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Throughout their lives, women spend about 72 days shaving their legs, according to a survey held by the British beauty brand Escentual. Hairstyling takes another 294 days, and that already makes more than a year in total. A YEAR, FOR GOD'S SAKE. And a few more months then go into moisturizing, putting on makeup, then washing it off... Ouch.

Men spend 45 days shaving their faces, on average. Not as impressing, but still a lot.

Which brings us to the point: personal care gadgets are fabulous gifts because they help to minimize this time and make it as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Electric shavers, automated makeup brushes, mist generators to moisturize the skin, cleansing devices for facial peeling... The options are vast, and all of them work great for someone who takes good care of his or her body and beauty.