Santa's White Christmas Single Serve Coffee$18

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  • The sweet vanilla aroma transports you to a winter wonderland.
  • A sip instantly brings warmth as if next to a toasty fireplace.
  • And the nutty, caramel taste fills you with year-round holiday cheer.


About the Gift

You Will Receive One 24 Count Box of Barnie's Santa's White Christmas Single Serve Coffee Santa's White Christmas Coffee Contains Coconut, Nuts, Sweet Caramel and Vanilla for a Smooth and Rich Taste The K Cup Design Protects the Santa's White Christmas Coffee From Air, Light and Moisture to Give Your Morning Brew a Fresh Taste Enjoy Santa's White Christmas Coffee's Flavor and Smells and the Perfect Balance Between the Coffee's Acidity and Body Santa's White Christmas Coffee K Cups are Easy to Clean and Leave Little to No Mess. Just Throw Out the K Cups When You Are Finished Enjoying the Coconut, Vanilla and Caramel Flavor Coffee


15.2 ounces


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