Gvibe Gbulb Massager$50

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An innovative idea comes to light! The GBulb wand vibrator brings new excitement to external stimulation. The Gvibe company keeps creating new, curious toys that you want to touch, give as a gift, and enjoy alone or with friends.

Allow us to present the Gbulb! Enjoy the delicate pastel pink color, unusual and unique lightbulb-shaped design of your new favorite vibrator.

In fact, G Bulb is much more than a funny pink bulb. It’s a universal vibrator, which can be used for the erotic massage of any erogenous zone. Try it for intense clit stimulation solo or with a partner for mind-blowing simultaneous stimulation during penetration or foreplay. Get a good grip and hold on or find a good spot and press it between your bodies.
This compact massager offers powerful vibrations, with a nearly silent motor. There is a powerful “WAND” motor inside Gbulb’s fun and flirty lightbulb shape.

Relax and play in the bath, tub, or shower with G Bulb. This clit and external vibrator is 100% waterproof and resistant to water. With Gbulb, your fantasies are infinite! G-bulb is a creative cheeky gift for a friend or lover. Get ready for a surprise, massage, and pleasure in a fun flirty form when you buy the Gbulb vibrator.



5.8×10.4 cm.


Hypoallergenic soft, silky, high-quality silicone.



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