WiFi Smart Garage Door Controller$100

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Garadget is a simple and elegant way to breath a new life into your existing garage doors opener. It helps prevent mishaps so familiar to many of us: having to drive back to double-check if the garage door is closed, wondering if anything is missing after realizing the garage was left open all night, getting dropped off at home by the mechanic’s shuttle to realize that the garage remote is back in the car, etc. With Garadget, the gut sinking feeling is replaced with the satisfying “a-ha!”.



Garadget can be easily added to most of the existing and new garage door installations with few exceptions that require a workaround (notably Security+ 2.0 openers with yellow “learn” button). Additionally to smart phones, tables and computers, Garadget can be controlled from the growing list of home automation systems, voice control systems, wearables and integration services (SmartThings, Home Assistant, Vera, Home Seer, OpenHab, Androidwear, Pebble, Alexa/Echo, MQTT, IFTTT).


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