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It's a shame that people can't draw on thin air. :(

Besides practice and inspiration, to unleash the power of creativity we need our canvases, paper, drawing supplies, a drawing tablet... Sigh. But for you, the gift-giver, that's actually a fabulous opportunity to amaze the artist in your life with an amazing present!

If your recipient creates mostly physical art (with real pencils, brushes, and so on), gifting a set of top-quality expendables is always a fabulous idea. When not sure of what exactly they use (oil, acrylic, watercolor?), opt for something more or less universal: canvases, sketchbooks, art books, easels, and everything of the sort.

For those recipients who create mostly digital art, expendables and art supplies still make great gifts but are somewhat less practical in general. In this case, you could go for a drawing course certificate or gift card, a new tablet or stylus (but only if you have at least some basic knowledge of the stuff), or even a huge monitor so that they have enough space to let their creativity roam!

Last but not least, there's a special category of gifts that works great for both physical and digital artists: art-related decor and novelty stuff. These can make an unforgettable impression but always require a good amount of research: you'll have to make sure your gift is related to the recipient's favorite artist, art school, style, or even a specific drawing (like the clock above is part of Dali's The Persistence of Memory).

For more inspiration, make sure to check the painting. drawing, & art-related gifts we've gathered for you!