Dali Elephant Pendant Necklace$74

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Dali Elephant /Silver pendant /Salvador Dali/ Elephant Modern art necklace jewelry/ Avant garde jewelry /Space Elephant/ Surrealism/ Artist charmDali's Elephant 925 Sterling silver pendantSalvador Dali's Elephants is a good example of a surrealist work, creating a sense of phantom reality. The elephant is a distortion in space, its spindly legs contrasting the idea of weightlessness with structure, contrasting weight and space. Choose the pendant only or the pendant with silver chain. See the attached photo and select from drop-down on upper right.


Pendant Size

1 3/4"x 1 1/8" (45 mm x 27 mm)

Pendant Weight

8.55 g


45 cm - 17.7” 50 cm - 19.7” 55 cm - 21.7 “ 60 cm – 23.7”



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