Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

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With Valentine's day approaching, you may be feeling like you're confused about the gifts and have no idea how to handle the situation. Don't worry, we've got a solution for you - a list of Valentine's day gift ideas for your darling lady! It includes all possible options - cheap Valentine's day gifts, more expensive ones, personalized gifts, as well as last-minute Valentine's day gifts, in case you started searching a little bit too late. We also have some Valentine's day cards and DIY gift ideas for your beloved lady - everything you might possibly need to express your love for her.
But what's the history behind Valentine's day, you might ask? The most common legend goes that St. Valentine was a Catholic priest in ancient Rome who was secretly marrying loving couples, going against the orders of the emperor. There is another legend that says St. Valentine was jailed and fell in love with his jailer's daughter (some even say he healed her from blindness), and signed a letter to her as "from your Valentine".
However, no one can really tell what the real Valentine's day origin was, and a romantic legend is always nice to believe in. Valentine's day decorations are all about love and romance, and it's a good reason to spend extra time with your most loved one on this day.
The gifts for your lady are all about knowing her. The classic chocolate and flowers are great, but a little bit more thoughtful present is something a little more strategic. Of course, you don't have to spend lots of money, especially with most of the prices going up like crazy before the holiday. A great idea is to buy all of that discounted candy on the next day and almost literally bathe in it together with your woman. But buying a gift in advance, and organizing Valentine's day gift delivery would be a very thoughtful thing to show your affection. So think about what she likes and what she'll enjoy the most this Valentine's day - some flowers, perfume, a cool gadget, an accessory, home goods, maybe some lovely romantic keepsakes? Choose an option or two from our list that will make her feel loved and adored - and she'll cherish this gift forever!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Special Date Calendar Necklace

Our beautiful gold special date calendar necklace is set with your choice of gemstone to mark your memorable day. This one of a kind sentimental piece comes complete with a ā€˜find your meaningā€™ gemstone card and luxury gift box.

Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt And Card Set Recycled

With happy rainbow designs and fun rhyming clues, this treasure hunt brings some joy & fun to Valentine's Day.

The hunt contains 5 clues and a bright 'Love You' card at the end -the card is blank for you to write your own message or we can print a message inside as an optional extra.

Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

These heart-shaped tea bags are inspired by the joy of spending time unwinding with good friends.

Got your heart set on a little tea time today? Opt for these charming bags from maker Jacqueline Aliotti. Growing up in Lyon, France, she spent hours at her parentsā€™ tea shop, and wanted to capture the happy feelings she remembers from the customers who frequented it. The fun shapes only add to the joie de vivre. Each set contains 5 English Breakfast, 5 Earl Grey, and 5 White Berry teabags. Contains caffeine.

Canvas Picnic Tote Bag

This double-layer organic cotton canvas tote is a great way to carry a bottle of your favorite wine to a picnic or party. The tote can hold one bottle horizontally and has three side pockets to carry things like cups, snacks, and accessories—everything you need to enjoy a beautiful day. So not only is this a great Valentine's day gift, but it will also help you and your girlfriend organize a beautiful dinner date and enjoy a meal in the company of each other in a romantic spot!

Written In The Stars' Couple's Planisphere

We've taken inspiration from the stars to create a special keepsake, perfect for remembering all your important moments together. Personalize your planisphere with 8 special moments and/or dates, which are revealed when spun and appear in the heart-shaped hole. Your girlfriend will adore this lovely Valentine's day gift dedicated to your relationship, and it can also be a non-trivial way to propose by adding the planned date into that list of special moments and presenting the gift to her on that one special date :)

Meditation Trainer

This meditation trainer will help your girlfriend work on her mental wellness. it's a perfect and thoughtful Valentine's day gift idea of she has a stressful job or studies, if she's in a difficult situation and you want to help her, or just in general for no additional reasons, because meditation will bring more balance to anyone's life. She'll definitely appreciate a gift like this because it means that you care for her a lot.

Got Any Spare Hugs? Homeless Teddy Bear

He's not begging for change, food, or even some water. All he's looking for is a hug and a new home, and he'll forget about his scars, his tattered clothes, and the hardships he's endured to get to your doorstep. Please give the little homeless bear a place to stay!

Arrow Heart Personalised Pin

A cute as pie tiny personalised pin badge for lovers!

This pin hard enamel pin features an original design by Lee May Foster-Wilson of an arrow piercing a little love heart...Personalise with two initials of your choice to go either side of the ampersand. These pins make a sweet wedding, anniversary or valentines gift or just as a little romantic 'I love you' personalised gift for your favourite, they are the perfect love token for guys and girls alike!

Custom Lego Mosaic Portrait

Individual brick mosaic box set to create your own mosaic wall art. A box set consists of baseplates, a set of bricks — small square parts, a mosaic map and separator (in case you put a brick in the wrong place), as well as special stickers for gluing baseplates (if there are several of them in the box set). It's easy to use and extremely engaging, and your girlfriend will love it! To make it more romantic, you can choose a picture of you two together to customize this Valentine's day gift.

Personalised Constellation Candle

A beautifully scented white glass candle etched with tiny stars and constellations reminiscent of the night sky. If that's not a perfectly romantic personalized Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend - we don't really know what is. Choose her constellation and then add a name and a message to make this gift truly unique!

Personalized LED Photo Calendar

Each month of the year brings us something special and something to remember. Cherish each month with a photograph that holds a special place in your heart. Choose 12 images to be personalized on this LED Photo Calendar and brighten up those walls in your living room. Makes a beautiful gift too.

Two Faced Mushion

The bestselling Mushions are back - and this time they’re double-sided! That’s right, you can now get a cushion of anyone’s face with a different image on each side, or even the same image if you wanted. If you want to make this funny gift romantic, you can put your and your girlfriend's faces on it and make it into Valentine's day gift for her! Just make sure to pick the picture of her that she actually likes, because she'll be seeing the cushion a lot :)

Self Care Therapeutic Pillow Kit

Filled with cherry pits Ā· Provides hot or cold therapy Ā· Microwavable & freezable
The self-care therapeutic pillow kits are sewn with suede fabric and filled with Montmorency cherry pits. The pillows can be warmed in the microwave or chilled in the freezer to soothe and restore comfort for everyday aches and pains. Each pillow will provide relaxation and keep desired temperature for about 20 minutes.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Wife

'Plant a Heart' Seed Paper Gift

This gorgeous heart is made from a unique seed paper. Handcrafted from discarded paper and boxes, the seed paper contains inclusions of flower ferns, mica flakes, and wildflower seeds. When ‘planted’, the paper breaks down into the soil — and the seeds germinate to produce seedlings! A wonderful Valentine's Day gift for your wife if she enjoys gardening and houseplants, and she'll think of you every time she sees the flowers that will grow out of it :)

Chocolate All Day Breakfast in Bed

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we couldn't agree more.

Famous the world over, our chocolate "All Day Breakfast" makes a great gift for breakfast lovers everywhere. Handmade in Somerset from the finest Belgian chocolate is the perfect gift to be enjoyed at any time of the day (or night!)

Handmade from milk and white Belgian chocolate.
Box contains one chocolate slice of toast, chocolate egg and bacon, mushrooms, and beans all upon a chocolate plate.
Shelf life: 3-6 months (if you can resist)

Customizable Modular Jewelry Box

Don't let the jewelry get tangled, tarnished, and forgotten. Your wife will now be able to organize her entire collection with a Stackers jewelry box. This is an amazing Valentine's Day gift idea for a woman who has a lot of jewelry and needs to store it conveniently. The box is customizable, works for all kinds of jewelry, and can fit everything in.

I Choose You (Every Day & Always)

The love you share is more than warm feelings or movie-style romance. It is a heartfelt choice you make every day. Celebrate the ordinary moments that create your one-of-a-kind love story. I Choose You combines contemporary illustrations and thoughtful sentiments to honor the life you have built together and the commitment you make over and over again.

Fresh illustrations make this book a unique, heartfelt way to honor love).
A perfect gift for a spouse or a partner.

Personalised Couple's Stamp

A cute personalized Valentine's day gift for a couple, especially if you want to design invitations, postcards, letters, or maybe even business cards. Aside from the picture, you can also customize the stamp with your names and the date of your choice. It'll be a unique and precise stamp for any possible need!

Horoscope Gift Set

Channel the energy of the stars with this zodiac-themed set from Bijoux Indiscrets featuring a petite vibrator, gemstone necklace unique to a zodiac sign, and an oh-em-gee-inducing body-safe warming balm. A sensual and romantic Valentine's day gift idea for your wife (and you!) to spice things up a little and to remember how loved she is.

Infinity Illusion Candle

Infinity illusion candles create a stunning optical illusion of candles stretching off into the distance.
Thanks to it's clever optics, the infinity illusion candles make one candle look like hundreds stretching off into infinity. Thankfully however, there's only one candle used, which saves a lot of time when lighting it.

The original round Infinity candle features two circular glass mirrors which, when positioned in the metal base creates a round tunnel of reflecting lights.

Cordless Curling Iron & Wand

The only cordless, full-sized curling iron on the market with no cords, that goes from a curling iron into a curling wand with its removable clip. An extremely practical gift for your wife on this Valentine's day if she loves styling her hair - now she won't have to bend in uncomfortable positions over the only remaining socket near the mirror :)

Easy Drain & Stem Access Flower Vase

An easy-drain flower vase helps cut blooms last longer by making it easier to care for them. The bottom of the vase twists off so you can trim stems and freshen water without removing the bouquet. And unlike traditional glass ones, this vase is made with impact-resistant materials so it can handle drops and tumbles.

Broken Makeup Repair Kit & Custom Makeup Blender

We spent years designing the easiest and most effective way to recycle your makeup. It's easy to fix broken makeup and blend new colors in minutes.

Just GRIND, BIND, PRESS & USE and your makeup will look as good as new!

No Color Change, No Fragrance, just Clean Beauty

Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit

Yes, this is a candy gift, but it's not actually that simple :) This easy-to-use kit allows you to make a box of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles at home. Add a decadent dimension to your date night and personalize your Valentine's Day candy present for your dear wife with this kit. And after she or the two of you are done making the candies, you can spend the rest of the night watching your favorite Valentine's Day movie!

Cashmere Robe

Lounge in our Ynes Robe knitted from pure luxurious cashmere strands for an exceptionally soft and warm touch. It's classically styled with a shawl collar and tie belt.

Custom Monogramming: Please allow an additional 12-14 business days of processing time.

Personalized Coloring Book

Each coloring book is handmade with quality materials making it the perfect personalized Valentine's day gift. Choose your favorite pictures of you and your wife - and it'll be a wonderful gift for her, and she'll spend some relaxing time coloring it.

Victoria Secret Gift Card

Giving the perfect present to your friends and family members is easy! eGift Cards are emailed to the recipient on your behalf for fast delivery.

What is a Victoria's Secret Gift Card?
Gift Cards allow recipients to select their favorite items and use the prepaid amount on the card towards their purchase. Gift Cards are available in denominations from $10 to $500 USD regardless of the currency selected on the site. It's the perfect way to give her everything she wants, and one size fits all.

Sparkling Rose Cocktail Kit

Twist Your Spirits Sparkling Rose Cocktail Makes Cocktails. It's the perfect accompaniment to your favorite bottle of Prosecco, Champagne or Sparkling Wine (one box will make enough drinks for a full bottle of bubbly). Celebrate a happy occasion, a milestone event or the holidays with the Sparkling Rose Cocktail. Pour the syrup and bitters into your glasses, fill with bubbly, then drop in a Fruttini and watch the bubbles fizz all over again. It's a festive event. Cheers!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Daughter

Heart Recordable Plush

Let someone special know you love them always with this heart-shaped plush made of soft, curly boa fabric. With its ability to record and play a personal message, you can send your love and be there in spirit even when you can't be there in person.
Heart-shaped plush is crafted from soft fabric and features a voice module for recording a personal message.
Squeeze plush to hear voice message.
Records up to 30 seconds.

Preserved Roses Teddy Bear

Make your dear daughter happy this Valentine's day with a gift of a rose-bearing bear, who wears a crown on his head while holding a single Everlasting Rosebud in his lap. The bear arrives in an elegant black and gold box and is just the perfect-size token of love, well-designed and cute!

Heart Sparklers

Heart-shaped, 12-inch sparklers are virtually smokeless, burn bright gold, and have easy light tips (located in the center of the heart). When lit, these sparklers burn in a downward motion on both sides of the heart until they meet at the bottom. Perfect for taking pictures with them and sharing romantic and sentimental moments with someone special. Your daughter will enjoy this Valentine's day gift, especially if she loves photography!

Sequin Notebook with Heart Pattern

These notebooks have a sparkling silver heart pattern on the front surrounded by vibrant pink sequins. Your daughter will create her own patterns with the heart shape on the front cover or let her imagination run wild starting from scratch on the back cover. It's creative, relaxing, and a notebook is a very practical thing in general. Overall, a great Valentine's day gift idea!

Giant Teddy Bear

These big Teddy Bears are life-size but need the love and attention of their humans to truly come alive. Your daughter will absolutely LOVE this Valentine's day gift, even if it'll take a lot of space in her room :) But what can be better than filling this space with love and cuddliness?

Manicure Tool Box

Must-have tools that make at-home mani easier than ever. Inside The Tool Box 7-piece set, youā€™ll find our Nail Polish Remover Pot to erase old polish and prep nails, a Clean-Up Brush for easy touch-ups, a flat-edge Nail Clipper, dual-grit Nail File, Buffer Cube for shaping and smoothing, The Poppy universal polish bottle handle, and nourishing Cuticle Serum with cactus flower.Ā 

Love Heart-Shape Surprise Ball

Handmade into the shape of a big red heart. Unwind layers of colorful crepe paper ribbons to reveal precious vintage inspired keepsakes tucked carefully within this beautifully handmade Glitter Heart Shape Deluxe Surprize Ball - Perfect for Valentine's Day!

Contains 12 prizes. Surprises inside vary by style & may include: vintage-inspired toy, keepsake, charm, gem, sweets, confetti popper, fortune, temporary tattoo, quote & more. Includes love-themed items.

Custom Illustrated Face Magnet

Each custom magnet is illustrated from the provided photos and then colored, cut, and constructed into a thick, sturdy magnet by hand! The size of each magnet is roughly 1.5 to 2 inches from the top of the face to the bottom and roughly 1.5 inches wide. Pet sizes will be to scale relative to their human counterparts. Your daughter will love this Valentine's day gift, especially if it depicts her pet that she loves dearly. Or her own portrait. In any case, this is a unique and cool-looking present!

Modern Sprout Live Well Gift Set

This is basically a vacation in a box. The set includes a self-watering grow kit and accessories for an escape. it's great for self-care and restoring inner balance, and will be a great Valentine's Day gift for your daughter.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentineā€™s Day Greeting Cards for Her

Valentine's Day Gift Wrap


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