Reasons I Love Dad Children's Book$29

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Celebrate the reasons you love Daddy with this gorgeous story book for children.

Select how many children the book is from - if more than one child, all text will be changed to "We love" etc (although the pictures show singular woodland animals).

Select the person who the book is about - choose from Dad, Daddy, Papa, Step Dad, Grandad, Grandpa, or Uncle.

Printed with the child's name as the author and illustrated with gorgeous illustrations of woodland creatures - the book covers 10 reasons why you are loved.

ather’s Day gifts to let Dad know what often goes unsaid.hether it’s passing onv a cherished memory or what you love most about him, discover unique Father’s Day gifts to let Dad know what often goes unsaid.w what often goes unsaid.



210x250mm when flat


24 pages


Gift sets


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