Gifts for Men

Shopping for gifts for a man can be tough, no matter who he is: your son, brother, dad, grandpa, friend, husband, boyfriend, or someone else. That's why this gift list is there to help you! We're offering you the coolest and most unique ideas for gifts for men no matter what their interests are - tech gadgets, fishing, cooking, sports, or any other thing. So, check out our list before starting to stress (or settling for a trivial gift)!
You can find him a last-minute gift or set up Amazon delivery on the exact date of the event he's getting the gift for - it doesn't matter when you started searching, there will be options of gifts for that special man in your life! Pick a gift that matches his personality, and look for something useful, because men looove useful thingies :) And he'll definitely remember you and your thoughtful gift every time he uses it in the future.
He didn't even know he needed that until just now! Enjoy the smile on that special man's face without having to stress over the gift search :)

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

Personalized Whiskey Decanter

This engraved whiskey decanter set is the perfect men’s gift. Personalized with the name of your choice, this custom whiskey decanter and matching glasses will be displayed with pride for years to come. It’s a great gift for groomsmen, boyfriends, husbands, and fathers alike.

This personalized liquor decanter is topped with a square glass stopper. Unlike many lightweight glass decanters you’ll find, this guy has a heavy, solid base and weighs in at almost 3lbs. It will also hold 28oz (850ml) of his finest malted beverage. Each glass holds 250ml.

Brew Bottle

The Brew Bottle can make a refined pourover, a complex cold brew, or even steep the perfect cup of loose leaf tea. It's considered design makes it a welcome addition to any counter, and with an included to-go lid, you can brew and sip from the same vessel.

Brews pourover coffee, cold brew coffee, and loose leaf tea
Glass construction with double-walled insulation
Flip-top, leakproof lid for on-the-go sipping
12 oz capacity

Knife Making Kit

Man Crates helps you celebrate the men in your life with unique and exciting gifts you’ll be proud to give, and he’ll be thrilled to receive. The “Knife Making Kit” is the perfect gift for the DIY guy who loves to work with his hands. He’ll get to design, craft, and perfect a fantastic, durable knife that fits perfectly into the palms of the hands that made it. Honestly, you probably would like to do that yourself - who doesn't love the way a beautiful knife lays in their hand? A great gift idea for any man who's interested in knives and DIY! It can also be an unusual anniversary gift for both of you to design together.

Phone and Laptop Charger Car Jump Starter

One of these incredibly useful gifts that will be appreciated even by men who have everything. Two USB 2.4V charging outputs mean that two devices can be charged at once. It also comes with a car charger in case your man forgot to charge the car... Ha-ha. It will keep the charger running even while in the car - for extra convenience. But it can also jumpstart vehicles!

Golf Magazine Subscription

A wonderful gift for a man who loves golf delivered right under his door! The first print issue should arrive in 6-10 weeks, and you'll never miss the time to renew the subscription because they'll send you reminders. Sp it's a flexible gift option that will be enjoyed anyway no matter how much you'll be able to spend.

Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum

Welcome to our latest fantastical creation: Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum – a mythical alcoholic manifestation of this ancient beast and all of its legendary powers.

We've bottled their sorrowful syrup and produced this legendary elixir so that you too can invoke all of their extraordinary magic. Leave your old life behind, sip upon these Phoenix tears and resurrect yourself with all of its confidence, beauty and grandeur – and in some rare cases, its glorious crest feathers.

Coosno - the Smart Coffee Table

A shining, futuristic, and sleek table that serves as a sound system, refrigerator, party hub, storage space and a coffee table next to your couch. The built-in fridge can hold up to 68 cans of beer. You can now sip on a brew and listen to Lana Del Rey without ever leaving the couch. With the glowing LED table top, you can watch a halo of LEDs phase, pulse, and shine with the rhythm of the music.

Insulated Slim Travel Cooler

Finally, a solution to keep drinks cold and protected for the beach, golf, dinners, picnics, biking, hiking and so much more.

The Stow cooler keeps your drinks cold for at least five hours. Guaranteed.

Both sides of the Stow are lined with closed-cell foam insulation. This insulation traps cold for hours.

Cold retaining zipper.

The foam helps keep bottles from clinking and breaking.

Trunk Club Men’s Clothes Subscription

The inventory lets you decide how much you want to spend on this gift for your man. It carries versatile wardrobe staples such as polos, men’s denim, and athletic wear, as well as workwear essentials from business casual to suits. Prices range from $25 to $300, and shipping and returns are always free. Gift that special man in your life a chance to shop for clothing without leaving the house, and he'll thank you a lot!

The uKeg is the world's most innovative craft beer growler. It keeps beer fresh, cold, and carbonated, allowing the owner to enjoy it over time. It also makes a great travel partner for camping, rafting, or weekends at the beach. The uKeg features a vacuum insulated stainless steel vessel to keep beer cold all day, A bar-style tap that makes dispensing easy and fun, and a pressurization cap to regulate carbonation up to 15 psi, and a pressure gauge to dial in the perfect carbonation level. Long story short - an interesting gift idea for a man who loves beer!

Cheap Gifts for Men

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Cold whiskey is good. Watered down whiskey is not. The Whiskey Wedge helps you achieve the former while avoiding the latter in a simple yet artful way. The genius lays in the perfectly formed ice wedge, which provides a large chilling surface with a limited surface area for colder, less-diluted libations. A great gift for whiskey lovers, cocktail aficionados, and an instant conversation piece enjoy your favorite drinks ‘til the last drop with the Whiskey Wedge.

Carbon Smartphone Cleaner

The best way to safely and effectively clean fingerprints and facial oils from your iPhones, Android Phones and other handheld smart screens!

Cleans fingerprints and oils easily using our exclusive molecular based technology, Invisible Carbon cleaning compound.
Eliminates the need to carry around messy liquids and dirty cloths.
Never expires!
Replaceable cleaning pad – 300 cleanings per pad
No Cloths, No Liquids!
Not affected by Heat, Cold or Humidity!

Beer Pairing: The Essential Guide from the Pairing Pros

There are tons of wine guides. But what should a beer lover do? There just aren't many in-depth resources to guide both beginners and beer geeks for pairing beer with food. However, this book is about to change that! Give this gift to a beer-loving man in your life, and he'll dive into the knowledge of how to get the most out of his beer experience in terms of taste, aroma, and complimentary foods.

The Man Can All Natural Bath and Body Gift Set for Men

100% all-natural skincare set for men, packaged in a paint can to look EXTRA MANLY. It includes soap, shaving gel, bay rum oil, hand butter, and body mitt. Fresh, manly scents that he'll love. It's a perfect gift for dads, husbands, groomsmen - anyone who would like to up their skincare game and look even more incredible than they already do!

Lifting Dumbbell Beer Glass

Get practising for the heavyweight beer Olympics with our fun glass! Shaped like a dumbbell, it holds 24oz of your favourite drink, whether it's beer, ale or cider, and it's ideal to add to a gym routine, simply fill it, rep and drink! It's perfect for a gym-lover on any occasion!

Cheese Log Board and Knife Set

Channel your inner lumberjack with Fred and Friends' CHEESE LOG knife and board set. A swift swing of the miniature axe provides clean-cut cheese slices and efficiently chopped charcuterie. Timberrrrr! Solid beech wood board and stainless axe.

A Hot Sauce Gift Set

What better way to show you are thinking of someone than with a beautiful and thoughtful hot sauce gift set! It's as hot as your love for that man - so it'll make a nice anniversary gift or just a gift for your romantic partner, but it works with any other hot sauce lover as well! And - it's under $50! What else would you need from a gift, really? :)

100 Deadly Skills Book

Retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson provides the reader with the knowledge and skills they will need to survive any dangerous situation like how to evade capture and successfully elude pursuers. Men do enjoy feeding their need for adrenaline, so this book is a perfect gift option under $20 that will keep that gift-receiving man entertained and excited for some time.

Leather Coaster Set

Looking for an under $20 gift for a man? This Moose Leather Coaster Set is perfect for any home, office, or hunting lodge! This set of coasters is both practical and good-looking, and it works well with beer glasses. Moose leather is a natural product, and no two hides are the same, which makes this gift even more unique.

Tech Gifts for Men


Today Petcube connects hundreds of thousands of pet parents to their furry companions. We enhance pet care through technology and help understand animals better. Pets are family and they deserve our best effort.

Air Purifier

In modern times, clean air is a rare thing.

Personal clean air? Wow, now that's a real luxury!

No matter if your recipient has a specific reason to look for clean air (like allergies, asthma, or little kids) or if they just want to make their home healthier—an air purifier is always a great gift. No exceptions.

But how can you pick the best air purifier out of all the options available out there?

Start with our favorite items and see if they catch your eye!

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Stop playing music through your phone and pair it up with a Bluetooth speaker for a better experience! A wonderful gift idea for a man who loves music and listens to it a lot, and wants to enjoy the fresh, high-quality sound paired with elegance and convenience.

Apple Smartwatch

The most advanced Apple Watch yet, featuring the Always-On Retina display, the ECG app, international emergency calling, fall detection, and a built‑in compass. Great gift for all tech fans out there, and it can be a classy and practical birthday or anniversary gift for any man.

Google Titan Security Computer Lock

A stronger way to protect your account.
Like a second lock after your password, Titan Security Keys help prevent phishing and keep out anyone who shouldn’t have access to your online accounts, including Gmail.

Backed by Titan security.
Titan Security Keys include special firmware engineered by Google to verify the key’s integrity and are built on FIDO® open standards, so you can use them with many apps and services.

Works with the Advanced Protection Program.
Titan Security Keys are compatible with the Advanced Protection Program, Google's strongest security offering.

Smart TV Keyboard

Everything one needs to navigate their Smart TV or PC connected to the TV. Search, select, and control the content with the familiar typing experience, fluid gestures of the touchpad, or the point-by-point precision of the D-Pad. A practical gadget and a gift that will leave no TV-loving man disappointed.

Robot Vacuum

Vacuum Robot Intelligently maps & cleans an entire level of any home. It also recharges itself and seems almost like a smart little living creature. A thoughtful and practical gadget gift for a man who owns pets or doesn't have too much time to clean. Or just doesn't want to, because no one wants to clean all the time! :)

Smart Home Instant Control

Instant control over all your smart home products via a single app and display that simply replaces any light switch. Turn smart home complexity into simplicity with easy-to-use, easy-to-access control over all of your devices. No more hubs, ugly wires, countertop clutter, or switching multiple apps. 

Portal Plus from Facebook

Connecting through Portal feels like being in the same room, even when you’re far apart. Whether you’re moving around the kitchen or chasing the kids through the living room, Portal’s Smart Camera automatically adjusts to keep everyone in view. With Alexa Built-in, you can access thousands of Alexa skills hands-free. And you can make video calls to and from smartphones and tablets, so you can stay in touch even if friends and family don't have Portal. A wonderful heartwarming gadget to gift to a man who has a long-distance relationship with a partner or with family, or for those who are self-isolating during the pandemic :)

Google Assistant Car Device

With Bolt, you can easily pair your smartphone with your car stereo through Bluetooth or Aux to enjoy a seamless experience with the Google Assistant. Engineered to pick up your voice even under noisy conditions, Bolt and the Google Assistant are always at your beck and call, even when your phone’s screen is locked.

Gifts for Men Who Fish

Electric Fish Skinner

The SKINZIT Electric Fish Skinner quickly removes rib bones and skin from your fillet, without losing any meat in the process. Fish cleaning has forever changed! Features: Stainless steel floating blade, Corrosion resistant removable intake wheel, 9'8" Cord plugs into standard 120VAC outlet, Two step power on for safety and control. Use indoors or out.

Clip-on Cup Holder

RoboCup is a patented portable holder that securely holds two drinks, fishing poles, tools, gear, drum sticks, phone, keys, glasses, and more. And if it isn't one of the most convenient things for fishing and fishermen, we don't know what is. It can also be used in dozens of other situations, which makes it versatile and an even more desirable gift for any man.

Fish Grilling Basket

Barbecue like a Pro with this great fish grilling basket. Designed for one whole fish, or several fillets. The long handle allows you to grill fish to perfection while keeping your hands safe from the flames. Fabricated from chrome plated steel, it has a rosewood handle that provides both function and style. The hook on handle allows for convenient and easy storage.

Fishing Rod & Reel Organizer Carry Case Bag

The carry case holds 5 rods and reels on the outside, plus more rods, reels, tackle, and equipment on the inside. it's made of heavy-duty grade high-tech polyester and is every man's dream gift, for a birthday or any other occasion!

Line Cutterz Fishing Line Ring

A ring worn on the finger that cuts fishing line is finally here! Sleek and adjustable ring with double-sided blade perfect for quick and efficient cutting of mono-filament and braided fishing line. Features a comfortable Velcro strap capable of being attached to a fishing rod. Great for all types of fishing including kayak fishing, surf fishing, chartered fishing, fly fishing, and ocean fishing.

Warm Camping Slippers

These warm slippers are made of high-quality hollow fiber. This pair of KingCamp camping slippers is light, warm, comfortable, and durable. The face fabric is 40D nylon and PU coating, they can be cleaned easily with a wet towel. Their anti-skidding rubber sole is perfect for safe camping in any region. A great gift for a man who loves fishing and convenient camping at the same time!

Angled Tackle System

Plano 732 angled tackle system makes it easy to access your go-to gear. The compact case secures three 3600 size stowaway utility boxes and has plenty of room for holding soft Baits and other essential tackle.

Camping Stove that Turns Fire into Energy to Charge Devices

The BioLite Wood Burning CampStove combines the benefits of a lightweight backpacking stove and an off-grid power charger so anyone can cook a meal while charging their gadgets. The Campstove is the perfect solution for both the backcountry campsite and also Emergency Preparedness Kits. It requires no fuel, just the forest twigs, and is extremely easy to use. If you gift it to the dear man in your life, he won't be able to imagine his fishing trips without this extremely useful thing.

Fishing Chair

Fishing chairs need to be comfortable, portable, lightweight, and durable. This brand's collection of fishing seats deliver all of this and more - for the extra comfortable fishing experience. Fishing should be for relaxation, not for suffering in the wild, so gift this chair to a fishing-loving man in your life to let him know how much you care! :)

5. Gifts for Men Who Hunt

Tactical Ball Cap with Self-Defense Tool

The FAB Defense Gotcha Tactical Cap features a low profile, less lethal, practical self-defense tool inside the bill of a high-grade tactical cap. It's everything one might want from a cap and even more - just about perfect for a hunter's device because multitools are absolutely necessary in the forests. As well as a tactical cap. And having those two things combined is a) fun, and b) very space-saving!

3D Deer Archery Target

This life-like buck is the biggest toughest 3D target in the universe. The set also includes a replaceable high-density core insert that offers up to 5 times the shooting surface of other 3d targets. The shooting insert extends the life of the target. In other words - a perfect gift idea for any man who practices archery.

Leather Bullet Bracelet

Six Shooter Brand Leather handmade bullet bracelets are truly one of a kind! They're customized by size, leather, and bullet type. Give it to a man whose bond with his favorite weapon is really special, and he'll totally adore this gift!

Bear Skin Picnic Blanket

Be the talk of the park this summer. Tuck into your sandwiches and sausage rolls on a bearskin rug. Classic red & white cheque, with a waterproof backing. No bears were harmed in the making of this picnic blanket. A luxurious gift for lounging in the park.

Beach Blanket Sized Camping Bed

As light as 2 pounds, the award-winning Therm-a-Rest UltraLite Cot is lighter and packs smaller than any other cot on the market. Now redesigned to include ThermaCapture to help retain your body’s radiant heat, we’ve also revamped the feet and upgraded the carry-bag to make the UltraLite even more compact.

So whether you’re fishing, backpacking, kayaking, or riding a motorcycle across the country, this is the cot you need for superior off-the-ground comfort.

Flexible Hunter Closet with Ozone Generator

Developed from NASA based research, Scent Crusher products feature scent-crushing Ozone Activated Technology. Our Ozone Activated Technology effectively eliminates all odors on the gear. It's killing the organisms that cause odors including bacteria and viruses. 100% chemical-free, Scent Crusher leaves no scent, chemical residue, or harmful byproducts. A practical gift for a hunting man; and we guarantee you this will be used a lot. Like, A LOT :)

The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook: Recipes and Techniques for Every Hunter and Angler

A simple cookbook? No, something way better! It contains all kinds of recipes for all kinds of wild game one can hunt and cook for themselves as a true hunter does. It's meant for outdoors, kitchen, campfires, grills - all of the cooking options. A great gift idea for a man who's both into culinary and hunting!

Gifts for Men Who Travel

Slim Charging Wallet

Built for the minimalist, Slim Wallet has been diligently engineered to be as small as possible. This wallet fits comfortably in your pocket and is great for daily use.

Travel Jacket With 20+ Hidden Features

The jacket that revolutionized travel! The best travel jacket that broke all records and became the most-funded clothing project ever then the most-funded fashion project in crowdfunding history. 

Inflatable Travel Leg Rest Pillow

HOMCA inflatable footrest pillow is great for travel, car, trains, home, and office. It is easy to inflate and takes up relatively little space. It's a perfect traveling solution, especially for tall people, and it helps get this desired good sleep that is crucial while traveling. Gift this to that special man in your life to show that you care about him! :)

Personalised Pet Luggage Cover

As much as one would love to bring their pet on all of their adventures, most of the time it's too stressful, complicated, and won't pay off. But a cool idea is to upload a photo of a four-legged friend’s face and pop it on a personalized case cover so they can be there in spirit. Plus - unique easily recognizable luggage that will never be mistaken at the airport! A cool and unique gift for men who love traveling and their pets.

The World's Lightest Carry On

This is the world’s lightest wheeled carry-on, that at a mere four pounds, weighs 66% less than most lightweight travel bags of its size, thus making it easier to hoist into an airplane’s overhead bin. Subjected to six separate durability tests, the exterior is made of rugged polyester with a water-resistant backing that won’t tear or fray and can be wiped clean. It's sturdy, it's lightweight, it fits everything one might need, and it's wonderful for traveling! A dream gift for men who travel a lot and get tired of carrying their heavy bags all the time.

Traveller's Moleskine Journal

The Moleskine Traveller’s Journal is structured perfectly to hold the records of every journey of its owner. The intro pages are packed with practical tips and tools, including an 8-year calendar and timeline for serious travel planning, while the Travel Memories and Wish List section give plenty of space to dream of holidays past and future. A wonderful gift for a man who's a romantic at heart, loves traveling and keeping notes.

Airbnb Gift Card

On Airbnb, you can book unique places to stay from local hosts anywhere in the world. Explore over one million homes in over 34,000 cities, like Paris, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, and New York. Find a place that inspires you and has everything you need—whether it's for your next family vacation, group trip, or romantic getaway.

Gifts for Men Who Like to Cook

Butcher's Meat Delivery Subscription Box

By sourcing from pastures in KY, TN, and PA, and dry aging and hand-cutting it at our own facilities, we’re setting a new standard for meat. After years of serving our local community, we’re now delivering nationwide. Once you taste the difference, you’ll never go back.

Magnetic Grill Paper Towel Dispenser

This magnetic grill paper towel holder attaches easily and conveniently for quick access, and does the job with foils, butcher or parchment paper, too. Two-piece construction allows for easy adjustment to rolls of any size.

Smart Cooking Monitor

The first smart cooking sensor that assists in cooking, monitors air quality, and prevents home fires. Not only stereotypical beginner cooks need extra safety in the kitchen, but it's also a good and useful gift for basically anyone who cooks, at any time. The gadget is controlled via the phone app and will make a great gift for men who love cooking and want the process optimized.

Smoking Gun Food Smoker

Get ready to enjoy smokehouse flavors that will make you salivate. This amazing kitchen tool allows you to infuse a variety of foods and drinks with natural smokey flavors like applewood and hickory with gentle cold smoke.

Cook's Chilli Palette

The Cook's Palette Chilli Collection takes anyone on an exotic journey of some of the best chili powders from around the globe, perfect for creating culinary masterpieces. From the legendary world's hottest Carolina Reaper to the fruity flavors of Mexico and the colorful chilies of India, this exclusive collection contains everything a master chef needs to create a mouth-watering work of art. Does the man you have in mind like hot spicy food? He'll enjoy this gift with his entire being!

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Turn the kitchen into a food laboratory with this how-to kit that teaches how to transform liquids, like honey, into jelly-like cubes, gelify chopped produce into flavor-packed beads, or even morph melted chocolate into a delicate powder or spaghetti-like strands. An amazing gift idea for men who love cooking and experimenting. This can also be a great anniversary gift for men to turn the celebration into a truly unique dinner date.

Professional Lasagna Trio Pan

Prepare three lasagna recipes in one pan, at the same time; channels sized to fit standard lasagna noodles

This pan is also perfect for loaf breads, cakes and more, try a variety of fun ideas, the possibilities are endless.

Gifts for Men Who Workout

Anti-Odor Socks

Zinc oxide infused fabrics are the secret to these socks. Zinc oxide is a natural, non-toxic mineral that stops bacteria growth and eliminates odors. The socks are great gift for men who love practical things, they're absolutely safe to wear and are made to stay fresh even after multiple days of use. Even though it's not really recommended for other reasons :)

Fitbit Smartwatch

The innovative features any man may need for a healthier life, all on his wrist - a cool and practical gift for men, even if they aren't too much into sports... yet. Activity and workout tracker, sleep tracker, anything one needs tracked to know how they can improve their health and daily routine.

Grenade Dumbbell Grips

GRENADIER GRIPS are made from an FDA-approved high-grade elastomer polymer which ensures they will not split or crack. They are specifically and ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, allowing for comfort during training. They're designed to maximize the effect and are perfect for many workout routines. A wonderful gift for men who want to make their workouts the most effective ones possible!

The Custom Fit Insoles

These are the custom-made insoles that enhance foot comfort and balance without a trip to the doctor. Proven to protect against sports- and job-related injuries, they can also help relieve foot fatigue and foot-related pain. The insoles come as a kit: moldable foam conforms to the bottom of the foot to provide an exact, three-dimensional impression. Send the molds to the manufacturer using the pre-addressed and prepaid package that accompanies the order and a second shipment brings your customized insoles in about three weeks. Constructed with special cushioning layers of soft, shock-absorbing EVA material and covered with a leather-like top.

DIY Gifts for Men

Wrapping Paper for Men


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