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How original a  can be?

Sure, they come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and designs, but they rarely do something besides telling the time. At least most clocks.

Today we'll tell you the story of a creation from Reddit user buckeyeworldcitizen, who decided to craft a wooden word clock for his brother and the brother's spouse. If this already sounds like something fabulous, just wait to see the hidden feature that activates on the couple's birthdays. :)

For starters, what's a word clock?

A word clock is a clock that tells the time using words instead of hands and numbers. It's a bit mindblowing when you see it for the first time, but people say the thing is really easy to get used to. Here's how it looks:

twenty five minutes to four on a wooden word clock on the bookshelftwenty minutes to twelve on a wooden word clock on the bookshelfwooden word clock close up


So yeah, basically it's just a box with little holes in form of letters. Inside the box, there's a bunch of LED lights behind each letter hole, and they light up according to the current time - forming readable words on the dial. Readable words. Readable. Words.

Isn't this the perfect opportunity to add some sort of easter egg (or, in this case, a birthday present) to the clock? That's an opportunity you wouldn't want to miss, and buckeyeworldcitizen didn't. Enter, the hidden feature!

The Birthday Twist

Buckeyeworldcitizen programmed the clock to show the message "Happy Birthday" twice a year - on the respective birthdays of his brother and the brother's spouse, even featuring the lucky person's name!

wooden word clock showing happy birthday message

Now, this already looks amazing, but just wait till you see the thing in motion. Ready for some magic? SHAZAM!

wooden word clock happy birthday party lights

That's what makes this gift unforgettable. If a DIY wooden clock is already enough work to be done, this clock has a unique surprise twist that instantly makes it legendary. Kudos for buckeyeworldcitizen, this gift is absolutely gorgeous!

The Bottom Line

For a detailed report on the whole process of creation, make sure to check out the original post on Reddit and/or the Imgur gallery. It has an insane amount (close to 90 pictures) of cutting, sawing, coding, and stuff, so we decided to just put a link here. Go there and hear buckeyeworldcitizen comments on the matter. :)


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