Pricetitution Card Game $23

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AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK, your funny conversations are now a game. Also reaching the #1 project on Kickstarter and getting funded on its 1st day, Pricetitution explores your “what if” ideas, fears, and philosophical arguments...and all the awkward and interesting questions you already talk about with your friends. Each round, one player, "The Pricetitute," draws and reads a card aloud. Everyone else writes down the lowest possible dollar amount they think that Pricetitute would need to...get a tattoo of the last thing they ate...only look at peoples' foreheads for the rest of the week...or go skydiving naked with everyone playing the game. The Pricetitute also writes down their actual answer, and the player who guesses closest to the the Pricetitute's answer wins that round. (And no, you don't actually do these things you dingus). Pricetitution was designed for 3 or more people, takes 30ish minutes to play, and can be brought anywhere as all components fit in one hand within the price tag box. This first edition is an adult party game perfect for your friends and family, game nights, a bachelor or bachelorette party, and even as a non-boring icebreaker game. It’s also easily adaptable for a younger audience by removing a few cards. Pricetitution. Everyone has a price.


3 x 3 x 4.1 inches
13.1 ounces