Halloween Gifts for Adults

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Are you planning on creating epic spooky decorations for Halloween this year and making it a really memorable and atmospheric day? Well, even despite the fact that this holiday doesn't specifically revolve around gift-giving (except for Halloween candy gifts, of course!), but there's still plenty of ways and reasons to surprise your loved one with a lovely spooky-themed gift. No matter if you're throwing a party or attending one, spending it at home with your family, or just want to surprise one person, if you want to know where to buy Halloween gifts, our list of gift ideas got you covered.
And - it's actually scary how good these gifts are! You can even say they'll send shivers down the spine of anyone who receives them. We've got Halloween gifts for boyfriends and girlfriends, friends, and coworkers, spooky gifts, creative gifts - check them out!

Halloween Gifts for Him (Boyfriend)

100 Must See Horror Movies Scratch Poster

Does your boyfriend have a schtick with horror movies? Turn it into a quest for him with this scratch-off poster that has 100 classical and famous horror movies on it. Let him show off his extensive knowledge of the genre and display that poster wherever he likes!

Cereal Killer Bowl

Start your mornings in killer fashion with this quirky Halloween gift for your boyfriend. This cereal bowl is handmade, glazed, and fired, and is completely safe to use with food. It can be used for any food, but come on, will your boyfriend just let the creative inscription go in vain? :)

Creepy Fingers Mug

This mug is intriguing, and also interesting to hold because it has realistic porcelain fingers where the regular handle should be. It's a great option for a gift for your loved one because every time he'll interlace his fingers with the mug, he'll think of you!

Fake Blood

Is your boyfriend into taking pictures with props? Maybe he makes videos, he's a cosplayer, he loves making party costumes, pranking people, or is he a creative person overall? In any of those cases, this fake blood will be a great creepy gift. It looks realistic, and it's very easy to apply and clean.

100 Deadly Skills Book

Keep a level head should the unthinkable happen by reading 100 Deadly Skills. It provides the reader with the knowledge and skills they will need to survive any dangerous situation like how to evade capture and successfully elude pursuers. Let's surely hope that the gift recipient will never have to use those skills in real life, but reading that can be really fascinating, especially in the spooky season.

Human Skull Replica

Give any room an eerie atmosphere using this anatomically correct human skull replica. Does it look like a real skull? Totally. This Halloween decor and gift will be especially appreciated by doctors, pathologists, biologists, and other people who work with human organisms. And by artists as well!

Flight or Fright: 17 Turbulent Tales

Flight or Fright is an anthology about all the things that can go horribly wrong when you’re suspended six miles in the air, hurtling through space at more than 500 mph, and sealed up in a metal tube (like—gulp!—a coffin) with hundreds of strangers. This can be oddly fascinating, like true crime podcasts or oldschool Discovery documentaries about disasters, so if your boyfriend is into that - he'll love that Halloween gift (for adults only!)

Ozzy Osbourne’s Legendary Antics Plush Bat

Not only is this bat plush a cute Halloween gift - but it's also a heavy metal reference that will be appreciated by the lovers of this genre. Especially if your boyfriend is an Ozzy Osbourne fan. Combine the spooky season with metal music to make a perfect cocktail! The bat's head is velcroed to its body and comes off as easily as it comes back on, but biting a plush toy may not be tasty.

Walking Teddy Bear Dog Costume

Pandaloon entered the Shark Tank with its panda-centric apparel and accessories ranging from pet costumes to backpacks to slippers. A majority of its business focuses on items for pets.

Halloween Gifts for Her (Girlfriend)

Voo You - Personalised Voodoo Doll

Give it as a Halloween gift to your girlfriend, and she'll be able to carry you with her everywhere. Or whenever she likes. Or perform a voodoo ritual on you... But anyway, you don't have to make the face on the doll your own, it can be anyone else since the doll is customizable.

Custom Text Halloween Trick Or Treat Towel

This Trick Or Treat cartoon style towel is great for multiple purposes: yoga, swimming, camping, exercising. And since it's pumpkin-themed and customizable, it will be a lovely, thoughtful, and practical Halloween gift for your girlfriend!

Winking Eye Bag

Did that bag just wink at you?! Yes, it did. This small cross-body bag with an adjustable belt is actually winking, and it's very cute in its spookiness. A total eye-catcher that your beloved lady would definitely like.

Human Organs One-Piece Swimsuit

If the gift recipient lives where it's hot, this swimsuit can be her actual Halloween costume. But even if she doesn't, that is still an awesome one-piece swimsuit with long sleeves. It has human organs depicted on it, which is fun and a little creepy.

Disney Villains Face Mask Collection

How to mix self-care with feeling especially fabulous? Here's a skincare face mask collection that is themed after the famous devilish Disney villain ladies. Tell your girlfriend that she's a gorgeous strong lady by bringing her this as a Halloween gift!

Witch Carry-All Pouch

Pouches like this one are perfect for toiletries, art supplies, makeup, and smaller electronics. In other words, they can fit almost anything and they can be used for almost anything. Who says a lady may need a bag to store her makeup and nothing else? The largest available bag size can fit an entire iPad in it. And since it's witch-themed, make it a Halloween gift for your girlfriend who put a love spell on you!

Cat Paw Foundation Makeup Brush

If you're looking for a really cute Halloween gift for your dear girlfriend, this set of makeup brushes is a perfect option. They're soft and really good for applying foundation, they have comfortable handles, and most importantly - they've got kitty paw prints on their bristles.

Skull Jewellry Box

Whether it's your keys, glasses, phone, jewelry, loose change, or the entire contents of your pockets - they can all be stored in this human skull-shaped bowl. It is both spooky and exquisite at the same time and will be a great Halloween decoration, as well as a gift.

Zombie Wash Off Face Mask

With the refreshing treatment of that facial mask, your loved one will come alive again. Not as a zombie. Hopefully. Who knows what's going to happen this Halloween... But even if she'll be a zombie, she'll have glorious skin.

Personalized Light-Up Established Pumpkin

Ripe with seasonal charm, this autumn pumpkin keeps the home aglow for a sophisticated take on the classic jack-o-lantern. It makes amazing Halloween decor, as well as a personalized gift that will remind your girlfriend of you and light up her living space.

Recycled Glass Pumpkin Cloche

The pumpkin-shaped cloches add dimension and seasonal flair to candlelight, so if your beloved woman enjoys creating a romantic atmosphere at her place and loves candles, you can get her that as a cute Halloween gift. Each cloche is unique, since it's hand-blown, and they make great but subtle Halloween decorations too.

Spider Candlestick

Cast by hand with a modern matte black finish, this spindly spider candlestick creates an irresistibly eerie effect while looking minimalistic and stylish. It can be a subtle Halloween decoration for any interior, and an element of "edgy" room decor in general. Or maybe your girlfriend just loves spiders and you don't want to look for specific reasons to give this gift to her.

Monster Cookie Pop Baking Kit

Kit contains pre-weighed dry ingredients, edible eyes, sweets, as well as an easy to follow recipe card, lollipop sticks and pipe cleaners.

Halloween Gifts for Families

Digital Decorating Kit

The AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit delivers everything you need to create stunning displays for Halloween and many other holidays. Make your and your family's house the coolest in the neighborhood and attract trick-and-treaters galore with this amazing Halloween decoration.

Haunted Skull Cakelet Pan

These little skull-shaped cakes will add some ghoulish delight to your Halloween table. They're non-stick and perfectly safe to use with any edible material. If your family enjoys cooking (and eating) desserts, this themed mold will make their holidays brighter.

Human Skull Fireplace Logs

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere by... setting these human skull fireplace logs ablaze. You and your family members will certainly feel like old-timey wicked witches around the fireplace. These weather-resistant logs can also be used outside if you're up for a witchy sabbat. A great Halloween gift and decoration overall!

Lightning Reaction Reloaded - Shocking Game

This game is oddly good for family gatherings or hanging out with friends. It does give the players a small amount of electric shock, but it also brings them together in the thrill of excitement. A great gift to give to your family members on Halloween night and try it out together.

Small Pumpkin Tea Lights

These cute LED pumpkin tealights are imitating the flickering calming light of real tealights but without the fire hazard. It will be a great Halloween decoration for family homes, even with little kids, because the LED tealights are safe and extremely cute. They'll create a Halloween atmosphere in one moment.

Witch Spoon Holder & Steam Releaser

Are you brewing a delicious potion for your Halloween celebration? Or on any other day? This cute spoon holder shaped like a witch will hold your spoon and help you release steam from your cauldron. A very lovely and family-friendly gift, especially for cooking lovers.

Don't Scream 2: 30 More Tales to Terrify

A sequel to a #1 bestselling horror anthology Don't Scream, this book brings its reader 30 terrifying tales for their darkest nights. If your family members are into really spooky things and want to test how brave they are, give them this book as a Halloween gift, and watch who'll get spooked first.

Interactive Escape Room In a Book

Journal 29 is a unique book game where you can solve riddles and puzzles and submit your answers online to get the keys and move forward. A quest adventure with no need to leave the house! It'll be a great activity for family gatherings, especially a Halloween night party.

Kingdom Death: The Most Majestic Tabletop Horror Game Ever

It'll be a wonderful Halloween gift or the fans of tabletop games and long campaigns on dark autumn evenings. Give it to them and join their campaign while you fight monsters, make important decisions, and create your own stories along the way. Adults only - the game is a horror one!

Personalized Spooky Family Candy Bowl

Do you picture your family as a group similar to the Addams family? You can now let them know how much you appreciate your relationships by giving them a personalized candy bowl with the cartoonish portraits of all family members in the horror style. You can store candy for trick-or-treaters in there or just leave it all to yourself - it's an awesome Halloween bowl anyway.

Halloween Stoneware Dinnerware Collection

Friendly ghosts and pretty pumpkins come together for the ultimate Halloween spread of dinnerware. They're crafted of stoneware and finished with matte glazes, which makes them look and feel really awesome, and they'll serve their owners for a long time. This set is just meant to be used for creating a Halloween atmosphere inside your family home.

Personalised Halloween Family Sign

The plaque features a sweet hand painted family dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Each figure is cut from wood and has delicate engraved features. 

Haunted House Baking Kit

A fun kit with everything needed to create your very own spooky haunted gingerbread house at home.

Includes all the dry ingredients you need to create an impressive, and tasty house. The step-by-step recipe card makes it easy, even if you're not an experiened baker!

Halloween Gifts for Co-workers

Bat Crazy Throw Pillow

The Bat Crazy Throw Pillow is cute and menacing at the same time. Or... at least, it's supposed to be menacing. It's a bat, a creature of the night! It can be used as Halloween decoration for a family home with kids, or without kids, or you can just give it as a Halloween gift to one of your coworkers.

Zombies Ice Pop Molds

These playful pop molds create delicious frozen treats in fun zombie characters. Perfect for making snacks for  Halloween party! They're made of silicone, are safe to use for food, and the snacks will be super-easy to remove from the molds without damaging them.

Skeleton Rubber Duck

Another cute Halloween gift for a coworker is this Skeleton rubber duck. Despite it being anatomically incorrect, it still has enough Halloween vibe to serve as decoration or an everyday item for someone whose taste is a little edgy.

Halloween Mask

These are some of the most terrifying and original masks available on the dress market. If your coworker is into horrors, costumes, and masks - they'll certainly enjoy this beautiful Halloween gift.

Skull Drink Markers

Stylishly geometric Bar Bones skulls that will look deadly cool on any kind of glass. Great party decoration and a nice non-trivial Halloween gift for coworkers, if you know they enjoy having a fancy drink from time to time.

Witches Broom Pens

Make your office more spooky with these haunted pens! Just kidding, they're not really haunted and won't sabotage the working process. But your coworkers will surely enjoy receiving one of those whimsical witches' broom pens as Halloween gifts.

Blood Bath Shower Gel

Relax in a true vampire fashion with this bloody bubble bath and then sleep like the dead! It looks really cool and can be used as a bubble bath or as a shower gel. Warning: even though it has nothing to do with real blood, do not give it to people with blood phobia!

Book of Shadows Journal

Covered on PU black leather, front and back pages lined with black card. This journal will be a great addition to anyone's office or home workspace, even though it won't be convenient to carry it around everywhere, since it's handmade. But you can give it as a Halloween gift to your coworker, and they're going to absolutely love this creepy little book of dark magic.

Fuggler Toy

Look deep into the vacant eyes of this Fuggler toy, and you'll discover that they are actually charming, despite what they're trying to seem to be. Each one of us is worthy of love, and these toys will be great Halloween gifts for those whom you want to tell that they're great no matter what the society tells them to be.

Skeleton Wine Glass

Walking skeletons are often part of fun Halloween traditions. Why not make a tiny skeleton hold your wine glass? Don't worry, they won't drop it. A great decoration for seasonal celebrations and throughout the year.

Halloween Geeky Gifts

Pennywise Balloon Lamp

A near-identical replica to the one from the "IT" films, this red balloon lamp casts a surprisingly ambient glow over everything in the room. You can even find it relaxing... if you're not afraid of demonic clowns. This is an awesome, but creepy Halloween gift idea for horror movie lovers.

Hannibal Lecter Mask

Possibly the coolest replica of Hannibal Lecter's mask you will ever find out there. A great Halloween gift for cosplayers and horror lovers, this high-quality mask will make anyone look like the famous serial killer character.

Stranger Things Ouija Board

Gather around the Ouija: Stranger Things Edition game, if you dare, and unlock secrets from a mysterious and mystifying world of the Upside Down. This is an amazing Halloween gift for college students, high schoolers, or adults who are geeks or into spiritualism. There's nothing wrong with having a thing like that at your parties - it can bring a lot of fun. And a spirit of friendship ;)

The Walking Dead TV Daryl Dixon Walker Ear Prop

Ever wished you could wear Daryl Dixon's necklace of Walker ears? That may sound a little odd, but we're not judging! We're offering you this amazing replica. You can get one as a Halloween gift for a friend, a partner, or for yourself, and it's great for cosplayers too.

Pennywise Light

If only the real Pennywise was as adorable as this little lamp and brought light into people's lives... On the other hand, the plot of "IT" wouldn't have existed then. Of course, we're not implying that Pennywise is real, but this lamp sure is.

Halloween Candy Gifts

Personalized M&M's

Let's face it: personalized M&M's are the perfect sweet gift for any occasion because hey, you can order them with literally any kind of text or image on them. Do you want to make it a Halloween candy present? Customize the candies with traditional Halloween symbols and maybe add the word "boo!" here and there, and it will certainly be a very non-trivial party dessert.

Face Licker

A delicious giant lollipop that's personalized to look like you or anybody else. The idea may be a little creepy, but that's the point. Get your friends or loved ones a Face Licker as a Halloween candy gift, and they'll appreciate the vibe.

Toe of Satan Lollipop

Made with 9 million Scoville unit chili extract, The Toe of Satan is quite possibly the hottest candy on the planet! Don't buy it for anyone who doesn't appreciate extremely spicy food, but if you or someone you know want to take a lick of Hell and walk alive, this would be an interesting (and themed!) Halloween candy gift.

Tabasco Dark Chocolate Wedges

A small nicely designed tin that contains 8 Tabasco dark chocolate wedges. Caution: hot! A great Halloween gift and a challenge for those who love spicy stuff.

Haunted House Halloween Gift Tower

It's time to eat, drink, and be scary! A cute and harmless idea for a Halloween gift bag for both adults and kids. It's lovely, it's Halloween-themed, and it's filled with various treats - what's not to like about it?

Evil Hot Gummy Bears

There aren't just gummy bears, these are habanero-infused gummy beasts who offer you a challenge. Can you handle it? Entertain your guests at a Halloween party by offering them these treats, but ask them if they want a spicy gummy, of course!

Chocolate Eyeballs

An exquisite set of four chocolate eyeballs, handmade from white, dark, and milk Belgian chocolate, filled with strawberry sauce and packaged in a cellophane bag. It's a classy and tasty Halloween candy present for someone you love and want to spend a quiet magical evening with.

Mini Milk Chocolate Skulls

These spooky skull chocolates are a must for your Halloween celebrations. They're handcrafted in Somerset from the finest milk Belgian chocolate, and they'll be a desired treat at every themed party or a wonderful Halloween gift for your special someone. Share them with someone you appreciate, and you'll protect each other from all the mystical creatures wandering our world on Halloween night!

DIY Halloween Gifts

Halloween Greeting Cards

Endless Halloween Card

The Endless Halloween card loops a fantastic Halloween song non-stop, no matter if it's open or closed, until its battery dies. A truly evil Halloween gift for someone you want to prank. But don't be upset if the card ends up at the bottom of a garbage bin, wrapped in something :)

Halloween Wrappings