About Bundle

A sweet and simple gift bundle for any kind of writer in your life.

No matter if they're a fiction writer, a copywriter, or maybe a poet - these items are sure to make an awesome impression, especially if you give them all at once as a combo!

Writer's Delight Examples

Specialized books that every writer should read

Oustanding tips on productivity and creativity, straight from the mind of the world's most successful horror writer. Stephen King's "On Writing" is an absolute must-read for any writer, both aspiring and already seasoned.

One of the all-time best books on writing as a craft, a passion, and a lifestyle. Written in a sincere and friendly tone, this book is also jam-packed with actionable advice that any writer will find extremely useful.

A printed version of Gaiman's 2012 speech at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts. Funny, sentimental, and utterly beautiful, this short read is perfect to have as a deskbook for a bit of extra inspiration whenever needed.

A new notebook, journal, or diary For writers, there's no such thing as

Moleskines are legendary notebooks that have been used by such creative masters as Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso. They're stylish, durable, and extremely pleasant to get as a gift.

In the world of notebooks, Moleskines and Leuchtturms are sort of like Apple and Android, or Coke and Pepsi. Both are awesome, both are perfect for writers - but you never know which one will win your heart. 

Most text editors like Microsoft Word or Pages aren't suitable to deal with the challenges that a writer faces when crafting a book. Scrivener was created with that in mind and packs dozens of features that any fiction or non-fiction writer will be excited to have at their disposal.

The Writer Emergency Pack is a set of cards with prompts, ideas, and unexpected twists that should help any writer overcome their writing block much easier - no matter what exactly they're working on!

A great deal of being a writer is all about reading, reading, reading, and then reading some more. Instead of hoarding books, the most convenient way of doing that is by using an e-reader, and Kindle is probably the best of them all!