Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well$18

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This book is “a must” for all motorcyclists to read. This book functions not only as manual but also as a guide. The author, also a professional photographer, uses not only words but pictures to convey to readers the message and information he wants to share.

Aside from enumerating the problems that a rider might encounter on the road and the best possible actions to counter those problems, the book also explains how the motorcycle’s handling characteristics affect the action of the rider. Moreover, the book encourages its reader to exercise and practice the actual recourse or action needed to obviate a specific or recurring problem. The book also advises the readers on how to deal with other road users, such as aggressive drivers, “blind” truckers, skateboarders. You’ll also find advice for how to handle aggressive dogs and other animals when riding a motorbike.

Proficient Motorcycling provides readers the appropriate action for handling a motorcycle for almost every road danger and challeng. This is a well-thought out book that provides basic knowledge on how to ride a motorcycle safely and efficiently that every novice motorcyclist should read.









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