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If you've met us here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ, you know by now that we wouldn't be able to leave our popular Solar Orbit Necklace out there all by its lonesome. When something works, we do it again. You explicitly asked for a special version of this necklace for Star Wars fans, and our vendor came through for us.

The Star Wars Galactic Necklace highlights some of the more famous planets from galaxies far, far away. Looking at the necklace straight on, at the farthest left we start with a few Core Worlds (Coruscant and Alderaan) and then we move off into the Outer Rim Territories, including mostly planets but also a few of everybody's favorite moons and an asteroid belt. And, of course, the Death Star. This comes in a lovely box, ready to gift, with a key inside the lid like one you'd find in a box of chocolates. Protip: Don't eat Sullust. It's one of those nasty cherry ones. (Also, it's a rock. We highly advise against eating rocks.)


17" long chain with 3" extender for a total of 20"
Comes in a box suitable for gifting
Death Star, X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and chain: Silver-plated 316L surgical stainless steel Coruscant: Hematite Alderaan: Phoenix stone Yavin 4: Malaysian jade Tatooine: Yellow agate Asteroid Belt: White turquoise & Tiger eye Sullust: Faceted red agate Dagobah: Phoenix lapis Hoth: White turquoise Endor: Alge stone Bespin: Orange agate