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Hey there, and welcome to the Giftopix Privacy Policy page!

Keep reading to discover what kind of data (personal and not-so-much) we gather from (and about) you, your browser, your geographical location, your internet connection, etc., etc., etc. We did our best to keep this page as understandable and human as possible, but never hesitate in dropping us a line if you still have any questions after reading this Policy to the end. :)

User: So, what kind of information do you collect about and from me?

Okay, get ready for a bit of technical stuff. When you access the Giftopix website (giftopix.com), small chunks of technical data called "cookies" are automatically created and stored on your PC. They contain information about what kind of browser you are using, its version and settings, the language it operates on, and similar technical stuff. So, the next time you open the Giftopix website, it will check up on the previously stored cookies and adjust itself to perform better on your PC and web browser. For example, it might compress some of the images to use less traffic if your connection is slow. Or direct you to the German Amazon store when you click on Amazon links if your cookies say you're from Germany. Similar stuff, but all dedicated to improving your experience with Giftopix. Cookies do not contain any kind of personally identifiable information (e.g. your name, surname, etc.) other than the one you've voluntarily provided to the website (like when you register or log in). Cookies are not used to spy on you, and they never will.

I'm still worried about my privacy. Can I turn off these cookies and still use the Giftopix website?

Yep. Check your browser settings to disable it from creating cookies (and delete the ones it previously created). Most likely, you will still be able to access the Giftopix website and use all of its content and/or functions to the fullest extent, but the experience may be not as smooth as it could with cookies (e.g., the website could start working a bit slower). It's up to you, however. We're cool with your decision.

Do you send my cookies to any third parties? What for?

Yep, but only for analytical and techie stuff. Cookies are very useful to gather statistics on browser performance, for example, so that we could later improve our website to work better on your browser, PC. Another thing cookies are used for is to personalize the ads you may see on our website so that they better suit your interests and preferences. But, again, cookies do not have any personally identifiable information and are impossible to use for spying on you neither by us nor by these third parties mentioned.

What about the personal information I give you when I sign up and/or comment on your website?

When you sign up or comment on the Giftopix website, no personal information other than the clearly specified (e.g. name, email, etc.) is gathered and stored by us. We never share this data with ANY third parties whatsoever, and keep everything in super secure servers. Rest assured that your information is safe and sound with us.

Your website contains links to other websites. How do they treat my privacy?

Honestly, we have no idea. Although we don't link to any shady or unlawful web resources in general, each website has its own privacy policy, so it is highly recommended to get acquainted with it if you have any worries about your privacy.

Is your privacy policy changed often? How will I know if any changes were made?

We at Giftopix reserve the right to change anything in our Privacy Policy without notifying you beforehand. The only reason for that is because notifying all of our visitors is physically impossible since we don't have the contact information (e.g. email) of most of them. However, if the changes will be important, we'll most likely put a banner somewhere on the homepage, or something of the kind. Nevertheless, it is recommended to come back to this page every once in a while to check if you're familiar with the latest version of our policy. You can find the date when this page was last modified on its top, right below the title. Also, if the changes are crucial, we will reach out to the users who are registered on Giftopix via email and describe the changes as well.

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy agreement in general, as well as regarding any of the points listed in it, don't ever hesitate to contact us (you can also write as directly using the email team@giftopix.com).