Dinosaur Wall Shelf$350

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The Dinosaur wall shelf is a decorative shelving unit that combines its unique design with the function you crave. This modern shelf system allows for fun and secure ways to display your personal items such as books, souvenirs, plants, photographs and more. Available as a white decorative shelving system or in a sharp black, it integrates well with any type of home decor you may have. It includes 1 Green and 1 Blue back panel so you can choose the face color and the shelving system is modular so you can customize the design.  The design is extremely easy to assemble. Just combine the provided parts together, lock them with the pins and you have a fun and durable modular system that will give every room a fun focal piece.  The Dinosaur shelving system can be assembled completely to look like a dinosaur, or you have the option to assemble parts of it to create several separate units such as a storage cube or multi­level shelves. If you decide to change the design, taking the system apart is as easy as it was to assemble.



129 cm (50.8 in) and 105.5cm (41.5in) wide.


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