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About Perfumes

Perfumes are classy, thoughtful, and extremely personal gifts, pretty much like clothing for the soul.

This is their beauty but that's also the drawback: after all, you have to know the recipient VERY well to pick them a suitable fragrance. Sure, you could just grab something you like yourself and hope this would be a mutual opinion, but still... Risky.

So what's the right way to gift perfumes?

Important note. The tips described below will likely work only if your recipient already wears perfumes. Otherwise, we don't recommend you to take on yourself the responsibility of picking this person's first ever fragrance if you're not his or her close relative or romantic partner.

Get to know the fragrances

This should come as a no-brainer but just in case you've been considering the option: never EVER purchase a perfume without actually giving it a try. Descriptions and reviews are never accurate enough to help you form a solid opinion on the matter. Instead, visit a physical store and test out everything that catches your eye!

Tip: Limit the number of fragrances you test during each visit to 3 items. Your brain won't be able to adequately process more than that in a single session.

Listen to your imagination

When testing a perfume, do it with closed eyes and try to recall your recipient as vividly as possible during the process. What kind of vibe does this person have? How would you describe him or her? Is this description close to how you would describe this fragrance?

Some examples:

The main point here is to let your creativity and imagination roam free and trust your instincts. Perfumes are a delicate matter, so by following your guts you'll most likely pick a better option than by trusting your brain.

Smaller is better

After you finally decide on a certain perfume, remember that less is more in this case: pick the tiniest bottle of the fragrance. Also, it's better to go with an Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette instead of a full-blown Parfum. In other words, opt for a smaller volume and a milder concentration. This will still be an amazing gift, and won't hurt much in case your recipient doesn't really like the fragrance. If they do like it, on the other hand, you can always buy an extra bottle a bit later. :)

Although purchasing and gifting a perfume without actually smelling it is absurd, make sure to still check out the Gifts tab in this section. We did our best to systematize a lot of fabulous fragrances by personality and vibe, so this will give you a good point to start your search!

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