About Gift

  • Reward your pet at the squeeze of a trigger!
  • Works great as a game or training tool
  • Doesn't use batteries, just weapon-grade snack delivery mechanics
  • Saves you having to wash the strong beefy smell off your hands

Eating and chasing after stuff, two classic pet pastimes combined at last – with the Pet Treat Launcher.

Just load your pet's favourite treats into the canister, pull the level back, aim and fire! This handy little device will fling a tasty morsel into the air for your dog/cat/ferret/pangolin to retrieve. It doesn't require batteries and it comes with a handy wrist strap – perfect for walks in the park.

No more undignified bag of snacks spilling into your coat pocket. No more washing that "exquisite" beef smell off your hands. Just pull the trigger and watch that treat fly!

Product Features:

  • The perfect way to reward and train your pet
  • Just load it up and pull the trigger
  • No batteries required
  • Wrist strap so you can take it on walks with you


Measures approximately 23cm(W) x 14cm(H) x 6.5cm(D)