Gem&Bolt Mezcal Artesanal

About Gift

Gem&Bolt Mezcal Is produced by A fourth-generation master distiller In Oaxaca, Mexico using Espadín agave & fresh mountain spring water - a process deeply informed by hundreds of years of tradition. The mezcal Is uniquely distilled with Damiana, a flowering bush native to Mexico. Long revered by the Maya & Aztec for its myriad mood elevating properties, this beloved and uplifting herb naturally complements Gem&Bolt mezcal’s heart opening properties.

Gem&Bolt is a clean spirit and free of any additives. Utilizing fair-trade, organic and sustainable agave, Gem&Bolt mezcal is a reflection of our deep care for what we take into our bodies & crafted to please the discerning palates of mezcal enthusiasts among a generation inspired by artful living and celebration.