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Our roastery is small by most standards. However, we see this as a true advantage. Our size and hands-on approach to coffee and tea allows Independence to measure up to both beginning and seasoned coffee enthusiasts' high standards. While there are many steps that take place in the process of getting Independence Coffee into your cup, here are some that we view as crucial to our continued success.

Our coffees are packaged within hours of leaving our roasters. Many times, our coffees are still warm when we hand-package them. Our commitment to freshness and tight distribution standards has allowed us to deliver our coffees to some bed and breakfasts, gourmet markets and grocery markets the same day they are roasted. Now you can bring that same experience from our home to yours!

Independence Coffee Co.'s mission is to create a passionate community of coffee and tea enthusiasts by providing the highest quality hand-roasted and packaged 'world' coffees and hand-blended tea products (on time) to our customers while honoring traditional 'old school' roasting and blending methods that pay respect to coffee's rich history...while of course, having a blast doing it.



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