Universal Accessories for Board Gamers of All Kinds


There are people who play tabletop games occasionally (or close to never) and own a good ol' Monopoly at most. And then... There are the board freaks. The ones who have dozens of different titles of all genres imaginable, stacked all around the house from floor to ceiling.

What's the perfect gift for the latter type of folks? MORE tabletop games, duh. But what if you're not an expert in the field, or don't know exactly what games does the recipient have, or just can't afford to give them a top-tier title (they can be quite expensive, in case you didn't know)?

Well, for such cases we've got three magic words for you: tabletop games accessories. Regardless of what exactly your recipient plays, these will always be a great option for anyone in love with board gaming.


1. A Dice Bag (Preferably With Dice)

A lot of passionate board gamers don't have a dice bag of their own: they just use the ones that come in each specific game. Which is kind of a meh approach, even though it gets the job done. But for you, this is the perfect opportunity to give a thoughtful gift for your favorite board freak!

If you have the time and skills, you can make the bag yourself, maybe even embroider it with something sentimental or with your recipient's favorite game characters, symbols, or ornaments. Or, well, you can always buy one: there are dozens of insanely cool options, like this chain mail one, for instance.

Don't forget to fill the bag with a set of cool dice before giving. :)


2. Card Protectors & Sleeves

Card protectors are among the most universal gifts for board gamers, since a huge amount of tabletop titles include some sort of playing cards. Essentially, protectors are soft or rigid plastic sleeves that help to prevent physical damage to the inserted cards - like a phone case protects the smartphone inside it. The main problem here is that they come in a huge number of different sizes, so you may have a hard time guessing the right one to give to your recipient.

The first approach is to buy several sizes and present them as a bundle to your recipient. The second approach will require a bit of research on your part: just learn what kinds of board games they play, then use this handy guide by BoardGameGeek.


3. Card Holders

If the previous two items are pretty much "must-haves" for passionate board gamers, this one is really optional but still extra fancy. Custom card and deck holders are often hand-crafted to fit the recipient's unique taste and a specific game's components, but there are generic options available online as well. Besides allowing to keep the playing table tidy during the gaming sessions, card holders are also a huge help in organizing card collections (Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, etc.)


 4. Board Game Organizers & Inserts

The inside of most tabletop game boxes is pretty much the same: it's either everything dumped in one section (the box itself) or a plastic base with several sections for different components of the game. This is alright in general, but sometimes you just want something prettier for your favorite title. And this is where custom board game inserts enter the stage.

Just so you have an idea of the difference they can make, the image above is a picture of a custom insert for the Dead of Winter, crafted by The Broken Token. And here's how the box looks without it (this is a screenshot of an actual unboxing video of the game):

The difference is obvious. Custom board game inserts instantly bring the experience to a whole new level, so if your recipient has a favorite title they play especially often, this gift is guaranteed to make a huge impression. 


5. A Display Rack for Their Board Games

Gifting furniture is freaking hard, but sometimes it's worth a shot. A display rack is a great gift for board gamers who already have about a dozen titles in their collection: show off in style! The only really important matter to consider before buying this gift for your recipient is whether they have a good place to put the rack. If they live in a small apartment with little to no extra place, it's recommended to go for something smaller and more usable.


6. A Gaming Table

This is the only item in this list that costs A LOT (like, thousands of dollars), but we'll still leave it here. Just in case. If you're looking for something extra valuable, suitable for a  VERY special occasion for a recipient who has a whole lot of spare space in their home, a custom gaming table is hands down the best gift ever.

Really, it doesn't get better than this. Our top picks regarding where you can buy one are this place and this one. In any case, please keep in mind that this is a luxury gift: no one needs a gaming table, but a lot of board gamers would be insanely happy to get one.

OR, alternatively, you could just make a gaming table yourself! Depending on your skills, experience level, and materials available, the required investments could be as low as a few hundred bucks. Check out the video below for a bit of quality inspiration.


7. A Dice Tower

There are two problems with throwing dice.

A dice tower solves both these issues AND looks just fabulous on the playing table. So there you have it, a fabulous gift for any board game player!


8. A Dice Plate

Basically, a dice plate serves the same exact purpose as a dice tower but in a somewhat more  Refined and silent manner. Of the two options, a dice plate makes a better pick for recipients with little kids who might wake up from the sound of rolling dice.


9. A Playing Mat

If you're looking for a gift just for kicks, with No Particular Reason for the gifting, a playing mat is one of our top recommendations. Especially if your recipient doesn't have a dice tower, a dice bowl, or a full-blown gaming table. Here's what makes a mat so useful:

Also, you can always make this gift extra thoughtful and sentimental by personalizing it with your recipient's favorite art or colors!

10 (1)

10. An Album for their Collection of Cards

There's a special type of tabletop games called CCG - collectible card games. That's Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and many others. One of the main points of these games (besides actually playing them, of course) is to gather a beautiful collection of cards, so helping your recipient to sort and store their collection in style is a fabulous gift idea. There are dozens of ways in which you can approach this matter, but in our opinion, a special album is the most convenient option. Make sure to include a bunch of pages for this album as well, since they are often sold separately.

The Bottom Line

You don't have to be a board game expert to pick a fabulous present for the tabletop gamer in your life. When in doubt, just give them a handy board game accessory! In most cases, these universal gifts will be a huge success regardless of the specific titles your recipient likes most, so the risks are minimal.

But oh, the impression... It's almost guaranteed to be a fabulous one since you'll be focusing on a hobby your recipient really loves. :)


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