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Some people are okay with just listening to music, others bring this to the next level: they play and create music themselves. And just like with any other serious hobby or passion, this opens the door to some fabulous gift options!

Basically, the only thing you have to think through is what type of musician your recipient is.

Multi-instrumentalists are those folks who play at least two different musical instruments. In such cases, giving them another one is pretty much like gifting a new book to an avid reader: the success is guaranteed, as long as it's something new and unexpected.

For example, if your recipient plays the violin and the drums, gifting a viola would be a meh idea, as this instrument is basically a large violin. Nothing really exciting. Instead, think about a ukulele, an ocarina, or a theremin: these instruments are VERY different from both the violin and the drums, so learning how to play them would be an exciting adventure for any musician who's open to new stuff.

Mono-instrumentalists are people who play just one musical instrument. That's not an official term, but let's stick to it for the sake of simplicity.

What's important is that mono-instrumentalists usually feel a deep connection with their only instrument, and they may not be ready to try something new. Don't make this choice for them: instead, give them something related to what they currently play.

It could be a new case for their instrument, a set of new strings or drumsticks, or a collection of note sheets for their favorite songs. For more inspiration, just sort the gifts we've gathered for you using the instrument filter.

Let's rock!