Sigmund Freud Magnetic Dress Up Doll $20

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PATIENT: Dr. Freud, last night I had the strangest dream. Would you like to hear it?
FREUD: Certainly. I get paid by the hour.
PATIENT: You were in it, Doctor. And you were wearing my clothing.
FREUD: (puffs cigar) I see.
PATIENT: Well, first you were wearing my fishnet stockings and garter belt.
FREUD: Hmmmm. Go on.
PATIENT: And when you took off your jacket, you were wearing my corset! Is there something wrong with me? Am I going to be all right?
FREUD: I wouldn't be too worried, Mr. Sapperstein.

If you've always dreamed of dressing up Sigmund Freud, here's your big chance. The Freudian Finery Magnetic Wardrobe Kit comes with a magnetic Freud doll and a generous assortment of clothing, accessories, and props.

Put Sigmund in a tweed coat or a straight jacket, a feathered hat or a Mohawk haircut. There are magnetic cigars, shoes, tattoos, eyeglasses, and so much more. There's even his famous therapy couch! So get a Freudian Finery Magnetic Dress Up Kit. Your inner child will have as much fun as you do!