White Elephant Gifts

Winter Christmas season is coming, which means - you might be invited to a White Elephant party (aka Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa). And you may get confused as to what are White Elephant gifts and which ones should you choose. We've got a whole list of White Elephant gift ideas for you, from cheap and simple to more elaborate.
In case you don't know exactly what that is - don't worry, we'll explain before we get to the gift ideas list. Despite the way it sounds, it's not some kind of freemason gathering. It's a gift exchange party for a large group of people - the more, the more funnier - during which each participant of it brings a wrapped gift to add to the pool. After that, the players draw numbers to know in which order they will choose their gift from the pile. The one who drew #1 goes first, picking any gift from the center and opening it. The following players can choose to either steal a previous player’s gift or an unwrapped gift from the pool. If someone had their gift stolen, they can do the same – pick a new unwrapped gift or steal one from someone else. Stealing can only happen once per round, and one gift can not be stolen more than three times.
These are the overall general rules. There are variations to this game, lots of them, but the basic principles remain the same to make it work. So, it's not really about the expensive gifts - they are meant to be cheap and sometimes funny. We can also add a few more tips:
- A good idea would be to establish a set budget for the White Elephant gifts in the invitation so that everyone will be on the same page.
- The presents can be tricial and boring, but they have to be useful and definitely not low-quality, since that would be really disrespectful.
- Try to think about something different rather than just Christmas-themed stuff.
- Don't be shy to steal - that's part of the fun!
Now that you know for sure what will be going on, let's consider some White Elephant gift ideas. Are these for your friend group, college slassmates, or colleagues? How big of a budget do you want to spend? Do you want these to be gag gifts or something actually useful? In our list, we have White Elephant gifts for all of these cases and more!

Best White Elephant Gifts

Moving Beer Pong Robot

Bruu is a small robot that you set your party cups on top of. It drives around the table making your boring cups a moving target. Custom sensors make sure Bruu won't fall off of the table or hit anything. Are your friends into BeerPong? Then one of them would definitely enjoy getting this baby as the White Elephant gift!

Airplane Cocktail Kit

We’re changing the food and beverage world, one idea at a time. Our mission? To bring new (sometimes crazy) products to life that will make your everyday encounters with food and drinks more approachable, more functional and, most importantly, more fun!

Beer Cooler Fake Yoga Mat

Handmade from recycled PVC yoga mats, this awesome can-carrier holds up to 6 can and keeps them cold for hours. A false end opens and closes to let drinking in and out and each mat comes with a carrying strap that makes it look like you're walking around with a yoga mat! Perfect for anywhere you would bring a mat: the beach, a park, concerts, basically anywhere! Awesome for sporty, yoga-loving, outdoorsy friends or colleagues (or family members) as the White Elephant gift idea.

Bread Shaped Pillow

Lovely bread shape in realistic style, that is super cute and funny. Made of soft plush with good quality PP cotton filling for the comfortable hand feeling. Might be the best White Elephant gift out there, but we're not insisting :)

Holy Méme Bible

A recollection of the year's best memes and most iconic Internet moments. This book has it all.

Take your passion offline and color in your favorite character, help Elon Musk calculate the value of his company or draw your last two brain cells.

Over 80,000 books sold, Holy Méme Bible is still the most gifted book of the year!

Magic Chain Bottle Holder

Wine bottle holder that resembles a chain. Creative, stylish, and a bit spooky. It makes a good White Elephant gift under $20, especially if a lot of people from the group like wine.

Prank Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets

Probably the most realistic prank lottery tickets in the world. Pull the ultimate prank on your friends & family with these incredibly realistic fake winning lottery tickets & scratch-off cards. Please keep in mind that they should only be given to people who can comprehend they're fake; but other than that, it's a perfect example of a White Elephant party gag gift!

Pure White Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of often oddly shaped interlocking and tessellating pieces.

Edible Shot and Cup Maker

Makes 12 edible cups at a time - try Jell-O gummies, chocolate, ice, hard candies and much more

Two-side silicone molds are perfect for making ready-to-fill edible cups or delectable ready-to-eat shooter desserts.


White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For

12 Multi Color Light Up Ice Cubes

Multi-color LED Light up ice cubes with a Push button to turn them on and off, and with 8 flashing modes. With each push of the button, the color or the mode will change. An awesome thing for those who love a drink, especially at parties, so this is a really cool White Elephant gift example.

Pet Wine

Pet Wine is not for human consumption. It's made specifically for pets and is the most suitable gift for those who have pets and love them a lot. If you have such people around at your White Elephant party - go for it!

Lifting Dumbbell Beer Glass

Get practising for the heavyweight beer Olympics with our fun glass! Shaped like a dumbbell, it holds 24oz of your favourite drink, whether it's beer, ale or cider, and it's ideal to add to a gym routine, simply fill it, rep and drink! It's perfect for a gym-lover on any occasion!

Bathroom Tissue Holder with Mobile Phone Storage Shelf

Toilet paper holder with storage shelf, convenient to hold your mobile phone or other trivial things while sitting on the toilet. This is definitely a White Elephant gift that everybody will fight for! Because isn't that the most necessary item in the world?

Bubble Costume

Dude, Where's My Bubble Costume?' This party popping suit inspired by a certain cult classic movie is sure to be a hit at your next event! Need something to break the ice? How about allowing people to burst your bubbles. . . . . quite literally. The stylish ensemble includes trousers and hooded jacket and is perfect for almost any occasion.

Color Changing Clothing

Our color-changing t-shirts for kids are the most fun a child can have with a t-shirt. The magic just makes them go 'wow'! The kids are amazed by Shadow Shifter but the adults are just as fascinated by the heat reactive technology. A great Yankee Swap gift idea, especially for those who have kids.

Drinking Dinosaur Planters

  • Sick of your houseplants going extinct?
  • Each diminutive dino sips just the right amount of water drinks water
  • No over or under-watering!
  • Grow your own wild strawberry, sweet basil, or four-leaf clover
  • Made of ceramic so you can keep 'em as little pals after the plant has grown

If you're bored of watching the slow and steady mass-extinction of your houseplants, it's about time you got your hands on one of our Greenzaurus Drinking Dinosaur Planters.

These cute cretaceous companions require almost no effort to keep alive, just fill their little bowls with water and they'll casually slurp it up through their large, protruding tongues whenever they're thirsty. No over or under-watering!

Take your pick from three miniature dinosaurs, each with a different plant nestled upon their shoulders – wild strawberry, sweet basil, or four-leaf clover. When the plants eventually get too large and need re-potting you can either re-use your Greenzaurus with another herb or turn them into adorable ceramic ornaments.

Hopper Ball for Adults

Impress your boss at the office & be the life of any party. Have fun with the kids & relive your childhood. Not a time travel machine though :( Every single one of your coworkers would definitely love to steal this gift from someone at a White Elephant party in your office.

Where's Wally Jigsaw Puzzles

There are three ridiculously-intricate 1000-piece puzzles to choose from – Wild Wild West, Aztec, Gaye Paree. And each one features a classic chaotic Where's Wally scene, jam-packed full of unusual characters, drama, and silliness. It's the ultimate gift for anyone who loves doing jigsaw puzzles... and searching for bespectacled men in striped jumpers and woolly hats.

But seriously though, where the hell is he?

A perfect White Elephant gift idea under $50 that will bring a lot of fun (or frustration) to its future owner.

Funny White Elephant Gifts

Shave and Play Barbie

Need a gag gift that will be the hit of the party? Get The Original Shave & Play Barbie as a White elephant funny gift. Shave & Play Barbie is unlike any other doll you've played with! She is covered in fur and ready for a trim! Whip out the razor (included) and give her a style all her own. Barbie will love her new, silky smooth, hair-free self.

25inch Me: An Inflatable Mini-Me You Can Love And Cherish

Choose the picture that you like best, and it will be printed on an inflatable doll. You can make this into an inflatable doll of yourself to make it even more awkward and funny at the White Elephant party. Or you can print a picture of Chris Pine or Danny DeVito, and everyone will fight for this doll :)

Beach Face - Personalised Beach Towel

Ever wanted to sit on someone’s face on the beach? We know we have. Wait, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Choose who you want to towel-ise and our magical towel making wizards will repeat it across your very own personalized massive beach towel. Upload the photo you’ve chosen and we’ll do the rest. Before you know it, you’ll be sat on the beach on a perfect likeness of your favorite person. The only caveat is you're only allowed one face per towel.

The fast-drying microfibre weave rolls up super small, taking up as little room in your bag as possible. A fab gift for frequent fliers, beach bunnies, gym devotees, fans of the great outdoors, people in small flats, and anyone who can appreciate the humor of wrapping their naked body in the likeness of someone they know.

Cat Butt Tissue Holder

Keep your tissues close at hand with the help of your trusty feline friend. You are certain to get loads of laughs and visitors to your powder room or office will love to grab a tissue from this quirky cat.

Crappy Children's Art

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Alphabet of Manliness, the creator of “The Best Page in the Universe,” and overall genius, comes an outrageous, laugh-out-loud critique of children’s artwork that finally cuts those little smug know-it-alls down to size.

Filthy Rich Cocktail Napkins

This funny napkin is soft and comfortable, it looks and feels like real money, perfect for themed parties, cosplay, photoshoots, and interesting games. A funny and interesting Dirty Santa gift idea, especially for your coworkers.

Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

We once toasted a marshmallow THIS BIG. Hook and roast your favorite campfire food with this fishing pole–inspired skewer. Made of powder-coated steel and finished with a maple handle, this flipping-fun roaster will occupy a prime spot in your camp tackle box. Find a comfy spot in front of the fire, then jig the pole to flip your snack so it's evenly roasted on all sides. Made in Taiwan.

Gold Bar Door Stop

Designed like a shiny gold bar, this fake gold bullion can be used not only as a door stopper, but also a paper weight to keep your banknotes or documents on your desktop.

As a home or office decor, the gold bullion door stopper instantly fills you with a sense of dignity.

Inflatable Sumo Rider Costume

This costume is for people with a sense of humor only. As probably all of the gifts in this section are. A great gag gift for the White Elephant party and it can be worn right there at the party immediately after being received.

Jizz Roulette

We’re not going to beat around the cock bush: this is a game that involves wanking a big plastic dick to completion.

Set-up is simple and fast. Load the capacious cum-containers with whatever you want to spatter the lucky loser with. Spin the dial on the left ball to find out how many pumps you’ve got until touchdown. Do the same with the dial on the right ball to find out where you have to aim it, then pump away!

It’s basically raunchy Buckaroo, but instead of having loads of annoying plastic accessories to pick up off the floor, you just have to get stuck into a packet of wet wipes.

While no alcohol is necessary to have a ton of cheeky fun with Jizz: The Game, you can quadruple the banter by turning it into a drinking game. Take a shot every time your slutty mate takes a load to the face. Hilarious!

Or switch up your substance of choice for even more wacky ejaculation! Pour in glittery gin for a bougie blowjob, orange squash for a kinky sprinkle, or add flour and egg for the ultimate bu-cakey experience.

It’s a bit naughty, but you can handle it. Cum on, don’t be a wanker, it’s only some jizz!

Potato Clock

The Potato Clock uses a pair of ordinary spuds to power a digital clock. This kit includes a digital clock, wires, and prongs; two potatoes are all that's needed to create a working clock. Just so you know - this is not a gag gift potato bomb, this is SCIENCE!

Beer Belly Waist Pack

This fanny pack is very useful.Its interior space is large enough to hold beer, keychain, cell phone, mobile charger, wallet and so on. It is very comfortable and very light weight.You can attractive more eyes in crowd.

White Elephant Gifts Under $20

Snowy Santa Footprint Stencils

Add to the magic on Christmas morning with these Santa footprint stencils. Place the stencils on the floor and sprinkle with flour creating Santa's footprints all the way from the fire to where he drops the presents. A great White Elephant gift idea for just under $20, and it will be useful since Christmas is just around the corner!

100 Dollar Funny Toilet Paper

Treat it like it grows on trees. Live like the filthy-rich without the guilt (or embarrassment of having to hand-wash your money afterwards). A great housewarming gift!

Christmas Candy Earrings

Unique Handmade Earrings. These can be done as fake plugs (for regular pierced earlobes) and as actual plugs. It has the Christmas vibe, it looks great, it costs less than $20 - a textbook White Elephant gift example.

Doodling Robot

Challenge your child's imagination with the 4M Doodling Robot. Perfect for any young scientist, this fun robotics kit uses the vibration and spin generated by its motor to create works of art. Adjust the angle and height of the robot's colored pens to make new patterns. Not only does this kit foster creativity and teach mechanical principles, it's an excellent opportunity to show kids how toys are assembled and function.

This kit includes necessary components, accessories, and easy-to-follow instructions. Simply supply a Phillips head screwdriver, one AA battery, and paper to doodle on. Recommended for ages 9 and up.

A Guide to Offending without Words

A hand gesture is arguably the most effective form of expression, whether you re defaming a friend s mother or telling a perfect stranger to get lost. Learn how to go beyond just flipping the bird with this illustrated guide to rude hand gestures all around the world, from asking for sex in the Middle East to calling someone crazy in Italy. Detailed photographs of hand models and subtle tips for proper usage make Rude Hand Gestures of the World the perfect companion for globe-trotters looking to offend.

Adult Achievement Stickers

Adulting is hard. You deserve recognition for a job well done. The set includes 16 hilarious stickers. Reward your friend or yourself with a special sticker for accomplishing an adult achievement. It seems like a gag gift at the first sight, but it can actually be motivatiog and help someone, so consider this a really good White Elephant gift idea.

100 Dollar Bill Towel

This famous beach towel is 100% cotton, fiber reactive, with bright colors and velour texture. See instructions on the attached towel label for proper washing and drying care. This towel is a label with tags which shows the origin and name of the manufacturer for your security.

Bubble Gum Refrigerator Magnets

These chewy little fridge magnets are dead-ringers for the real thing except there's a high-power magnet molded right inside each piece. You can choose from four assorted flavors: bubble gum, spearmint, peppermint, and tutti-frutti. Strange, but great for a good ol' Yankee Swap gift idea.

Drinking Helmet

Just like at all of these crazy parties you have seen in movies, wearing this cool novelty drinking hat will bring you lots of fun! And - it can be used right then and there at a White Elephant party right after unwrapping it. Kids and children can also have fun wearing it drinking soda and juice and enjoy their remarkable night.

Inflatable Crown

You rule! But only for one day, and only while you wear this deluxe, regal, inflatable crown. Well, not really, because you're the king or queen of your own life, and the crown is just meant to remind you. Anyone who'll end up with this during the White Elephant, will surely have a self-esteem boost.

The Screaming Goat (Book & Figure)

Become the owner of your very own screaming goat.

If you are a goat-loving fiend or you simply can't get enough of the screaming goat videos then you absolutely need to own a mini screaming goat. Your new goat companion sits on a tree stump and when you give him a gentle press he screams! The kit also includes a 32-page illustrated pocket guide of fun facts and trivia about everyone's favorite farm animal.

DIY White Elephant Gifts

Funny Christmas Cards

Funny Christmas Wrapping Paper

White Elephant Pattern Gift Wrap

A fun white elephant pattern!

Boxes in a Box Prank Gift

Want to frustrate someone endlessly? How about mail them a box in a box in a box in a box in a box!? 5 Boxes in all!!!


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