Colour My World Puzzle

"Inspired by an exploration of mid-century artworks, this piece’s bright, bold hues are uplifting and energetic. Combining the artists’ almost meditative compulsion with a mid-century inspiration, the abstractly soothing "Colour My World" was born."

Spiral Staircases Foiled Puzzle

"As if an M.C. Escher work was set in stained glass, Spiral Staircases is a colorful, mesmerizing design that spills out like the inside of a beautiful seashell. With gold foil accenting its repeating multicolored tiles, Spiral Staircase lets you step into another world."

Geo Surreal Puzzle Bundle

Share the art of pressing pause…or keep both puzzles for yourself!

Limited time offer, and with Valentine's Day right around the corner, take advantage of this special offer. 

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The Art Of Pressing Pause

Yes, our jigsaw puzzles are beautiful, well-crafted pieces of art. But maybe what’s just as beautiful is sitting down, figuring them out, unplugged from everything. Phone? What phone?