Pebble Covered Flip Flops$50

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Back in 2015 I read a book about Peter Florjancic, the most popular Slovenian inventor. Just like him, I also come from the town of Bled. His life story inspired me with the desire to create. I spent the summer looking for ideas.

Close to my house there is a river where take my dog for a walk (by the way his name is Zaki). He loves swimming in the river. While he was swimming I often walked on the pebble river bank. It felt really comfortable, like a massage except for a few painful moments, when I stepped on a sharp pebble. I remembered hearing about how healthy barefoot walking is and I started thinking how could I incorporate it into everyday life without looking like a weirdo or accidentally stepping on glass. In a few days the idea for healthy flip flops with pebbles was born.



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