Smart Anti-Snoring Muscle Stimulator$170

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  • -With the Snore Circle Smart Electronic Muscle Stimulator placed comfortably under the chin as you sleep, the sensors in the device will work to detect and collect snoring data.
  • -Download the Snore Circle APP and use it to see your snoring and sleep data. Compatible with bluetooth 4.0, your snore guard works continuously while you are sleeping, and Monitor your sleep mode.
  • -Anti-Snoring device is can Be used in many places,like in high-speed rail, airplanes, offices, long-distance rides and other plots. You can also send friends as a present so that they can also enjoy the fun of technology.
  • -You will get one (1x) Snore Circle Smart Electronic Muscle Stimulator and one pack (20x) of Conductive Strips.
  • -When you turn it on, snore circle will automatically enter the preset working mode, No age limited, easy to use.



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