QTV Nostalgic Wireless Speaker$80

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With the aesthetic of a vintage TV and the enamel housing of an alarm clock, the Lofree QTV adds a touch of style and nostalgic feeling to your home decor. Though its small, the QTV's 5W Bluetooth speaker holds big volumes and powerful sounds.

With its embedded 40mm full frequency and backward speaker, you will feel like you’re surrounded by the music. Set up to 2 different customized alarms and it comes with 10 min snooze increments to make sure you wake up. 

Doesn’t matter if it’s a weekday or weekend, the QTV can get you there on time with it’s built-in clock and alarms. QTV is a timer too!  Use it to blast music and time all your elaborate recipes while you’re looking away. 

Whether you’re cooking, working, or exercising, the Lofree QTV can help you keep track of time! 


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