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About Phone, Tablet, Laptop Accessories


Over the last few decades, smartphones, tablets, and laptops have pretty much become some sort of extra organs for most of us. We use them to socialize, stay in touch with the world, learn awesome new stuff, or just have fun.

This makes related accessories a must-have for everyone out there, but gifting them is so much trickier than you may think. Let's go over some basic principles.

Laptop accessories are a great option for those people who spend a lot of time working or gaming on their laptops - and that's it. The majority of other recipients won't be too excited about getting laptop-related gifts since they don't perceive these devices as something all too valuable. For them, the laptop itself is just enough, so why go the extra mile?

On the other hand, those people who work on their laptops on a daily basis will value every single detail that could make their work more pleasant or effective, and that's where laptop accessories enter the stage. For example, a portable laptop desk would be a fabulous gift for this kind of recipient, as it would allow them to work virtually anywhere, including the comfort of their bed! Some other great options include laptop-friendly bags and backpacks, dock stations, and spare chargers.

Tablet and smartphone accessories are usually a one-time thing or a handy necessity. The first case includes such options as cases, stands, screen protectors: items that are usually given along with the tablet itself, as an utterly basic thing.

In the second case, the accessory reflects a certain hobby or lifestyle aspect of the recipient. For example, a waterproof case would be suitable for brave adventurers, yachting lovers, and those folks who generally love to spend time at the beach. Alternatively, it could be a tablet stylus for a digital artist or a Bluetooth keyboard for a writer.

In any case, keep in mind that most gifts in the Phone, Tablet & Laptop Accessories collection are almost purely useful and utilitarian rather than heartwarming and sentimental (personalized cases and stickers are the only exceptions). As such, these gifts are rarely suitable for big occasions like anniversaries, weddings, graduations, and everything of the sort. If you're going for something from this category, gift the stuff either for a minor occasion or just for kicks!