Automatic Christmas Tree Watering System $25

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HoHoHoH2O was born out of our home in Chicago, Illinois after having to climb under the tree one too many times. We created a prototype and worked extensively with manufacturers to perfect the design and bring you the first and only automatic Christmas tree watering system. HoHoHoH2O maintains the proper level of water in a Christmas tree stand to retain freshness longer and eliminate the hassle of crawling under the tree to water it manually. When water reaches a low level, a water sensing device placed in the tree stand triggers an electric pump that delivers water to the stand through a tube connected to a water tank. A light and bell alarm alert the homeowner when the 2.5 gallons water tank requires refill (approximately 7 days). The product can be set up in minutes and is housed in a decoratively wrapped package (red or silver) that sits under the tree, eliminating unsightly bags, siphon-based products, and funnels that are sometimes used to water the tree. Made with premium materials and delivered for an exceptional value, HoHoHoH2O will bring you joy all season long!


13.5 x 10.4 x 9.5 inches
6.5 pounds