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About Accessories

There's a saying that goes "God is in the detail". Perhaps you've heard it in another form, which goes like this: "The devil is in the detail."

Both mean essentially the same thing, but from two different perspectives: details are very important, and they can either improve or ruin anything. Accessories are just like that.

The right necktie can instantly turn a boring office suit into something extremely classy. The wrong one can earn you the "Stupid tie of the year" award or make you an internet meme. A creative pin gives a lively touch to any ordinary look, while an ugly or low-quality one is just cringeworthy. A well-chosen piece of headgear instantly shows how good you are at style, but the wrong one is like the cherry on top of an absurd overall look (even if it's not that absurd without the hat).

The best thing about accessories is that they provide pretty much the wow-effect that good clothing gifts do, but are generally much less demanding in terms of style and size. Also, they are extremely versatile in terms of suitable occasions: a pretty pin can make a great party favor while a premium wristwatch would make a fabulous anniversary gift.

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