Romantic Gifts for Her (Women)


Hey men, let’s face it: most of us suck at finding good romantic gifts for women. Sometimes it feels like our brains were taught to work in a different, awfully non-romantic way.

If you’ve recognized yourself in this brief description, don’t worry! In a moment, we’ll give you some really neat tips to help you find the perfect romantic gift for that special lady in your life.


What’s the point in romantic gifts to begin with?

I guess this won’t come as something unexpected but the point is simple: to show how much you love her. Now, how’s that different from any other kind of gift? More emphasis on the love part. Not her hobbies, not her taste, but on that special feeling the two of you share.

It has to be sentimental, it has to be straightforward, it has to be warm, maybe passionate, and always with some kind of symbolism in it.

Romantic gifts for women are especially important if you’ve already been dating (or even married) for quite some time. Then they would be a reassurance: “No, I don’t love you less, darling, our relationship is just as fresh, just look at this lovey-dovey gift I got you!”

Sounds easy so far, right? Well, you can step up your romantic game even further.

Every love story is unique, yours as well, so you don't have to strictly limit yourself to these categories depending on what stage you're at. You can go through them all and easily mix some of the gifts together if it feels like something she'd really appreciate. "Wife" gifts can be great for a girlfriend or crush as well!

We created these categories to give some ideas on how to keep the spark and romance going throughout all the stages of the relationship. But they, of course, aren't strict, and if you feel like you know your beloved lady better than we do, it's wonderful!

1. Romantic Gifts for Her (Crush)

Is there that one particular girl that you fancy? Do you think about her all the time, wanting to ask her out, but just don't know what to do about it? Are you nervous about the idea of approaching her?

Worry not! You just need to let her know how you feel with a small but romantic gesture. With our selection of finest gifts no lady ever would be able to reject your first date offer, because they would totally melt anyone's heart. Let's put that to a test!

2-Way Splitter Adapter with Independent Volume Control

Share the love with this splitter adapter with dual volume control. This compact device conveniently allows you to share your favorite music with someone you like. If that's not what an intimate moment looks like, we don't know what is!

Chinese Paper Lantern

Chinese lanterns are perfect decorations for a date. Dim light, romantic feel. You can invite your crush to see a movie or have dinner with you first and then take her somewhere to light up the Chiese lanterns and confess your feelings.

Chocolate Edible Roses

A nice and tasty way to give her a hint that you like her and she's a beautiful flower. And as sweet as this chocolate. Even if it sounds too cheesy, it's still a nice romantic surprise gift that she'll definitely like.

Custom Vinyl Record

A perfect way to tell her how you feel with the versatile language of music. Put all of your possible hints into this vintage "mixtape", but make sure she likes that kind of music as well!

FlipBook Maker Kit

FlipBook will turn your own video or images into a custom Hand-cranked Movie Machine. Do you gey where we're going? You can ask her out on the first screen and list the reasons why you're a great guy or why you think she's amazing. And these are just a couple of romantic gift ideas you can make out of it!

Heart Laser Cut Wooden Journal

This handmade journal is a perfect romantic gift for a creative woman, and it also hints that you have some kind of a heart-shaped feeling for her. You can even leave a note for her on the first page ;)

Heart Shaped Umbrella

A certainly noticeable umbrella that will stand out of the crowd even when it's closed due to its bright red color. It's as bright as your feelings for that lady you're giving it to! ...And you two would look so great together under it.

Heart Sunglasses

Brave and fashionable glasses for the stylish lady that she is. Bonus points if you add a note that would say something like “My eyes go all Bugs Bunny Heart-style every time I see you”.

Heart to Heart Retractable iPhone Charging Cord

Is that… is that a charging cord that’s also a cute keychain?! It is! And it's also a cute, yet very useful romantic gift for your crush. She'll think of you every time she uses this charging cord!

Hidden Message Chocolate Spoon

Fabulous silver plated spoon that's personalized with your own words which are hidden under a thick layer of luxurious chocolate. Send your crush a secret message and let her have a cup of delicious hot chocolate.


Love Gin Liqueur

Raspberry, Vanilla & Meringue delivers a sweet and creamy taste over a soft backdrop of vanilla. The color of this liqueur, as well as its name, will surely let your crush know how you feel about her. So, if she loves some sweet-tasting alcohol from time to time, this could be a great romantic Valentine's day gift. 21+ only!

Love is chewing gum

What can be better than 100 Pieces of Love Story Comics Bubble Gum? Truly, nothing. These retro wrappings bring so much nostalgia, and the relationships between the characters portrayed on them will melt anyone's heart.

Message in a Bottle

Show your unwavering devotion to your beloved with this Message in a Bottle. You don't have to actually throw it into the ocean, don't worry! But even without the ocean part, she'll surely appreciate this style of note-sending.

Origami 'Reasons Why I Love You'

This gift is pretty straightforward. Maybe it's a little too early to say "I love you", but if you're sure about what you feel - go all in! This little box is filled with 10 origami hearts that will have your customixed messages on them.

Perfect Match Chocolates

Give her a hint that you think you two are a perfect match! ;) This is also a clever pun since it's a pair of chocolate matches. She'll appreciate the sense of humor in this little romantic gift.

Personalized Photo Gift Box With Keepsake Inside

Show her how much you appreciate her with this romantic gift for her just because you care. It's a box that contains a small romantic keepsake, and the box itself unwraps into a poster with text and photographs. Choose some really lovely ones!

Personalised Moon Light

A sweet decorative light that gives off the "I love you to the moon and back" vibe. Just what you need as a gift for a gentle and creative woman to light up her life.

Personalised Origami Heart Photo Keepsake

Open the card to reveal your favorite photographic memories. This would be a perfect romantic valentine's day gift for someone you like a lot. It's simple enough, yet very lovely and poetic.

Roseshire Designer Roses Arrangement

Roses are an inherently romantic gift. Their beautiful fragrance and association with holidays and rebirth make them the ideal gift for showing the object of your affection just how amorous you feel. Sweep her off her feet completely with this luxurious arrangement of roses!

Secret Message I Love You T-Shirt

You just need to overlap the hearts and the secret message "I LOVE YOU" will appear. Romance and mystery combined :) This t-shirt would be a creative way to tell your crush how you feel - just ask her to do this trick after she puts it on.

Wooden Heart Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle

A wooden jigsaw puzzle is a creative end eco-friendly gift that will be dearly appreciated by your crush. You can custimize it with a message to her as well.

Bunch Of Biscuit Flowers

An unusual gift of hand-iced flowers on sticks, packaged to look like a real, just a little bit cartoonish, bunch of flowers! It's a sweet gift in both of its meanings, and would make a wonderful option for a romantic surprise gift. And - it also includes a tea bag!

2. Romantic Gifts for Girlfriend

How to pick the best romantic gift for your girlfriend

  • Whenever possible, personalize the gift. This way it won’t look like you just bought your way out of the situation (even if you did).
  • Try to find a sweet spot that will be both romantic AND related to her favorite stuff. For example, if she’s into the How I Met Your Mother TV show, the ultimate romantic gift for your girlfriend would be the iconic yellow umbrella from the story.
  • Make it symbolic. For example, instead of going for the usual roses (one of the go-to symbols of love and everything romantic) give her a preserved rose that won’t ever wither. Isn’t that the perfect symbol of the ever-lasting love you share, huh?

Now, let’s move on to some cool examples of our favorite romantic stuff!

  • Whenever possible, personalize the gift. This way it won’t look like you just bought your way out of the situation (even if you did).
  • Try to find a sweet spot that will be both romantic AND related to her favorite stuff. For example, if she’s into the How I Met Your Mother TV show, the ultimate romantic gift for your girlfriend would be the iconic yellow umbrella from the story.
  • Make it symbolic. For example, instead of going for the usual roses (one of the go-to symbols of love and everything romantic) give her a preserved rose that won’t ever wither. Isn’t that the perfect symbol of the ever-lasting love you share, huh?

Now, let’s move on to some cool examples of our favorite romantic stuff!

100 Dates Bucket List Scratch Poster

There are so many places to go and things to do when you're on a date with your girlfriend! Some of them may not even come to your mind. But with this 100 dates bucket list of ideas you'll have a lot of good times together.

Lovebox Messenger

Bring a big dose of romance to the digital realm with Lovebox. The Lovebox connects to wifi so you can send messages from anywhere in the world from your device to someone you love. It's similar to some kind of magic object from a fairytale, and it will work as a unique romantic gift for your girlfriend.

Read Me When Letters

Create a treasure trove of letters for your main squeeze. Simply fill in the blanks on eight situation-specific missives, seal them in their corresponding envelopes, and present the whole package in its keepsake box. The letters can then be opened at just the right moment in the future to provide your personal thoughts and encouragement. You'll always be there for her when she needs it the most, even if you can't be around in person.

What I Love about You Fill in the Love Boo

Heartwarming compliments are incredibly important to keep any relationship vibrant and lively. But if you have any trouble coming up with them - don't worry, this fill-in journal will help you express yourself. It contains prompts about certain aspects of your feeling towards your beloved, and all you have to do is complete some of the lines. It'll make a great romantic gift for her anniversary with you.

Custom Photobook

A custom photobook with your best pictures together with your girlfriend is a fabulous way to keep those memories alive for years. Cherish your relationship by choosing the most sentimental pictures you have, and it'll be a very romantic anniversary gift.

Linen Love Letter

Love letters are fabulous, but woolen love letters in linen envelopes? That's a whole different league of romantic gestures and a unique twist on traditional love letters. It's a really nice option for a romantic surprise gift.

Little Box of Romantic Gestures

These ten glass tubes are neatly tucked up into a luxury white box with copper print. Each of your suggestions is printed onto metallic paper and folded into the tube to maintain secrecy until they are opened. These can be date ideas or just the ways you'd love to spend time with your girlfriend.

Personalised 10 Reasons I Love You Heart Tin

Each heart shape tin contains 10 hearts that you can personalize with 10 sentimental reasons why you love your girlfriend and what's special about her. This is a great option for a romantic gift for her birthday.

100 Thought Provoking Conversation Starters for Great Relationships

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for a while or you’ve just met, learning to know each other is a neverending journey for every couple. Play it wherever you like - at home, in the car on long road trip journeys, at dinner in a restaurant. This game will keep you learning about each other forever and your relationship will stay as fresh as the day you first met.

Personalised Rustic Birch Wood Vase

Do you know how some couples carve their initials into trees, with a cute heart and everything? In case your girlfriend finds it an interesting idea but doesn't want to harm any actual living trees, you can give her this wonderful wooden vase with this themed carving!

Mittens For Two

Cozy up to your loved one with a set of Smittens while taking your daily walks or watching a particularly chilly sports game at the stadium. Wherever there's a chance to hold hands - it's a perfect place for using Smittens! A very tender and romantic gift for her just because you don't want her to get cold or lonely :)

Personal Fondue Mugs

Easy fondue at home! With this personal fondue set, melt cheese or chocolate for dipping fruit, veggies, bread, and more. This is actually a gift and a date idea at the same time, so if you and your girlfriend enjoy dinner nights or just snacking together, this will be a very romantic and thoughtful gift for her, and it'll totally put your snacking on another level.

Preserved Roses Teddy Bear

This bear bears a rose, and he bears it with pride! It'll arrive to your girlfriend in an exquisite gift box and will be a perfect-sized token of your love for her, that's as beautiful and everlasting as this rose.

Voo You - Personalised Voodoo Doll

Now your girlfriend can always have you around, even if you're busy or it's a long-distance relationship. Just give her this small version of you! And even if the doll doesn't actually have the properties of a voodoo doll, she'll hug it and think of you anyway, and you'll definitely feel it :)

Fingerprint Personalised Ring

Quite literally, a gift blessed with a personal touch. It's a very sentimental one, and you can actually order this ring with your fingerprint if you want to propose to your girlfriend, but not necessarily for that occasion. It can also be a very romantic gift for her birthday, or any other day.

I Love You Bean Plant

A new gift plant that quickly sprouts to reveal a secret personal message engraved on the beautiful plant's central bean. It will be great for nature lovers, so, if your girlfriend enjoys gardening, you can grom these ones together and help it thrive like your love.

Folded Book Art Anniversary gift

Folded Book Art is a unique romantic gift for her anniversary, especially if your girlfriend is a book lover and you share that interest. It'll be a centerpiece of every bookshelf and a symbol of your love.

Giant Teddy Bear

These big Teddy Bears are life-size but need the love and attention of their humans to truly come alive. A perfect romantic gift for her just because you love her, and also a very cute giant plush toy in itself. Just make sure she has enough space at her house! :)

Personalised Leather Heart Purse

Made from beautiful quality Italian leather in a selection of gorgeous plain and pearlized leathers, this beautiful accessory will only improve with age. To let your girlfriend know how flawless her style is and how much you appreciate her, give her this personalized heart-shaped purse.

The Pillow for Cuddling

Snuggle comfortably in spoon position while you binge watch that new series. The cuddler can easily slip out, make another batch of popcorn, then resume that spoon position. All this without bothering the cuddlee. If that's how your ideal evening sounds like, make your girlfriend (and yourself) happy by getting this romantic and useful surprise gift!

Heart Shaped Coffee Mugs

Make breakfast time with the sweetie a little more special by sharing drinks out of the heart-shaped coffee mugs. Shaped like two curvy matching hearts, the ceramic mugs interlock perfectly when placed side by side – like you and your significant other. Isn't that romantic to have one for you and one for her while you sip your morning drinks together?

Hugs & Kisses Monkeys

It's easy to see that this affectionate pair is meant for one another—just like you and your darling girlfriend! It's almost like sending her a picture of cute cuddling plushies and saying "that's us", but in real life! :)

Candle Holder

Come up with a message you would like to be projected on the wall, and turn it into a beautiful candle! It can be a sentimental romantic Valentine's day gift for your girlfriend, and this candleholder will make her life brighter.

Customized Paint By Numbers Set

What can be cooler than feeling like a true artist and an artistic model at the same time? Choose a picture of your girlfriend as a romantic gift for her birthday, or maybe a picture of you together as a romantic gift for your anniversary. A wonderful activity for quiet evenings at home.

Sky Map Art

A beautifully designed star map that will show the unique alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you. It might be your first date, first kiss, the day you made your relationship official - anything you feel would be especially sentimental for her.

Aluminum Song Soundwave Art

A truly unique and memorable romantic gift for your girlfriend that will be a visual depiction of a song that you choose - so, surely, it has to be THE song! That would work especiallygreat as a gift if you're both really into music and bonded over that.

Chunky Knitted Wool Blanket

This Giant Knit Blanket is handmade using the arm knitting technique, and it will warm your girlfriend up when you're not around. But it can also do that when you are around and warm up both of you equally well. Anyway, a great and cuddly companion for lounging on cold evenings.


Custom Love is Art Kit

Is there a better way to celebrate your relationship with your partner than to create beautiful art together? Not likely. This can be a perfect romantic gift for your anniversary, as well as just a date idea. If you and your girlfriend are people of art (or just want to try out something interesting) - this kit is for you!

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Well, maybe it's time to move your relationship further and make it even more serious! Of course, we're not insisting, but if you feel like it, here's one of the ways to do it - to customize a perfect ring that'll sweep her off her feet and right into your arms.

Paparazzi Proposals - Capture the Moment on Camera

Here's another possible idea for your proposal. You would probably want a picture of that precious moment taken to remember it forever. But you have to be sure that your future fiance wouldn't be against that idea and doesn't hate being photographed!

Personalized Viewmaster Custom Reel

Reels and Viewers are a unique way to tell someone "I appreciate you". It's a sure way to raise a smile and connect like nothing else. And yet another idea of a unique proposal, since you can customize your reel with anything you want ;)

Custom Photo Pillow

Pillows are good interior additions, and also nice and soft spots to sit or lay on. Or comfortable pet beds. Whoever gets to them first. So, the pillow design can turn them into an actual centerpiece of your and your girlfriend's bedroom or living room. A custom photo pillow allows you full freedom in choosing what you'd like to have on these pillows and what you believe your girlfriend will love as a romantic surprise gift.


+ The printing is double-sided for no extra charge;

+ It’s completely machine washable;

+ The available size options can be square or rectangular.


- You’ll have to look for high-resolution pictures for printing;

- The shipping may take longer than you’d expect, so you’ll need to count on it.

Custom Temporary Tattoo

Design your own tattoo or print an already existing picture. These tattoos will make you 100% you. You can gift them to your loved one and make them the matching ones, or just buy a lot of them for yourself and feel really cool!

3. Romantic Gifts for Fiancee

Phew! You finally decided to take that step, and she said "yes". Congratulations! Can you really believe that it's happening?!

Sometimes there can be quite a lot of time between a proposal and an actual wedding, but it doesn't mean you can just relax and do nothing. You may want a certain date for the wedding or a lot of preparations and planing before that happens, but in the meantime, your dear fiancee should feel as loved as usual and maybe even a little more ;) Show her how you can't wait to spend your entire lifetime with her, and make her feel like she's the best, because it's true!

Bamboo Foldable Breakfast Table & Laptop Desk

This romantic gift is meant to let your fiancee know how amazing it would be to receive breakfasts in bed from you after the wedding. And before the wedding. Every day after you give her this gift, actually...

Barrel Stave Wine Butler

This piece will cost you far, far less than the employment of a steward but still makes an elegant presentation of your wine and glasses. It'll be awesome for friday dinner nights while counting the weeks until your wedding. A perfect romantic gift for fiancee.

Comic Strip of your Love Story

This comic strip would be a beautiful way to wrap up the story of your "dating" and open up a new chapter of your marriage afterward. The comic will be dedicated to you and the story of how you two met and fell in love, and you'll be able to show it to your kids years later.

Custom House Portrait

There's no place like home, and that's why a custom portrait of the family nest can be a fabulously romantic gift for a fiancee. Commission a portrait of the house you'll be moving in together after you get married. And if you don't have that house in mind - you can fantasize together about how you want it to look. Imagine the look on your fiancee's face after you give her the beautiful portrait of the dream home!

Matching Underwear

There's nothing much to add to the description, really. Matching underwear is almost like matching outfits, but with a more intimate spin. Perfect for impromptu homemade photoshoots or just for lounging at home and doing nothing together. A very romantic gift indeed :)

Mr and Mrs Coffee Mugs

Each Mug’s pattern is unique which symbolizes your unique love! Get a taste of what it's like to be each other's Mr and Mrs with these romantic and beautiful coffee mugs.

Romantic Decorations for Special Night

Surprise her fiancee with more than just a date night box. It's a set of exquisite romantic night bedroom and bathroom decorations that are packaged in a beautiful secret gift box.

Our Amazing Adventure Book

If you and your fiancee love traveling, this would be a perfect romantic gift for her. This journal keepsake functions as a fun scrapbook, journal, and even a time capsule!

Personalized Coloring Book

Upload the pictures of you two together to create a unique romantic gift for your fiancee that you both would spend some time coloring. If she loves adult coloring books, she would definitely love this one and its sentimental meaning.

Ruby Red Heart Waffle Maker

Make paninis, chaffles, hash browns, and even biscuit pizzas with this waffle-maker. Not only it does all of the above easily, but it also makes them shaped like hearts! Isn't that adorable? A great idea for a romantic gift for her birthday or your anniversary, especially since you'll be using it together and make each other waffles of love.

Wedding Keepsake Library

Don't forget a single detail from your wonderful wedding using this keepsake library that will keep all the memories fresh for years to come. Even if it hasn't happened yet, this romantic gift will let your fiancee know how much you're looking forward to the day you'll get married.


Crystal Heart-Shaped Ring Holder

A beautiful and luxurious holder for that one special ring that you got her as a sign of your engagement. This would be an amazing and greatly appreciated romantic gift for your fiancee.

Eternity Roses

The only thing better than a beautiful bouquet of roses is one that lasts up to a year—yes, you read that correctly. A box of eternity roses from Venus et Fleur is the romantic gift for your fiancee that keeps on giving (and giving).

Heartbeat of Loved One Smart Ring

The real-time heartbeat of a loved one on your ring. Ideal for long-distance relationships, but it's such a sentimental gift in itself that it will also work out perfectly even if you two live together. It's an "I will always be close to you" kind of gift.

Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier

The best memories involve food and your loved one, al fresco. It's why this personalized picnic carrier exists and is made with love— and beautiful cherry wood. Ask your fiancee out on a special picnic date and bring this wonderful and helpful carrier with you - and the best romantic picnic of your life is guaranteed!

Intersection of Love - Photo Print

Every love story is a miracle when you think about it: it was born at the intersection of two life journeys, from millions of different options! Celebrate your union with your fiancee with this sentimental photo print personalized with your last names and the special dates. A wonderful romantic gift for your anniversary, and also a stylish photo print in itself!

Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger is a decorative fragrance lamp that destroys odors and bacteria in the air while increasing the oxygen levels and perfuming your environment. Fell the scent of love and being each other fiancees with this lamp!

Letters to My Love

Nothing is more romantic than a handwritten love letter! Each letter is printed with a unique prompt that inspires you to proclaim your love for your fiancee. Ask her to read them after your wedding, and it'll certainly make her emotional!

Little Things I Love About You Messages

It's the little things that someone does for you that makes you feel special and loved. Let them know just what these mean to you with this romantic surprise gift. It's the perfect keepsake filled with special messages for your loved one in a lovely linen pouch.

Matching Leather Passport Cover

This gift looks great and is perfect for a couple of adventurers whose favorite thing in life is traveling together. Leather is a durable material that will preserve your passports, and the personalized engravings will make you and your fiancee feel extra close.

Swarovski Jewelry

Although technically they're made of special glass, the iconic Swarovski items are still the world's most famous crystals. If your fiancee loves jewelry and shiny accessories, don't miss a chance to make her eyes sparkle as bright as these crystals!

Giant Blanket With Sleeves for Couples

Step up your cuddling game and Netflix & chill sessions with a double-sized double-sleeved giant blanket. This romantic gift for your fiancee will help you spend quality time together even when you're just ciddling at home - because it'll be amazingly warm and close to each other!


Bride Rubber Duck

This happy bride duck is a little bit of a quirky gift, but if your fiancee is into the little things like that, she'll love it! The duck is absolutely adorable and serves its purpose (of being a floating rubber duck) really well.

Personalised You Mean The World Token Gift

Tell her why she means the world with this stunning foil embossed globe with eight hidden messages inside. Your messages will be revealed as your fiancee will be unfolding the globe! A well-designed unique romantic gift will surely make her heart melt.

Bride To Be Planning Calendar

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your fiancee and she wants to organize the wedding herself, here's a gorgeous advent-style planning calendar, to count the months, weeks, and days down to the big day! This gift is both romantic and thoughtful, and it helps with all the preparations, offering some tips for the best day ever!

I Love You Becauseā€¦Personalised Wooden Flowers For Her

It's important to remind her about all of the good things in her! That's why this wooden (and long-lasting) personalized bouquet will be a dearly cherished romantic gift for your fiancee. Each of the flower stems can be personalized with one of the reasons why you love her, and the bouquet is followed by a cute personalized tag.

Personalised Engagement Ring Dish

This personalized engagement ring dish would make a great, memorable engagement gift for, basically, both of you. Get ready and excited for the big day when both of you will finally say "I do", and make sure to have the most beautiful ring dish ever!

4. Romantic Gifts for Wife

If you’re looking for romantic gifts for your wife, most likely your relationship is already vibrant and filled with emotions. That’s fabulous!

On the other hand, there’s a chance you’re running out of cool ideas to show her your romantic side. Understandable, after all these magical years together! But don’t worry, man, we’ll help you out. Check out our curated collection of romantic gifts for wife, and make sure to read these tips as well.


Romantic gifts for wife: our favorite picks

For starters, consider giving her something related to your marriage. A beautiful foil art of your vows, a keepsake for your wedding memories, or just print your favorite photos from the ceremony: all of those are fabulous options!

Another great option for a romantic gift for your wife is something you could enjoy together (or even with your kids if you already have them). Think about hiring a photographer and making a family photosession, for example!

Also, you could give something that would remind her about how your relationship started. Do you have any special symbols for that days? Maybe a specific memory from your first dates?

When everything else fails, just go for the classic time-proven romantic options. After all, they’re classic for a good reason: most ladies love them! Flowers, jewelry, sentimental personalized gifts, plush toys, and so on.


Romantic ideas to go along with the gift

If you want to really make an impression, don’t focus only on the romantic gift for your wife: make the whole day an unforgettable experience!

  • Take her out for a beautiful dinner together (hire a babysitter if you have kids)
  • Go out for a good stargazing session, or just watch the sunset after a long walk together
  • Tell her how much you love her. In details. With compliments and everything of the sort. Remember, what most ladies are after isn’t the things, the material aspect of any holiday or gift: it’s the emotions and love!

100 Ways to Love Your Wife/Husband Book

100 Ways to Love is a practical guide to find and live in the rich, fulfilling marriage God intended for husbands and wives. If you live by the word of God, this might be a helpful romantic gift to help your relationship and marriage thrive.

Bathtub Tray

This Bamboo Bathtub Holder is newly designed, unique, durable, and very adjustable. Give your wife (and yourself) the most relaxing bathtub experience and a possibility to enjoy a luxurious home spa treatment. She will definitely appreciate this considerate gift.

Edible Candy Bra

If you're looking for a sweet and sensual romantic gift for your wife for Valentine's day or just any occasion, consider this Candy Bra. It'll surely liven up the night and make it a little sweeter, but it can serve as a gag gift as well, so you don't have to actually use it if you don't feel comfortable enough :)

Spark Romance Inspirational Box

Inspiring you to try new things and get spontaneous with your wife by way of fifty sticks offering thought-provoking prompts, this box ignites romance at a moment’s notice. A wonderful romantic gift for her just because, since you don't really need any special occasions to have fun and show your feelings for her.

Personalized LED Text Bulbs

A light bulb like no other you've seen is meant to show how bright your love is. And it also works wonderfully as home decor and as a light source! Choose out of 10 designs and color options, and make your wife's life brighter.

Personalized Love Book

Telling someone why they are special has never been this easy and fun! It's a custom list that will let your wife know why she's so special to you, and it's surely a romantic gift that she'll cherish forever.

Romantic Cotton Pillowcases

When you really want to show your darling how much her love means to you, this pillowcase allows you to do that with room to spare. It's a perfect way to remind each other to say "I love you" every day and every night. And it's a beautiful and eye-catching decor item that will make everyone around you adore your marriage!

Then & Now Photo Canvas

Past and present come alive in this touching salute to your love. An amazing romantic gift for your anniversary that will connect your older picture and your current picture together. It will definitely become a jewel of your living room or bedroom wall.

Try Something New: 100 Fun & Creative Ways to Spend Time Together

With 100 fun and creative ways to shake things up, this book will challenge you to get outside of your usual activities. If you and your wife are quite adventurous and always looking for new and interesting things in life, she'll enjoy this thoughtful gift and you'll spend a lot of amazing time together.

Typewriter Wedding Vows Print

Typewriter, script, or calligraphy wedding vows on high-quality thick cotton paper are perfect gifts to surprise your wife and to recall the day of your wedding together. It can be proudly displayed anywhere at your house!

Custom Family Portrait

Pictures and selfies are great, but a special occasion deserves a special gift, and a custom portrait of your family could be the perfect option. You can even order it to be painted in the style of your wife's favorite cartoon. So make it a super special romantic gift for her birthday or any other occasion!

Date Night In a Box Subscription

Every month, Date Night In sends you a date filled with fun, unique, and spontaneous date night items, ideas, and activities, all aimed to help you create a moment every month that will last forever. Every month you'll get a box dedicated to a new theme and full of items to add variety and maybe even spice to your married life and your regular date nights. The subscription can actually be a good idea for a romantic gift for her on Christmas!

Heart Shaped Bamboo Spoon

Give your kitchen a touch of extra love! A kitchen is usually a place where you and your wife spend a lot of time and put a lot of love into your meals for each other (or cook together), so a lovely bamboo spoon that's shaped like a heart will make your kitchen experiences even sweeter and be a daily reminder of love and appreciation.

Personalized 'Where We First Met' Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Celebrate your relationship: the place where you and your wife first met is the heart of this personalized puzzle. It's not really a challenge to put this puzzle together, but it'll still be a very sentimental romantic gift for her on the anniversary.

Picnic Backpack

A picnic is a kind of relaxing thing, especially when you're doing it with your wife. It might be a set up romantic date or just a regular family dinner outdoor, but spending time with your loved one is precious in any case. This backpack will be extremely useful for picnics, so if you and your wife love them, she'll really enjoy this gift!

Custom Printed Coupons

You can create fun, romantic, or erotic coupons and easily personalize them however you want. Give them as a romantic gift for your wife's birthday and make her feel extra loved and special on that day (and every other day!)

Heart Shaped Strawberry Cutter

If you enjoy cooking romantic desserts for your wife or she herself enjoys baking a lot, you can get this strawberry cutter for her as a small, yet practical declaration of your love. It's one of those cheap romantic gifts for your wife that don't have to be tied to any particular date and will make her happy just because. It can also be used for other fruit, and it'll cut perfect little hearts for desserts or fondue.

Perfectly Paired Wine Subscription

Select all reds, all whites, or mix and match your favorites! If you and your wife are wine lovers and spend evenings sharing a glass or two together, she'll love this wine subscription, and it'll pleasantly surprise her every month.

Perfectly Paired Wine Subscription

Select all reds, all whites, or mix and match your favorites!

His & Her Bathrobe Set

Matching outfits are always cute and cool, but how about bringing this coziness even further with a fancy set of matching bathrobes? Your wife will feel like royalty every time she comes out of the shower wearing this robe, and you'll certainly make her feel loved and cherished with a romantic gift like that.

Layflat Photo Album

Tired of these annoying thick photo albums that always flip over by themselves and you have to hold them to look at the pages? This Layflat Album features ultra-thick pages that lay completely flat when open. Not only is this photobook a unique way to celebrate the milestones of your love journey, but it's also a very convenient way to look through the pictures. Make this a romantic gift for your wife on an anniversary!

Paper Wedding Bouquet Replica

Recreating a wedding bouquet that your wife had on that special day is another way to celebrate your anniversary. The bouquet replica will be made out of paper, so you can actually display it at your place for however long your wife likes.

Crystal Heart Shaped Wine Decanter

A good decanter is the number #1 accessory that any wine lover must own. This one is reliable and sturdy, provides a great aeration area for the wine, and is just beautiful thanks to the unique heart-shaped orifice in its center. Give it as a romantic gift for your wife on her birthday and make her feel loved and appreciated!

Parlor Ice Cream Mixing Set

If you and your darling wife are into cooking, desserts, trying new activities, or all of the above, this would be a wonderful option for a romantic gift, because it lets her explore all of these opportunities. This ice cream mixing set works very easy - simply freeze the marble slab for several hours and fill the dishes with yummy treats, and you're ready to make your own ice cream and yogurt, cold stone-style!

Silk Sheets

It's hard to underestimate a good night's sleep, and feeling a fancy vibe during this sleep adds even mor epoints to the relaxation. Give this exquisite silk bed linen to your wife as a romantic gift for any possible occasion and let her know how much you care for her! Silk is a natural, environmentally friendly fabric with lots of good properties.

The Massage Bible: The Definitive Guide to Soothing Aches and Pains

From Chinese massage to Shiatsu to Indian head massage, this lavishly illustrated “bible” presents all the techniques needed to master the basics. Everyone can learn how to massage at home, and this will surely make your and your wife's lives easier. With this book, you will be able to give each other various kinds of massages, from sensual to more practical, and it'll definitely do good to the health of both of you and make both of you feel very loved :)

A Hammock for the Whole Family

This hammock can handle anything and anyone, and you will be easily able to hang out in it together with your wife. So if you ever felt sad that you can't lounge in a hammock and cuddle with your significant other at the same time - this is a wonderful romantic gift option!

2D Crystal Personalized Wine Bottle Stopper

A Custom Engraved Bottle Stopper with your uploaded photo. You can turn it into a romantic gift idea for your anniversary and upload a picture of you and your wide together, probably even a wedding photo. This exquisite wine stopper will look incredibly good on your wine shelf!

Conversation Starters for Husbands & Wives

Marriage is a lifelong journey that thrives on great companionship. These 88 Conversation Starters for Husbands and Wives are a fun way for couples to bond and get to know each other better. No matter how much time you spent together, there always something to discover and talk about! Get that as a romantic gift for your wife and spark some lively conversation and lots of laughter.


Cross-Stitch Family Portrait on Linen

A handmade cross-stitched family portrait makes an extremely cute and sentimental gift for your dear wife. She will love how adorable the design is and how it portrays both of you in a minimalistic, yet recognizable way.

Date Night In: More than 120 Recipes to Nourish Your Relationship

Simply carving out time to talk, cook, and eat together can be the relationship-booster you need to keep the spark alive. With this book, you and ypur wife will be able to grow closer no matter for how long you've already been together. Your wife will appreciate getting extra help in the kitchen, as well as being cared for!

Phone Case from Kid's Doodles

Kids are the precious gems that you and your wife have created together, and she'll love having a souvenir that warms her heart and reminds her of her kids and their unconditional love. Give your wife a phone case made with a print of your kid's doodles as a unique romantic gift!

Personalised Child's Drawing Leather Notebook

A unique and charming way to capture your child’s creativity on something to keep forever. Both your wife and the author of the drawing will love this concept and be very grateful that you came up with this gift idea! :)

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Thin Engagement Ring Box

Ring Stash 2.0 Thin Engagement Ring Box. New and improved design with magnetic opening, leather exterior, and unique ring hold that highlights entire ring and creates a floating appearance.

This patented engagement ring box solves the logistical problem of being able to hide the engagement ring for your big day! Note: Engagement ring not included.

This is for the purchase of a Ring Stash. Keep your proposal a secret until the moment you pop the question and keep the box as a keepsake to remind you of the special moment forever. Get yours today!

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