Halloween Gifts for Kids of All Ages

Halloween isn't just about the spooky atmosphere, it's also about the happy Halloween gifts and treats! And who loves treats more than children do?
Of course, if your kid has allergies, you can consider some fun alternatives that they'll enjoy! Make the holiday times fun and exciting for the kids with our list of unique Halloween gifts for babies, toddlers, kids, and middle schoolers. Halloween-themed games, plush toys, and treat bags are just a few of the options on our lists. Don't miss out on them, since any of these gifts will surely bring a smile to your kid's face as they learn to not be afraid of spirits or ghosts. Instead, they'll learn how fun it is to celebrate Halloween, having a night of tricks, treats, and chocolate sweets.

Halloween Gifts for Babies

Babies might be too young to understand the concept of Halloween, but they sure love the blinking lights and happy people around them. Are you excited to get your baby's first Halloween costume? It's spooky how great these Halloween gift ideas are!

Jack-O-Lantern Bear

This cuddly little guy is a sweet friend to have around on Halloween night to keep the frights away. A perfect Halloween gift for baby boys and girls to make them feel safe and loved.

Pop-Up Peekaboo! Pumpkin

A Halloween pop-up book with flaps and friendly pop-up surprises to engage toddlers and help them join in the holiday fun through hands-on learning. The little ones will live through amazing adventures with this Halloween gift idea.

My First Halloween Bib

This is the perfect First Halloween bib for your little one to wear during their first Halloween dinner (or breakfast, because they may be asleep throughout the entire dinner afterward). It's kind of a baby's first Halloween costume in case you don't want to dress them up entirely.

Baby Candy Corn Hat

A perfect and wonderfully cute accessory for newborn Halloween celebrations or for a themed photoshoot. Especially if your sweet baby was born in autumn.

Personalized Peek-A-Boo Pumpkin Treat Bags

Don’t let the bat (or owl) out of the bag! They're guarding the candy that only the chosen ones are allowed to have access to. Approach them and solve their riddle... Nah, we're just joking. The soft fleece bag that has the treats inside will also be great for newborn Halloween photoshoots or home decorations.

Zoom 'n Crawl Monster

For a zooming, spinning, ball-popping good time, the Fisher-Price Zoom 'n Crawl Monster has it all. It'll grow together with your little one, and will be able to entertain them and help them develop at the same time. A great and practical Halloween gift for babies, especially including the fact that it's monster-themed.

Monster Baby Clothes Bouquet

A baby clothes bouquet makes the perfect baby shower gift or something special to send the new parents after the little one arrives. If someone's expecting a child this Fall, you know what to get them! It's not exactly a Halloween gift for the baby, but the baby will definitely feel great after their parents use these items.

First Halloween Googly Eye Baby Shoes

Fun Googly Eye baby shoes to complete any Halloween outfit which can be personalised on the soles.

Halloween Gifts for Toddlers

Toddlers love exploring the world, and they'll be delighted to explore the wonders of Halloween night too! Have fun with these cute Halloween gifts for toddlers. Your child will definitely love them, and you'll love seeing them happy.

Neon Party Glow Sticks

Do people still use these at parties? Yes, and your toddler will love it a lot. With their bright colors and long-lasting light, these party glowsticks will be a unique Halloween gift for toddlers, just don't leave them unsupervised.

Bat Crazy Throw Pillow

Kids love it! Dark spirits fear it! A scary cure bat throw pillow will be a great Halloween decoration and an even better gift for your toddler so that they can cuddle it.

Custom Text Halloween Trick Or Treat Towel

Your toddler will surely love hanging out on this cartoon-style Trick-or-Treat towel or using it as a blanket. It's customizable too, so you can put the name of your dear child on it. A sentimental, soft, and warm Halloween gift for your toddler.

Ghost Rubber Duck

Boo? Or should we say, quack? This ghost rubber ducky is supposed to be spooky, but toddlers aren't afraid of ghosts. they want to befriend everyone. They'll definitely love taking baths with this new ghostly companion.

Halloween Stamps

This package of 24 stamps contains four of each of the following: a pumpkin, mummy, bat, spider, ghost, and monster. It makes a great party favor or activity for toddlers who love being creative. Yes, they might stamp your entire house with it, but count that as Halloween decorations!

Halloween ABC

This sturdy alphabet board book introduces simple seasonal words to get toddlers excited about Halloween. Along with letters to say out loud, there are bright pictures featuring lots of happy faces and familiar spooky details to spot. Enrichment is supposed to be fun all the way. and this Halloween gift for toddlers is supposed to prove it once more.

Wicked Cute Plush Treat Jars

These smiley characters will add a cute and spooky touch to your kids’ Haloween treat collection. They can put them right on their shelves and be really happy about having these plush characters around.

Halloween Squishies

Squishies are a classic, and almost everyone loves squishing them. So why not make them cute and seasonal? Get these as a Halloween gift ides for your toddler, and they'll probably spend a few hours enthusiastically squishing these little pumpkins and monsters.

Inflatable Spider Ring Toss Game

This inflatable Big spiders set will be a huge hit for Halloween party games, especially when there are kids around! The fact that it's an inflatable spider makes it possible for several people to play the ring toss game at the same time. Keep everyone occupied at the Halloween party with this inflatable spider.

Plush Worry Eater

Childhood worries can be really big, and it's nice to always have someone trustworthy around, especially if the parents are a little busy. This Worry Eater is a kind monster that will take the worries away from your child and help them sleep better. Get this as a Halloween gift for your toddler, and it will have the Haloween vibe and the practical meaning at the same time. But even aside from it all, it's a really cute and unique toy!

Halloween Gifts for Kids

Kids are active, curious, and they love holiday seasons, especially Halloween. Why? Because of the mysterious spooky vibe and, of course, because of trick-or-treating! With these Halloween gift ideas for kids you won't have to think what to get for your kid - just pick whatever you think fits into their preferences the most, and watch their eyes light up like Jack-o-lantern (not in a creepy way!)

Chimeras Mix N Match Plush Toys

With interchangeable ears, arms, and legs, Chimeras makes plush toys more dynamic and more fun. They come in pairs so that the kid can start mixing and matching right away with a friend or a sibling. Build up your child's imagination and entertain them with this unique Halloween gift for kids.

Light-Up Handle Treat Bucket

Lights! Candy! Action! Young treat seekers will love carrying their candy with the help of this friendly masked trickster. Perfect for trick-or-treating or just storing the candy at your house, using it as a Halloween decoration.

Halloween Glow In the Dark Personalized Treat Bags

When the moon comes up, these creepy bags give off an eerie glow so it's easier to see your little goblin after dark. Well, the print just glows in the dark, but that sounds much more interesting. This can be a great Halloween gift for middle schoolers to carry their belongings in and look extremely cool at the same time.

Fuggler Toy

Look deep into the vacant eyes of this Fuggle toy. Won't your kid enjoy the way it looks? Because, after all, this toy is cute, it just looks a little non-trivial. But it will be a great Halloween gift and companion for your child.

Voice-Activated Spider Pet

This spider's movement is activated by yelling, singing, or clapping, so get ready for a few hours of really loud noises at home. On the other hand, you'll totally be tempted to play with this spider as well, and you and your kid will take turns screaming at it. An amazing Halloween gift idea for kids and parents alike!

Glow Doodle Interactive Drawing Pillowcase

Kids loooove to draw, and they often make a lot of mess in the process. How about you get them a Halloween gift that will develop their creativity with no mess, and they'll be really fascinated by the lights in the process? This pillowcase allows them to draw with light, and the glow torch is included!

Halloween Theme Dartboard

Halloween design brings double fun even when it's not the spooky season, but especially when it is. Your kids are going to love this dartboard that's totally children-safe because it uses sticky balls instead of actual darts. A great Halloween gift for your kids that can be used by the entire family during the party :)

Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss Games

The package includes 1 Halloween bean bag toss game banner + 3 colorful bean bags. Your kid is going to have a lot of fun with this Halloween gift trying to throw the bean bags into the pumpkins' mouths, and it's going to get competitive!

Shadows In The Forest: Board Game For Playing In The Dark

You are deep in a dark, ancient forest with only your lantern to guide you. Tall, looming trees cast shadows all around. Off in the distance, you hear a faint rustling sound and your heart begins to race. Are you on an adventure? Nope! You're in the safety of the house at a sleepover with your friends. But this board game is absolutely amazing and gives off the Halloween vibes.

Halloween Doll That Swaps Candy For Useful Gifts

Switch Witch is the new Halloween tradition that is teaching kids the benefits of giving back! Instead of forcing your kids to not shove all of the candy inside their mouths in one Halloween evening, you'll teach them that if they share something they don't necessarily need, they'll get something surprisingly pleasant in return. But this witch doll just looks really lovely in general, so it'll make a cute Halloween gift anyway!

Face Paint Kit

This face paint kit is suitable even for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic and easily washable. it's everything that a parent can want from a face painting kit. But it also has everything a child can want from such a kit - bright colors and lots of fun, with friends or with family or on your own. Get this as a Halloween gift for your child and help them transform into any character they like.

Monster Character Beanbag

The unique bean bag chairs deliver original characters and popular icons that appeal to both boys and girls. It'll make an unforgettable Halloween gift for both boys and girls equally, and they'll love relaxing or playing in these chairs because of how comfortable and pretty they are.

Banki Face

Make saving money fun and feed this little fella your spare change. It's a great choice for a Halloween gift since this piggybank's face is... quite creepy when it chews up your coins. The good news is - now you can save some money for later and approach this creature only if you reeeeally need it back.

Glow in The Dark Football

For those who get that itch to get active, but it’s already dark out. Its a practical Halloween gift for an active and sporty child and they'll enjoy this gift a lot, but you'll have to supervise them while they're playing outside in the dark. On the bright side - it'll be easy to supervise them since you'll always see there exactly they're tossing the ball.

Glow-in-The-Dark Outdoor Game

It's the classic game of stealth, speed, and strategy that people have enjoyed for over 90 years, but now it's adapted for today's generation using glow-in-the-dark lights! Capture the Flag will capture your children's hearts (pun intended) and they'll enjoy playing outside like they never did before, even in the colder season. So don't hesitate to buy this as a Halloween gift, the weather doesn't matter when you're really into something.

Halloween Monster Slime Popcorn Letterbox Kit Gift

Its the perfect time to embrace the slime phenomenon because slime just got tasty!! We cant promise there will be zero mess but this kit will spark creativity, imagination and fun in the kitchen and the finished product will be a delicious halloween treat!

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