Stranger Things Polaroid OneStep 2 Camera $150

About Gift

Throw it back to the ‘80s with the seriously retro Polaroid OneStep2 camera - with a Stranger Things twist.

Capture every memory of summer and beyond on the world’s brightest camera, all while paying tribute to your favourite Netflix original. Get ready for picture perfect Polaroids straight out of the box - even in the dark! The flash on this thing makes the sun look weak, making it an ideal implement for capturing evidence that the demogorgon is back.

But what’s the twist? Well, it wouldn’t be Stranger Things merch without a touch of the Upside Down. Literally, in this case. This camera is upside down. Don’t worry, it functions the same as a normal Polaroid OneStep, it just looks cooler. And it’s far better equipped to document the hideous world beneath Hawkins.

So load up your film and hit the pool, make some happy summer memories with your gang before something terrible happens. Like monsters invading the mall. Or worse, the neighbourhood teen bully shagging your mum.


12cm (H) x 10cm (W) x 2cm (D)