Valentine's Day Gifts for Him


Are you going to celebrate this Valentine's day with your beloved man? Maybe, watch Valentine's day movies, have a romantic dinner night, play a board game? Even if you won't be able to be there in person, you can easily order Valentine's day gift delivery right to where he lives! No one has to feel lonely on that day, even if their partner can't currently be around.

What is that holiday in general and where did it come from, you might ask? The most common legend behind Valentine's day history goes that St. Valentine was a priest in ancient Rome who was secretly marrying couples going against the orders of the Roman emperor. Another legend says that St. Valentine was jailed and fell in love with his jailer's daughter (some even say he healed her from blindness), and signed a letter to her as "from your Valentine". Since no one really knows what was happening back then, you can pick your favorite legend about Valentine's day origin and use it as an extra reason to shower your man with love!

We've collected an assortment of Valentine's day gift ideas for you to let your man know how much you care. The list has it all: Cheap Valentine's day gifts, last-minute gift options, personalized gifts, cards, as well as some decorations for the occasion. The best gift is always the one you put thought into, no matter the price, so remember what your dear man likes and pick a gift or two that match his interests! We also have some DIY Valentine's day gift options on our list in case you want to dedicate extra time and effort to create something really unique. But even if you can't do that, it's completely fine.
And remember to not stress about the gift too much! You know your guy better than anyone, and you'll definitely pick a gift that will make him swoon :)

Valentine's Day Gifts for Boyfriend

Personalised Map In A Bottle Keepsake Gift

Any custom map location in a little keepsake bottle. A personalized valentine's day gift with your personalized message on the tag. Fits through the letterbox. It's a unique token gift that captures those precious memories forever. You can choose any location in the world that has special meaning to you and your loved one, and make it a great Valentine's day gift idea!

Personalised Date Night Popcorn Bowl

Speaking of Valentine's day movies! This is a lovely Personalised Date Night Popcorn Bowl, the perfect gift for you and your loved one to share your favorite treats from. A cozy night in is sometimes the best way to spend time together, and it would be a really thoughtful gift.

Stick With Me Bonbon Box

Like any good book, you’ll want to hold these book boxes close to your heart and share them with your loved one. Each book box is specially crafted to tell a story. Inside the pages of these beautifully designed boxes is a sweet story, told in 6, 12, and 24 bites. From beginning to end, you’ll discover delectable flavors that will surprise, romance, and entrance your taste buds. A great idea for Valentine's day candy!

Book of Personalized Memories

An original romantic personalized gift guaranteed to set hearts aflutter. Personalized with your photos, messages, and memories to make a keepsake he’ll treasure for years. A true tribute to your relationship, nicely designed, and of high quality - in other words, a perfect Valentine's day gift idea.

Personalized Love Heart Crew Socks

Custom Print Your Personalized Photo on a Beautiful Pair of Crew Socks for Every Occasion. We provide high quality, various designs that appeals to trendy women and men.

Feature: Custom-design, our design team works hard to get a perfect cut out of your picture face from your uploaded photo. Every sock is individually printed. Rich, vibrant colors embedded deeply into the sock.

These personalized socks will show off your loved one everywhere you go. What's more, it's perfect gift to your mom dad boy girls friends for Christmas Valention's Day Mother's Day Father's Day St. Patrick's Day Easter

Personalised 10 Reasons I Love You Heart Tin

Let someone know just how much they mean to you with this fun and thoughtful token gift, perfect for anniversaries and valentine's.

Each heart shape tin contains 10 hearts that you can personalise with 10 sentimental reasons why you love your partner.

Parlor Ice Cream Mixing Set

Put on your paper hat and bring the ice cream parlor home with the Parlor Ice Cream Mixing Set by TOSCANA - a Picnic Time brand. Three ceramic dishes, two stainless steel mixing spades, and a lovely marble slab sit securely in their own cut-out sections within a solid bamboo board. Simply freeze the marble slab for several hours and fill the dishes with yummy treats, and you're ready to make your own ice cream and yogurt, cold stone-style! Pair this ice cream mixing set with an ice cream maker and family night just leveled up!

Personalized Football Team Book

Revisit all the most memorable moments in the histories of 24 NFL franchises through newspaper articles printed at the time. Ideal for a football-loving boyfriend as Valentine's day gift, and he'd be delighted to receive it!

Driftwood Phone and Tablet Dock

Gifts- Birch charging docks are an excellent present for men, bridesmaids, your techy and/or outdoorsy friends, and anyone who loves handcrafted items! They also look great in any decor, from modern to rustic.

The wood for this one-of-a-kind birch dock was responsibly sourced and slowly kiln dried to preserve the character of the bark.
Upgradeable Design - Unique design allows you to remove and replace the cable if you decide to change devices.
Rugged Hardware- OEM Apple or OEM Samsung Cables are installed in each dock to provide the highest quality cables.

Beer Bites Snack Bowl

Fred and Friends Beer Bites snack bowl, cast from genuine porcelain with a durable matte glaze. A wonderful option for dinner dates (or beer dates), therefore a perfect Valentine's day gift!

Barrel Stave Wine Butler

The butler; conjures up the image of the chief steward of a great household- in charge of the wine cellar, perhaps. This piece will cost you far, far less than the employment of a steward but still makes an elegant presentation of your wine and glasses. Designed from a genuine wine barrel stave, you may display its oak side or flip it to reveal the beauty of its rich, red color earned from years of wine production. Simple yet sophisticated, and guaranteed to start a conversation at your great household -or give it as a gift because, come on, who wouldn't love a butler? Handcrafted in Lakewood, Colorado by Alpine Wine Design.

Party Pitcher for Easy Cocktail Making

EZ-Drinks is an elegant, modern cocktail pitcher that comes equipped with five cocktail rulers, each of which measures out four cocktail recipes with precision. If your boyfriend loves creating cocktails and is the life of a party, this would be a perfect Valentine's day gift idea for him. And if he isn't the life of a party, now he sure would be :)

Framed Tweets

Does your boyfriend have an appetite for luxury? Then give him a little taste of the good life. We deal in rare and valuable tweets that are sure to impress even the most internet-savvy collectors.

Our selections include exclusive tweets that have been wiped from the pages of time. Don’t worry, we framed them first.

Why not share a priceless work of art with your classy man?

Valentine's Day Gifts for Husband

We Go Together Like Pizza And Beer Biscuits

We go together like Pizza & Beer!

Includes six delicious vanilla biscuits, handmade and individually decorated with fondant and royal icing to look like pizza and beer.

Each biscuit is carefully packed into a sturdy eco-friendly matchbox style gift box designed to transport them safely though the post.

Bathtub Tray

This Homfa Bamboo Bathtub Holder is newly designed, unique, durable, and very adjustable. Gives you the most relaxing bathtub experience for you to enjoy a luxurious home spa treatment. This Bathtub Caddy Tray is the ideal table for your bath. So, this is secretly a Valentine's day gift not only for your husband but for you as well ;)

Personalized Tree Trunk Glassware Duo

Toast all the little things you love about each other that make your romance unique with Jennifer Fillinger's beautiful hand-engraved glasses.

Jennifer is the third generation in her family to carry on the lost art of stone wheel engraving, and her arboreal tribute to romance features an intricate faux bois pattern based on her original illustration. To give each glass a personal touch, she diamond engraves the lovebird's initials and the date of their anniversary in the "bark."

Available as a set of two wine or pilsner glasses or one of each. Handmade in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Jerky/Bacon Flowers Gift Box

Manly Man Beef Jerky Flowers are the perfect bouquet for men. Our arrangements are 100% edible and truly are made for that rugged one of a kind, hammer swinging, IPA drinking, duck hunting, beast of a man-animal you call yours. Each broquet's "vase" is a Manly Man pint glass and is pre-arranged, sealed, and packaged fresh with oxygen absorbers in a stylish printed box. It can be a great replacement for Valentine's day candy as well :)

'Wild About You' Plant Marker

A fun keepsake for the one you are wild about!

This solid pewter plant marker is stamped with the words "wild about you" and decorated with delicate branches that are replicated in the illustrated card.

The plant pot on the card is personalised for you with your own words and slides into a brown paper envelope, ready for gifting.

Hidden Message Tie

Here’s a tie he’ll always look forward to putting on. Handmade with tonal diagonal stripes, the classic secret message tie is 100% silk. There’s a special pocket on the back where you can tuck secret love notes for him to find after he leaves for work. A sweet and practical Valentine's day gift for your stylish and busy husband!


Matching Underwear

It’s easy to match your bottom half to your better half. Shop matching pairs for you and someone special. You can be matching even when you're not around one another, and it's a little bit like matching sweaters, but more romantic :) A great Valentine's day gift idea that can also count as a pun.

Compact Cheese Humidor

The Piatto can be easily assembled and disassembled to be stored flat when not in use. The pre-installed magnetic panels only require you to align each side of the Grotto properly for them to automatically lock into place. No additional tooling involved! A wonderful Valentine's day gift idea for a true foodie and a cheese lover!

Love Beneath The Moon Ambient Light

Moonlight Shadows Lamp: Snuggle lovers sitting under a full red moon - Create a romantic atmosphere around and add a warm, comfortable glow to any room, every night.
Dimmable & Touch Sensor Night light: Simply touch the sculpture, and you can easily adjust the light intensity up to 3 levels to suit your mood, to fit your needs.
Elegant Decorative Lighting: USB power, woodgrain shell, perfect for any occasion - Chirstmas, Dating Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Birthday Celebration, Mothers / Fathers Day, Hanukkah, Engagement and Bridal Shower.

Heart Shaped Crop

The Heart-Shaped Crop has a shiny faux exterior with rose gold-tone hardware. A nice little thing to spice up Valentine's day evening ;) Even though it can't be used too harshly, it'll still be a lovely part of the outfit.

Key Finder and Item Locator

Losing stuff is easy. Now finding it is easy as well! With the Cube Tracker just tag, ping and find. This cool, innovative way to keep track of your important things makes your busy life so much easier. A really practical and thoughtful Valentine's day gift for a busy husband.

Money Scented Cologne

The official highly sought after, Make It Rain! 2019 yearly edition. Packed in real shredded US dollar bills, the His & Her Money opens with the woody aroma of newly printed money. A bold fusion of fresh ocean breezes and bright citrus notes are joined by rosemary, grass, and precious woods. Apply to your skin to create your own personal scent of success.

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

American Cocktail Club Subscription

You’ve heard of mixology—the intimidating art of blending sweet, sour, bitter, and salty notes to create an out-of-the- ordinary cocktail. It’s definitely the evolution of alcoholic beverages. But it’s an evolution that’s been available only to a few, until the American Cocktail Club.

The American Cocktail Club is our way of curating exclusive Michelin-star quality cocktails for customers in the comfort of their homes.

In-Home SPA-Quality Massage

Whether it’s stress, physical recovery, or a long day at work, you can give your beloved man this chance to relax in the comfort of his own home. Self-care is extremely important, and relaxation and stress-relief are some of the best gifts one can receive this Valentine's day.


Good air quality at home can actually improve many fields of life, from skin health to houseplants growth. So having a humidifier in your room will definitely make you happier and healthier, and your dry sweater won't zap you anymore :)

A Movie Collection Curated by Experts

MUBI is an ever-changing curation of beautiful, interesting, incredible films. They can be streamed, downloaded, watched on any device. It's easy and convenient to use, and subscriptions are always a good gift, no matter if it's Valentine's day or any other date. So if your man loves movies or you both do - this one's for you!


Juicer will meet all your personal juicing needs. Whether you’re making orange juice, almond milk, the slow juicer will rise to the challenge. Its compact size ensures it will fit comfortably on any kitchen counter. A good last-minute Valentine's day gift idea for a man who enjoys cooking; and this gift will speed up the cooking process and make it easier.

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

In Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, veteran technology journalist Ashlee Vance provides the first inside look into the extraordinary life and times of Silicon Valley's most audacious entrepreneur. Written with exclusive access to Musk, his family, and friends, the book traces the entrepreneur's journey from a rough upbringing in South Africa to the pinnacle of the global business world. A great Valentine's day gift idea for your man if he loves technology or wants to read something motivating!

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