Rox Ice Ball Maker$16

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"I don't always take ice in my drink, but when I do, I use ROX slow melting ice balls."

Savor Your Spirits Longer. 4.5 cm large slow-melting ice balls scientifically engineered with less surface area for slower melt time, allowing you to taste the whiskey, scotch, or your favorite drink, not the water.

Safest for Your Health. Unlike most popular large ice cube trays, we craft ours from superior food grade BPA free silicone, so you get all the beauty, without bathing your drink in toxins. And no funny plastic taste!

Fastest for Your Sanity. Perfectly engineered design allows air flow, speeds up freezing so you're next ice cube is ready in record time.



3.9 x 3.9 x 2.2 inches


9.6 ounces


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