Army vs. Navy Chess Pieces $120

About Gift

Who says that the battle of the best branch of the military can only be played in sports arenas? Take a look at the great set of chess pieces (board sold separately) and you will be ready to have a regular battle of the best with your favorite retired Army officer or your bragging Navy sailor. The pieces measure from about 2" to 3" Tall and represent the king, queen, pawns, etc. in either Army gear or Navy wear! A special gift idea for the proud Army soldier, the great Navy sailor, or especially with the family who is a house divided with members of both branches! Why not find out who the real champs are? A great Army Gift Idea or a fun Navy Gift Idea. Unique and sure to be a great conversation piece! It's just irresistible!


3.8 lbs
Hand Painted Cold Cast Resin