Office First Aid Kit

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An Anti-Stress Toy A fidget cube, a spinner, some thinking putty, everything counts!

Great for an extra bit of focus or as a bit of help against everyday office stress.

Cons Not suitable for serious and/or boring people.

A bunch of nuts, seeds, or other snacks

Most offices don't offer free snacks for their employees. Or, when they do, these snacks are usually ridden with sugar. Give your recipient the gift of a healthy, nutritious, and office-friendly snack - like a bunch of nuts or seeds!

Pros Probably THE best kind of snack for working hours.
Cons Some people are allergic to nuts, so make sure your recipient isn't one of them.

A pillow for quick naps on their table

When done right, a quick 10-minute nap can seriously boost creativity and productivity. The best way to do that without a proper bed is with the help of a desktop pillow!

Pros Awesome for a power nap in the middle of the working day. Great For Sleep Problems
Cons Some companies forbid their employees from sleeping during working hours, so this item is hit-or-miss.

A handy book to ace those boring meeting

At first sight, this book looks like something that's just funny, kind of like a collection of memes and jokes. Then, it strikes you: damn, these tips actually work!

Pros Believe it or not, these tips work. We've tested many of them during respectable meetings in serious companies, and everything went smoothly as hell. Great For Funny
Cons Some companies don't hold any meetings, so there's a chance your recipient won't see how fabulous this book really is.
Not Recommended For Serious

A cool desk organizer

Most people either don't have a desk organizer at all (and keep all their stationery in a mug) or have an ugly organizer that's begging to be replaced. An awesome opportunity for a gift!

Pros Keeps their desk stylish and tidy.
Cons Some recipients might be picky about the design of what sits on their table.

About Bundle

Working in an office is stressful as hell, no matter if you're a low-level employee or an executive manager.

That's exactly why we came up with this gift bundle idea: the Office First Aid Kit!

It contains a bunch of (mostly) inexpensive, fun, and useful items that you can pack into a single basket and give any office worker you know.