range of interactive activities, both in app and in real life, for kids to become immersed in. They can connect to one of their favorite Disney Princess characters while also being exposed to instructive and illuminating ways to play.

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