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Dogs are man's best friend and the loveliest souls. If you love your furry friend and you would love to have him always with you, I can make a unique jewelry to have and cherish all the time when your pet friend isn't around you.

This is a handmade custom dog portrait brooch, made entirely out of polymer clay. Each detail is a tiny piece of colored clay added by hand. The process doesn't involve painting, which makes it more difficult, but the colors last longer. Also, it's a lot of fun for both you and me.
The cabochon is nestled in a silver color metal base.
I started the work from a couple of Tina's pictures and her owner's favorite color as a background.
It was a birthday gift for his owner, a lovely memory to cherish and to have all the time. It's a wonderful gift for every pet owner.



polymer clay, silver looking metal base


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