Nursing School Starter Kit$82

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The most helpful educational material you will need in nursing school all in one kit.  With this Nursing School Starter Kit SILVER edition you will receive:

  • SCRUBCHEATS: 56 Clinical Reference Sheets, Heavily Laminated and Durable Nursing Clinical Cheatsheets Covering: Cardiac, Respiratory, OB, Peds, MedSurg, Pharmacology, Labs, Mental Health, Fundamentals
  • NURSING BOOKS: 6 Bestselling Nursing Books by NRSNG; 140 Must Know Meds, 63 Labs Values for Nurses, 108 Nursing Mnemonics, Nursing Cheat Sheets, New Nurse Survival Guide, and Nursing Assessment
  • NURSING REPORT SHEETS: 25 Pack of 3 Patient Report Sheet Template, Full Color Nursing Report Sheet with Patient Assessment Section


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